la femme nikita

La Femme Nikita Season 4 Episode Summaries:
Episode 1 - "Getting Out of Reverse";
Written by Michael Loceff; Directed by Jon Cassar; 1/9/00
Something is different about Nikita. Has Section's mind-control scheme removed her ability to form emotional attachments? Michael has suspicions... and becomes a marked man as he scrambles for answers.

Episode 2 - "There Are No Missions";
Written by Michael Loceff; Directed by Rene Bonniere; 1/9/00
Kill Michael! But bringing the elite agent down is easier said than done as he closes in on a stunning secret: Section's creator, a foe of Operations long presumed dead, is alive and held in cryo-containment.

Episode 3 - "View of the Garden";
Written by Robert Cochran; Directed by Jon Cassar; 1/16/00
Gambling that Michael will not attempt to kill Nikita, Operations sends her and a team of look-alikes to terminate him. But the ruse fails and Michael is able to broker a deal that reinstates him inside Section.

Episode 4 - "Into the Looking Glass";
Written by Peter Lenkov; Directed by Rene Bonniere; 1/23/00
Michael's again part of Section. and racing the clock to counter-program the damage done to Nikita. Birkoff provides cover so Michael can be alone with her and a treatment seems to work. Or does it?

Episode 5 - "Man in the Middle";
Written by Lawrence Hertzog; Directed by Ted Hanlan; 2/20/00
Married to the job. And to the enemy. Posing as a drug dealers, Nikita and Michael cozy up to a weapons dealer who, smitten with Nikita, proposes marriage, Operations' order to his femme agent is clear: accept!

Episode 6 - "Love Honor & Cherish";
Written by Lawrence Hertzog; Directed by Terry Ingram; 2/27/00
Nikita has her secrets. As it turns out, so does Helmut Volker. He's not who he appears to be - he's actually a knowing player in this bullet - and subterfuge-filled espionage world of Mr. And (near) Mrs.

Episode 7 - "Sympathy for the Devil";
Written by Lawrence Hertzog; Directed by Brad Turner; 3/5/00
Operations mixes personal feelings with power when he assigns Michael and Nikita to assist a man who presumably helped him in Vietnam. Birkoff finds he has a twin brother on the outside.

Episode 8 - "No One Lives Forever";
Written by Peter M. Lenkov; Directed by Brad Turner; 3/12/00
Nikita is mysteriously released from Section and receives an even more cryptic order: Kill Operations. Complicating the order is its source. and the revelation of Operations' secret family ties to Nikita.

Episode 9 - "Down a Crooked Path";
Written by Peter M. Lenkov; Directed by Terry Ingram; 3/19/00
After a bio-breach, Oversight sends a Bio-Med team to scan for viral contamination - a process that in reality steals agents' memories/expertise for future uploads into recruits who will become perfect agents.

Episode 10 - "He Came Fom Prom Pour";
Written by Ed Horowitz; Directed by Rene Bonniere; 4/2/00
Oversight provides an agent to assist Operation's hunt for a missing Command Clone Program: an agent with telekinetic and clairvoyant powers and the emotional control of a child because he is a child.

Episode 11 - "Time To Be Heroes";
Written by Peter M. Lenkov; Directed by Jerry Ciccoritti; 4/16/00
Michael and Nikita are put in charge of the accelerated training of raw, attitude-filled recruits, only to discover that the newbies - along with Michael and Nikita - are to be sent on a suicide mission.

Episode 12 - "Hell Hath No Fury";
Written by Lawrence Hertzog; Directed by Rene Bonniere; 4/23/00
"A woman in love may prove to be a more formidable opponent that the one she loves," Michael says. That's especially true when Madeline falls for a High-level Red Cell captive. Birkoff faces his brother.

Episode 13 - "Kiss the Past Goodbye";
Written by Frederick Rappaport; Directed by Brad Turner; 6/25/00
A Section operative is detached, methodical, professional, impersonal except where family is involved. Michael learns a Valentine op is romancing his wife Elena and that she's a target of a terrorist group.

Episode 14 - "Line in the Sand";
Written by Peter M. Lenkov; Directed by Joel Surnow; 7/2/00
Either he's right, or they're all dead wrong. Birkoff pinpoints the location of Red Cell's elusive Cardinal. But a failed attempt to retrieve the rival leader angers Oversight and puts Section One's existence in peril.

Episode 15 - "Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate";
Written by Peter Lenkov; Directed by Brad Turner; 7/16/00
An A.I. system Birkoff develops turns renegade, endangering the lives of personnel and protecting itself from shutdown. Only Birkoff can defeat the rogue machine. But the attempt may cost him his life.

Episode 16 - "Catch a Falling Star";
Written by Lawrence Hertzog; Directed by Alan Smithee; 7/23/00
Welcome, y'all. Posing as geologists, Michael and Nikita enter a tiny backroads Tennessee town to hunt for a downed ComSat Alpha satellite. Birkoff's twin brother awakens to find he's been "recruited."

Episode 17 - "Sleeping with the Enemy";
Written by Erica Byrne; Directed by Jon Cassar; 7/30/00
The investigation into the activation of the facility's self-destruct codes leads to a lone hacker... and gives Operations a chance to play the geek's "war game" for keeps against Red Cell. Jason begins training.

Episode 18 - "Toys in the Basement";
Written by Lawrence Hertzog; Directed by Rene Bonniere; 8/8/00
A deranged junk collector adds something new to his collection; Nikita. He finds the injured operative after a failed mission, restores her to health and holds her captive in chains. Object: matrimony!

Episode 19 - "Time Out of Mind";
Written by David Ehrman; Directed by Brad Turner; 8/13/00
Operation Madness. Section gives Nikita a psychoses-inducing drug so that she can be admitted to a psychiatric war for a mission. But the institute's meds and therapies may be more than she can overcome.

Episode 20 - "Face in the Mirror";
Written by Peter M. Lenkov & Lawrence Hertzog; Directed by Rene Bonniere; 8/20/00
Has Nikita turned? She cooperates with Red Cell, imperils Michael and undergoes a process to give her a new face. Meanwhile, Section ratchets up the pressure on Jason to assure he becomes Birkoff's double.

Episode 21 - "Up the Rabbit Hole";
Written by Lawrence Hertzog & Peter M. Lenkov; Directed by Terry Ingram; 8/27/00
She looks and sounds like com expert Quinn. But she isn't Quinn. and she has a profound influence on Michael. Plus: Jason wraps his mission. Isn't it just like Section to reveal there's now another?

Episode 22 - "Four Light Years Farther";
Written by Michael Loceff; Directed by Joseph L Scanlan; 8/27/00;
Nikita and Michael's absence causes a leadership void in Section, yet that doesn't stop Operations from deciding to cancel one of them when apprehended. But a wild card interferes: the mysterious Mr. Jones and his even more unexpected accomplice.

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