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Gilligan's Island Season 2 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "Gilligan's Mother-in-Law"; Written by Budd Grossman; Directed by Jack Arnold; 9/16/65
Say "I do." Little Buddy! Two natives from another island seek a mate for their ultra-rotund daughter.

Episode 2: "Beauty Is As Beauty Does"; Written by Joanna Lee; Directed by Jack Arnold; 9/23/65
Who will be Miss Castaway? The Skipper favors Ginger. Thurston campaigns for Lovey and Professor endorses Mary Ann, so the deciding vote is Gilligan's!

Episode 3: "The Little Dictator"; Writers: Bob Rodgers & Sid Mandel; Director: Jack Arnold; 9/30/65
Lovely place - he'll rule it? a deposed despot dumped on the island turns it into his new realm.

Episode 4: "Smile, You're on Mars Camera";
Written by Al Schwartz & Bruce Howard; Directed by Jack Arnold; 10/7/65
Chicken People on Mars! A misfired Mars probe hits the isle, sending back images of Gilligan's latest bird-brained catastrophe.

Episode 5: "The Sweepstakes"; Written by Walter Black; Directed by Jack Arnold; 10/14/65
Welcome, millionaire! Thurston is buddy-buddy with Little Buddy after a newscast reveals Gilligan's lottery ticket has the winning numbers.

Episode 6: "Quick Before It Sinks";
Written by Stan Burns & Mike Marmer; Directed by George M. Cahan; 10/29/65
The Professor determines the isle is slipping into the sea, but what he didn't factor is the Gilligan factor.

Episode 7: "Castaways Pictures Presents";
Written by Herbert Finn & Alan Dinehart; Directed by Jack Arnold; 11/4/65
The islanders salvage movie supplies from a sunken ship, make a film about thir plight, then send the movie out to sea in hopes someone will find it and rescue them.

Episode 8: "Agonized Labor"; Written by Roland MacLane; Directed by Jack Arnold; 11/11/65
Howells don't know how! News of the collapse of their businesses has them trying to learn how to live a workaday life.

Episode 9: "Nyet, Nyet - Not Yet";
Written by Adele T. Strassfield & Robert Riordan; Directed by Jack Arnold; 11/18/65
A Russian space capsule lands and the castaways are rushin' to the conclusion that its cosmonauts are on a secret mission. can Agent 36-25-36 - Ginger - help break the case?

Episode 10: "Hi-Fi Gilligan"; Written by Mary C. McCall Jr.; Directed by Jack Arnold; 11/25/65
Don't touch that dial... molar! A fluke accident turns the fillings in Gilligan's mouth into radio receivers.

Episode 11: "The Chain of Command";
Written by Arnold & Lois Peyser; Directed by Leslie Goodwins; 12/2/65
A true leader must take charge when Skipper goes missing. Lacking a true leader, there's... Gilligan.

Episode 12: "Don't Bug the Mosquitoes"; Written by Brad Radnitz; Directed by Steve Binder; 12/9/65
Mop-topped rockers The Mosquitoes slip ashore to escape their fans... and encounter pesky islanders hoping for rescue.

Episode 13: "Gilligan Gets Bugged";
Written by Jack Gross Jr. & Michael R. Stein; Directed by Gary Nelson; 12/16/65
R.I.P. Gilligan? The group seeks an antidote when Gilligan is bitten by a bug that may be lethal.

Episode 14: "Mine Hero"; Writers: David Braverman & Bob Marcus; Director: Wilbur D'Arcy; 12/23/65
Gilligan reels in a whopper. Unfortuntately, it's a World War II mine - and it may blow at any moment.

Episode 15: "Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue";
Written by David P. Harmon; Directed by Jack Arnold; 1/6/66
Who wrote the book of love? The ways of romance are a mystery to the Professor when a socialite comes ashore and falls for him.

Episode 16: "Not Guilty"; Written by Roland MacLane; Directed by Stanley Z. Cherry; 1/6/66
Newspapers found in a crate reveal someone from the Minnow is a murder suspect. To find out, the castaways recreate the crime.

Episode 17: "You've Been Disconnected"; Written by Elroy Schwartz; Directed by Jack Arnold; 1/13/66
The Professor leads an attempt to use a trans-ocean cable to phone for rescue.

Episode 18: "The Postman Cometh";
Written by Herbert Finn & Alan Dinehart; Directed by Leslie Goodwins; 1/20/66
Medical mayhem! Mary Ann dreams she's hospitilized and under the dubious care of a Cary Grant-like Professor and the others.

Episode 19: "Seer: Gilligan"; Written by Elroy Schwartz; Directed by Leslie Goodwins; 1/27/66
Few books? There's other reading - eating a rare plant's seeds allows the group to read minds.

Episode 20: "Love Me, Love My Skipper";
Written by Herbert Finn & Alan Dinehart; Directed by Tony Leader; 2/3/66
Party time! The castaways must choose which party - the Howalla gala or a celebration for the Skipper.

Episode 21: "Gilligan's Living Doll"; Written by Bob Stevens; Directed by Leslie Goodwins; 2/10/66
He, robot. A military 'bot parachutes onto the Isle. Can the Professor program it to travel to Hawaii and deliver an SOS?

Episode 22: "Forward March"; Written by Jack Raymond; Directed by Jerry Hopper; 2/17/66
Incoming! It's a state of siege when a gorilla finds a World War II arms cache and hurls grenades at the survivors.

Episode 23: "Ship Ahoax";
Written by Charles Tannen & George O'Hanlon; Directed by Leslie Goodwins; 2/24/66
Ginger feigns fortunetelling skills to cheer the group... but the con can't go on forever.

Episode 24: "Feed the Kitty"; Writers: J.E. Selby & Richard Sanville; Director: Leslie Goodwins; 3/3/66
Who's king of the jungle? The islanders feel imperiled when a crated lion washes ashore and escapes.

Episode 25: "Operation: Steam Heat";
Written by Terence & Joan Maples; Directed by Stanley Z. Cherry; 3/10/66
Good news: an underground source means hot water can be piped to the huts. Bad news: It also means new volcanic activity.

Episode 26: "Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?";
Written by Budd Grossman; Directed by Jack Arnold; 3/17/66
A Thurston look-alike who masquerades as the tycoon on the mainland washes ashore and tries to convince all he's the real deal.

Episode 27: "Ghost a-Go-Go"; Written by Roland MacLane; Directed by Leslie Goodwins; 3/24/66
There's more to recent hauntings than meets the eye. Someone wants everyone off the island!

Episode 28: "Allergy Time"; Written by Budd Grossman; Directed by Jack Arnold; 3/31/66
Got an itch and don't know where to scratch? It seems everyone is allergic to Gilligan - even Gilligan!

Episode 29: "The Friendly Physician"; Written by Elroy Schwartz; Directed by Jack Arnold; 4/7/66
Dr. Boris Balinkoff promises rescue but actually seeks subjects for bizarreexperiments that include putting Gilligan's brain in Mr. Howell's body!

Episode 30: "'V' for Vitamins"; Written by Barney Slater; Directed by Jack Arnold; 4/14/66
Jack and the Beanstalk - Gilligan style. While guarding the group's few remaining orange seeds, the first mate nods off and dreams of Jack's adventure.

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