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Babylon 5
Season 1 Episode Loglines

Episode 1: Midnight on the Firing Line;
Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Directed by Richard Compton; 1/26/94
Will the space station that is the universe's last, best hope give way to no hope? Station leaders face the saber rattling of potential war when a mysterious attack on agrarian planet Raghesh 3 brings long-festering hatreds between Centauri and Narn races to a boil.

Episode 2: Soul Hunter; Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Directed by Jim Johnston; 2/2/94
He's feared by all. And no wonder: the collector of souls who's slipped aboard is a renegade who murders beings instead of waiting for them to die!

Episode 3: Born to the Purple; Written by Lawrence G. Ditillio; Directed by Bruce Seth Green; 2/9/94
When it comes to political manipulation, Londo Mollari knows where the skeletons are buried: his "purple files" hold scandalous secrets about Centauri's royal families. But when it comes to love, even wily Londo may fall victim to a plan to seduce those hush-hush tales from him.

Episode 4: Infection; Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Directed by Richard Compton; 2/16/94
Smuggled aboard by a scientist: remnants of living machines. Unending peril, too, when a human infected by the contraband morphs into a perfect warrior with a mission to wipe out all imperfect beings... making each resident a target!

Episode 5: The Parliament of Dreams; Writer: J. Michael Straczynski; Director: Jim Johnston; 2/23/94
A religious convocation in the heavens! Earth Central's decision to hold a festival for all alien faiths is a good idea. Yet it's a living hell for G'Kar when he learns one arriving "faithful" is an Assassin's Guild agent hired to kill the Narn ambassador.

Episode 6: Mind War; Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Directed by Bruce Seth Green; 3/2/94
Sinclair's position on Psi cops is perfectly clear. "Get out of my head!" he orders. But getting Bester and his fellow mind-reading officer out of the station is another matter. They're on the thought-trail of what they say is a rogue telepath with awesome telekinetic powers.

Episode 7: The War Prayer; Written by D.C. Fontana; Directed by Richard Compton; 3/9/94
Babylon 5 stretches miles from one end to the other, but there's not one inch available on board for racism. So Sinclair and Garibaldi act quickly when clandestine Home Guard members attemp a violent ant-alien campaign.

Episode 8: And the Sky Full of Stars; Writer: J. Michael Straczynski; Directed by Janet Greek; 3/16/94
What happened when Sinclair blacked out while leading his fighter squad during the fierce Earth-Minbari War? The answer is so vital to an Earth-based supremacist group that it sends two covert Knights to cyberlock onto the commander's memories.

Episode 9: Deathwalker; Written by Lawrence G. Ditillio; Directed by Bruce Seth Green; 4/20/94
Extradite her for trial! Better yet, some say, kill her on the spot! Passions run high with the arrival of the war criminal known as Deathwalker. She's bioscientist Jha'dur, whose discovery of an immortality potion came via sadistic experimentation on Narns and other aliens.

Episode 10: Believers; Written by David Gerrold; Directed by Richard Compton; 4/27/94
Medicine vs. faith - and Sinclair must decide. The station's vital neutrality policy is at risk if medical chief Franklin performs an operation to save a child but violate the ancient alien religion of the child's parents.

Episode 11: Survivors; Written by Marc Scott Zicree; Directed by Jim Johnston; 5/4/94
He's made many enemies and now Garibaldi's future is on the line. Framed for sabotage, the embattled security chief flees to the station's seamy Downbelow. Only one person can be relied upon: Sinclair, the commander he's loyally served for years.

Episode 12: By Any Means Necessary; Writer: Kathryn M. Drennan; Director: Jim Johnston; 5/11/94
Sinclair must bring Solomon-like wisdom to mediate disputes large and small. The small: G'Kar and Londo find a new way to continue their running feud. The large: a strike by dockworkers threatens the station.

Episode 13: Signs and Portents; Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Directed by Janet Greek; 5/18/94
Mysterious raider attacks in various stargrids puts Bablyon 5 on alert and sends Ivanova and Flightwing Delta scrambling into action. Adding to the mystery: the arrival of a seer who foretells explosive doom for the station.

Episode 14: TKO; Written by Lawrence G. Ditillio; Directed by John C. Flynn III; 5/25/94
No rounds. No rules. No gloves. To these decrees, alien followers of the brutal fighting art of Mutai add another: no humans! But a determined boxer from Earth aims to knock that edict flat. Plus, a rabbi guides Ivanova in a long-overdue ritual of shiva.

Episode 15: Grail; Written by Christy Marx; Directed by Richard Compton; 7/6/94
The quest of a cosmic wayfarer for the legendary Holy Grail brings him to the stations and into a man-vs.-monster, mind-to-mind showdown with an unholy foe: the tentacled, brain-erasing Nakaleen Feeder.

Episode 16: Eyes; Written by Lawrence G. Ditillio; Directed by Jim Johnston; 7/13/94
Does Sinclair have something to hide? An Earth Force colonel takes command of the station when Sinclair and his frontline officers refuse to submit to a Psi Corps loyalty mindscan. But maybe the individual with something to hide is the new commander.

Episode 17: Legacies; Written by D.C. Fontana; Directed by Bruce Seth Green; 7/20/94
Are the Minbari pounding the drums of war? Their planet-to-planet memorial tour honoring a fallen combat hero raises suspicions aboard the freeport dedicated to peace. It also raises Delenn's ire, leading her to take a stand against her homeland's warrior caste.

Episode 18: A Voice in the Wilderness, Part I;
Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Directed by Janet Greek; 7/27/94
It's barren and uninhabited. That's what station members think - until they finally explore the strange planet nearest them... and find it's a threat to their survival.

Episode 19: A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II;
Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Directed by Janet Greek; 8/3/94
Incredible cybermachines found on Epsilon 3 spark a fierce tug-of-war to claim the highly advanced technology. But there may be a better way to settle the dispute: make sure no one can lay hand, claw or tentacle on the revolutionary machinery!

Episode 20: Babylon Squared; Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Directed by Jim Johnston; 8/10/94
Before B5 there was B4. The long-lost station mysteriously reappears, triggering a desperate scramble to rescue B4's crew before the craft slips again into time. There's another revelation: the astonishing identity of the galactic spiritual leader called The One!

Episode 21: The Quality of Mercy;
Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Directed by Lorraine Senna Ferrara; 8/17/94
An alien healing machin operated by a former physician brings relief to those who could otherwise not afford treatment. Is the machine good medicine or quackery? Either way, it's vital to the escape attempt of a psychopathic killer.

Episode 22: Chrysalis; Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Directed by Janet Greek; 10/26/94
New Year's Eve in space, Sinclair makes marriage plans. EarthForce acquires a new leader, embattled Quadrant 37 becomes the site of Narn tragedy and Delenn begins a strange metamorphosis. It's a time of change. Yet bigger changes are destined to come.

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