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Babylon 5
Season 3 Episode Loglines
Every Episode of This Season was written by J. Michael Straczynski

Episode 1: Matters of Honor; Directed by Kevin G. Cremin; 11/6/95
Mollari tries to end his clandestine pact with the Shadows. Meanwhile, Sheridan and others realize that B5's problems with the Shadows are only beginning to surface, so they form a secret war council.

Episode 2: Convictions; Directed by Mike Vejar; 11/13/95
A series of terrorist bombings sends waves of fear through the station and sets in motion speculation about the bomber's political motives - speculation that proves false when a manhunt turns up the real culprit.

Episode 3: A Day in the Strife; Directed by David J. Eagle; 11/20/95
Anything can happen on the station. And just about everything does as events ranging from freighter problems to Narn intrigue to Vir's reassignment to a mysterious alien probe sweep through the station.

Episode 4: Passing Through Gethsemane; Directed by Adam Nimoy; 11/27/95
Captial punishment has been replaceed by the "death of personality" - a mindwipe that switches a criminal's past consciousness with a new one. It's supposedly foolproof, but the plight of a B5 monk suggests otherwise.

Episode 5: Voices of Authority; Directed by Menachem Binetski; 1/29/96
Whiel Sheridan contends with a snooping Earthforce emissary. Ivanova takes on the daunting task of persuading the mysterious First Ones to join the struggle against the Shadows.

Episode 6: Dust to Dust; Directed by David J. Eagle; 2/5/96
A drug allowing users to step inside another individual's mind gives G'Kar the chance to discover Mollari's secrets... and gives Psi Corps cop Bester a reason to investigate B5.

Episode 7: Exogenesis; Directed by Kevin G. Cremin; 2/12/96
An alien parasite that invades directionless humans and gives their lives meaning proves to be an ancient race's way of preserving its experiences. But with that newfound meaning comes deadly risk.

Episode 8: Messages From Earth; Directed by Mike Vejar; 2/19/96
The secret alliance initiated by Sheridan is already enough to bring charges of treason. Now the caption ups the ante by setting out to destroy a recently discovered Shadow vessel before it becomes fully operational.

Episode 9: Point of No Return; Directed by Jim Johnston; 2/26/96
The iron grip of martial law that holds Earth is extended to the station and enforced by Night Watch officers. But Sheridan remains defiant and comes up with a plan to oust Night Watch.

Episode 10: Severed Dreams; Directed by David J. Eagle; 4/1/96
As Earthforce destroyers hurtle towards the jumpgates providing the entrance to the station's sector, the options are clear for Sheridan and his crew: surrender... or fight. They choose to fight.

Episode 11: Ceremonies of Light and Dark; Directed by John C. Flinn III; 4/8/96
Remnants of Night Watch remain on the station, and they're plotting to take control. As part of their plan, they kidnap Delenn and two associates, setting a perilous hostage crisis in motion.

Episode 12: Sic Transit Vir; Directed by Jesus Trevino; 4/8/96
Romance is in the air. Sheridan has a dinner-date with Delenn. And Vir meets his arranged bride, only to discover she isn't all he hoped she'd be. Making matters worse, his secret rescue scheme is exposed.

Episode 13: A Late Delivery From Avalon; Directed by Mike Vejar; 4/22/96
Sheridan unveils the Babylon Treaty. An unusual traveller comes aboard, claiming to be King Arthur - and he has the sword Excalibur to back his claim.

Episode 14: Ship of Tears; Directed by Mike Vejar; 4/29/96
War can forge unexpected allegiances. Events surrounding the recovery of a transport vessel convince Psi Corps cop Bester to assist B5 in its struggle with the Shadows.

Episode 15: Interludes and Examinations; Directed by Jesus Trevino; 5/6/96
Nothing succeeds likes success. Knowing that a major victory over the Shadows will convince other worlds to join him, Sheridan turns to the reclusive but extremely powerful Kosh for help.

Episode 16: War Without End, Part One; Directed by Mike Vejar; 5/13/96
Past and present are on a collision course when members of B5 travel through time on a mission to save Babylon 4. An unexpected traveller joins the efforts of Sheridan and crew: Jeffrey Sinclair.

Episode 17: War Without End, Part Two; Directed by Mike Vejar; 5/20/96
As the crew continues its mission through temporal barriers, Sheridan accidentally slips into his future. Meanwhile, Sinclair acts to claim both his own true heritage and his surprising destiny.

Episode 18: Walkabout; Directed by Kevin G. Cremin; 9/30/96
There's only one way to check out Sheridan's suspicions about the Shadows' vulnerabilities: find one of their warships and engage it in battle. Plus: Franklin begins a personal journey of enlightenment.

Episode 19: Grey 17 is Missing; Directed by John C. Flinn III; 10/17/96
There's no there there: Garibaldi discovers a completely concealed inhabited station level. Meanwhile, Delenn becomes the likely next head of the Rangers... but a combative rival emerges to challenge her.

Episode 20: And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place; Directed by David J. Eagle; 10/14/96
An ecclesiastical group from Earth brings information and inspiration to B5. Meanwhile, Sheridan discovers the Shadows' attack plan, and Mollari sets a trap for Refa.

Episode 21: Shadow Dancing; Directed by Kim Friedman; 10/21/96
A time of confrontations, Franklin confronts his personal nemesis - and finds he is that foe. Plus, Sheridan's war vessels battle the massive Shadow armada.

Episode 22: Z'Ha'Dum; Directed by Adam Nimoy; 10/28/96
The Shadows send an unexpected emissar to Sheridan - the commander's wife, who supposedly died on the Icarus. Her mission: bring Sheridan to Z'Ha'Dum for a high-level meeting with Shadow leaders.

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