The Patriot Resource TV Series


From Warner Home Video:
2267 A.D. The battle is won, the war may be lost. After fending off the fierce attack of Drakh combatants, Earth faces an unseen yet even greater foe - a microbial, biogenetic plague that will destroy all life on the planet in five years if a cure isn't found. Crusade follows the race against time to find that cure - an urgent and hazardous quest that sends an Earthforce expedition across the reaches of space to explore technologies more advanced than Earth's. Leading this high-stakes archeological mission is a starship of the new Interstellar Alliance, the Excalibur, and its crew drawn from the Alliance 's elite troubleshooting corps, the Rangers. With 7 billion lives at stake, action and courage against insurmountable odds must prevail in this Crusade, an epic spin-off series from the imaginative mind of Babylon 5 series creator/producer J. Michael Straczynski.

The Crusade Complete Series DVD includes the following:
- All thirteen episodes (Episode Summaries)
- Audio Commentary on The Well of Forever by writer Fiona Avery, director Janet Greek and actors Carrie Dobro and Peter Woodward
- Audio Commentary on Racing the Night by series creator J. Michael Straczynski
- Making of Crusade featurette
- Forging Excalibur: Anatomy of a Vessel and its Crew featurette

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