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Babylon 5
Season 4 Episode Loglines
Every Episode of This Season was written by J. Michael Straczynski

Episode 1: The Hour of the Wolf ; Directed by David J. Eagle; 11/4/96
MIA: Sheridan and Garibaldi. Ivanova launches a search for the station's commander, but she gets no help from alliance members who remember well the ominous adage that "no one returns from Z'ha'dum."

Episode 2: Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?; Directed by Kevin James Dobson; 11/11/96
A friend never lets down another friend. G'Kar intensifies his search for Garibaldi, his first-ever non-Narn friend. Meanwhile, Sheridan's search for a way out coalesces as he encounters the mysterious Lorien.

Episode 3: The Summoning; Directed by John McPherson; 11/18/96
Delenn's public attempt to rally League worlds against the Shadows appears futile until Sheridan unexpectedly arrives at the gathering. Garibaldi also returns... but something about him doesn't seem right.

Episode 4: Falling Toward Apotheosis; Directed by David J. Eagle; 11/25/96
Taking out the trash 23rd century style: while Sheridan seeks to rid B5 of the Vorlon ambassador, Mollari begins his wily scheme to thwart Cartagia. Delenn learns that Sheridan's days are numbered.

Episode 5: The Long Night; Directed by John Lafia; 1/27/97
Six-billion lives hang in the balance as Sheridan launches a counteroffensive to the Vorlon-Shadow conflict. Meanwhile, Ambassador Mollari unleashes his own strategic gambit against Emperor Cartagia.

Episode 6: Into the Fire; Directed by Kevin James Dobson; 2/3/97
The First Ones, whose existence dates to the dawn of creation, become allies in Sheridan's coalition. But despite such powerful help, some fateful decisions of life, death and eternity can only be made by Sheridan.

Episode 7: Epiphanies; Directed by John C. Flinn III; 2/10/97
Tensions grow as Earth enacts an embargo aimed at closing the station... and as Psi Corps cop Bester comes aboard. But the growing powers of rogue telepath Lyta may bring unexpected help to B5.

Episode 8: The Illusion of Truth; Directed by Stephen Furst; 2/17/97
Sheridan gives clearance to a news team that says it wants to make an unbiased documentary report on B5 and its crew. But there may be no way to undo the damage when the "truthful" program airs.

Episode 9: Atonement; Directed by Tony Dow; 2/27/97
Concerned over her relationship with Sheridan, Minbari leadership summons Delenn to Minbar. There, she enters the exploratory state of the Dreaming... and emerging with a truth striking at the heart of Minbar notions of racial purity.

Episode 10: Racing Mars; Directed by Jesus Trevino; 4/21/97
Tales of insidiousness: Garibaldi becomes part of a stop-Sheridan scheme. And Franklin's mission to meet with Resistance leaders on Mars is imperiled by an alien parasite.

Episode 11: Lines of Communication; Directed by John C. Flinn; 4/28/97
Sheridan lays the groundwork for broadcasts that will counter ISN disinformation. Meanwhile, Franklin and Marcus trty to win the support of the Mars Resistance.

Episode 12: Conflicts of Interest; Directed by David J. Eagle; 5/5/97
Hoping to sway nonaligned worlds to his side, Sheridan seeks agreement from two ambassadors who rarely agree on anything: Mollari and G'Kar. The Voice of the Resistance debuts.

Episode 13: Rumors, Bargains and Lies; Directed by Mike Vejar; 5/12/97
While Delenn tries to end the escalating feud between the Minbari Warrior and Religious Castes. Sheridan sets in motion a ruse aimed at bringing reluctant worlds under the station's protective umbrella.

Episode 14: Moments of Transition; Directed by Tony Dow; 5/19/97
The battle is lost, but the war can still be won. Delenn surrenders Minbar's Religious Caste to the rival Warrior Caste, then outwits her foes at the ritual Starfire Wheel.

Episode 15: No Surrender, No Retreat; Directed by Mike Vejar; 5/26/97
Unwilling to endure Earthforce attacks on civilians. Sheridan sends his fleet to confront the Earth starships that illegally encircle Proxima 3. His demand to the starships' commanders: stand down or die.

Episode 16: The Exercise of Vital Powers; Directed by John Lafia; 6/2/97
"We're going to change the world, Mr. Garibaldi." But is the ex-security chief willing to betray Sheridan to bring about that change? Franklin learns why Sheridan wants to revive the cryo-sleeping telepath.

Episode 17: The Face of the Enemy; Directed by Miek Vejar; 6/9/97
Garibaldi sets in motion his plan to turn Sheridan over to Earthforce, and later confronts a shocking truth: he has been an unwitting agent of Bester and the Psi Corps.

Episode 18: Intersections in Real Time; Directed by John Lafia; 6/16/97
Sheridan is alone, vulnerable... and a simple signature will set him free. An Earthforce inquisitor draws from his bag of cruel tricks and mind games to coerce the captain in a confessions of treason.

Episode 19: Between the Darkness and the Light; Directed by David J. Eagle; 10/6/97
Outnumbered by not outfought: Ivanova defies the odds, leading a smaller fleet against a waiting Earthforce armada. A rescue force led by Garibaldi uses wit and brawn to rescue Sheridan.

Episode 20: Endgame; Directed by John Copeland; 10/13/97
First Mars, then Earth. Sheridan and his forces - including telepaths modified to become rogue agents inside enemy CPUs - begin a methodical plan of attack against President Clark and his Earthforce fighters.

Episode 21: Rising Star; Directed by Tony Dow; 10/20/97
The war is won. Now it's time to win the peace. Earth makes concessions. A new Alliance springs from the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Mars is declared free. And Sheridan is selected for a new leadership post.

Episode 22: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars; Directed by Stephen Furst; 10/27/97
How will history record the acts and exploits of Sheridan and hsi staff? A Ranger from the far-off future looks back at how various eras interpreted the lives and times of B5's command officers.

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