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Gilligan's Island Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1: "Up at Bat"; Written by Ron Friedman; Directed by Jerry Hopper; 9/12/66
Fangs a lot! A bat bite has Gilligan dreaming that he's Count Dracula, complete with coffin and caps.

Episode 2: "Gilligan vs. Gilligan"; Written by Joanna Lee; Directed by Jerry Hopper; 9/19/66
Double trouble. A foreign government sends a Gilligan look-alike to spy on the island.

Episode 3: "Pass the Vegetables, Please"; Writer: Elroy Schwartz; Director: Leslie Goodwins; 9/26/66
After everyone feasts on veggies grown from experimental seeds, they develop strange powers.

Episode 4: "The Producer"; Writers: Gerald Gardner/Dee Caruso; Director: George M Cahan; 10/3/66
When a producer (Phil Silvers) crash-lands on the island, the castaways ham it up in a musical version of Hamlet.

Episode 5: "Voodoo"; Written by Herbert Finn & Alan Dinehart; Directed by geroge M Cahah; 10/10/66
Who do that voodoo? A witchdoctor turns the Professor into a zombie.

Episode 6: "Where There's a Will";
Written by Sid Mandel & Roy Kammerman; Directed by Charles Norton; 10/17/66
The late Thurston Howell III? Mr. Howell includes everyone in his will, then fears for his life.

Episode 7: "Man With a Net"; Written by Budd Grossman; Directed by Leslie Goodwins; 10/24/66
Gilligan should grow wings. A collector is more interested in butterflies than in the shipwrecked seven.

Episode 8: "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"; Written by Brad Radnitz; Director: Tony Leader; 10/31/66
Now hair this! A mysterious follicular fallout leaves Gilligan and the Skipper with chrome domes.

Episode 9: "Ring Around Gilligan"; Writer: John Fenton Murray; Director: George M. Cahan; 11/7/77
Mad scientist Dr. Balinkoff returns with a ring that turns the castaways into human robots.

Episode 10: "Topsy-Turvy"; Written by Elroy Schwartz; Directed by Gary Nelson; 11/14/66
Headhunters threaten the island just as a clunk on the cranium gives Gilligan upside-down vision.

Episode 11: "The Invasion";
Written by Sam Locke & Joel Rapp; Directed by Leslie Goodwins; 11/21/66
Secret agent man! After he finds an attache case in the lagoon, Gilligan dreams he's a suave super spy.

Episode 12: "The Kidnapper"; Written by Ray Singer; Directed by Jerry Hopper; 11/28/66
A crime wave hits the island when, one by one, Mrs. Howell, Mary Ann and Ginger are nabbed for ransom.

Episode 13: "And Then There Were None"; Writer:Ron Friedman; Director: Jerry Hopper; 12/5/66
Gilligan dreams he's London's beloved Dr. Gilligan (and its scourge, Mr. Hyde) on trial for murder.

Episode 14: "All About Eve"; Written by Joanna Lee; Directed by Jerry Hopper; 12/12/66
Pretty please. When a plain Jane arrives on the island, the ladies give her an extreme makeover.

Episode 15: "Gilligan Goes Gung Ho"; Written by Bruce Howard; Director: Robert Scheerer; 12/26/66
Law and disorder break out when deputy sheriff Gilligan takes his new position way too seriously.

Episode 16: "Take a Dare"; Written by Roland MacLane; Directed by Gary Nelson; 1/2/67
A reality show, Gilligan style. A game-show contestant tries to survive on the island for a week.

Episode 17: "Court-Martial"; Written by Roland MacLane; Directed by Gary Nelson; 1/9/67
Gilligan dreasm he's the admirable Lord Admiral Gilligan, defender of fair maidens and bane of pirates.

Episode 18: "The Hunter";
Written by Ben Gorshman & William Freedman; Directed by Leslie Goodwins; 1/16/67
The most dangerous game is... Gilligan?!? A big-game hunter pursues two-legged prey on the island.

Episode 19: "Lovey's Secret Admirer";
Written by Herbert Finn & Alan Dinehart; Directed by David McDearmon; 1/23/67
Mysterious love letters lead Mrs. Howell to dream she's Cinderella, with Gilligan as her fairy godfather.

Episode 20: "Our Vines Have Tender Apes";
Written by Sid Mandel & Roy Kammerman; Directed by David McDearmon; 1/30/67
Everyone goes bananas when a hunky, chest-thumping ape man starts monkeying around the island.

Episode 21: "Gilligan's Personal Magnetism"; Written by Bruce Howard; Director: Hal Cooper; 2/6/67
Compasses point due Gilligan when lightning turns him into a human magnet... with an iron bowling ball stuck to his hand.

Episode 22: "Splashdown"; Written by John Fenton Murray; Directed by Jerry Hopper; 2/20/67
Astro-nuts. The castaways try to attract the attention of astronaut orbiting above the island.

Episode 23: "High Man on the Totem Pole"; Writer: Brad Radnitz; Director: Herbert Coleman; 2/27/67
Gilligan finally gets to be head man. A totem pole carved by head-hunters is topped by a likeness of the first mate.

Episode 24: "The Second Ginger Grant"; Written by Ron Friedman; Directed by Steve Binder; 3/6/67
A couple of mishaps convince Mary Ann that she's Ginger and Gilligan that he's Mary Ann.

Episode 25: "The Secret of Gilligan's Island";
Teleplay by Bruce Howard; Story by Bruce Howard & Arne Sultan; Directed by Gary Nelson; 3/13/67
Gilligan discovers prehistoric stone tablets, then dreams the castawys are cave dwellers.

Episode 26: "Slave Girl"; Written by Michael Fessier; Directed by Wilbur D'Arcy; 3/20/67
Who says you can't get good help? A girl Gilligan saves from drowning vows to be his servant.

Episode 27: "It's a Bird, It's a Plane"; Writers: Sam Locke & Joel Rapp; Director: Gary Nelson; 3/27/67
There's more to recent hauntings than meets the eye. Someone wants everyone off the island!

Episode 28: "The Pigeon";
Teleplay by Brad Radnitz; Story by Jack Raymond & Joel Hammil; Directed by Michael J. Kane;4/3/67
A birdbrain (no, not Gilligan) to the rescue! The Professor sends an SOS via carrier pigeon.

Episode 29: "Bang! Bang! Bang!"; Written by Leonard Goldstein; Directed by Charles Norton; 4/10/67
The castaways make useful objects out of moldable plastic that washes ashore. Too bad it's really plastic explosives.

Episode 30: "Gilligan, the Goddess";
Written by Jack Paritz & Bob Rodgers; Directed by Gary Nelson; 4/17/67
Jack and the Beanstalk - Gilligan style. While guarding the group's few remaining orange seeds, the first mate nods off and dreams of Jack's adventure.

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