The Crossing (2000)
The Crossing

- Starred Jeff Daniels as General George Washington.
- Made for cable movie for A & E with a tie-in book by screenwriter Howard Fast.
- The movie dramatizes Washington's crossing the Delaware River and the Battle of Trenton that followed In December 1776.

From A & E Television:
It was a dark time for the American Colonies, and the Revolutionary War appeared headed for failure, when General George Washington (Jeff Daniels) launched a surprise attack on the Hessian mercenaries at Trenton. The daring plan turned the tide of the war and established Washington as the undisputed leader of the fledgling nation. Incredibly, not a single soldier of the depleted Continental Army was lost. This A&E film, scripted by Howard Fast from his novel, brings the legendary engagement that marked the defining moment of George Washington's career to life, following the general and his out-manned troops on their historic passage across the Delaware River on Christmas night, 1776 and through the battle that followed.

Partial Cast List
Jeff Daniels
Roger Rees
Sebastian Roché
Steven McCarthy
John Canavan
Ned Vukovic
David Ferry
Nigel Bennett
Karl Pruner
... George Washington
... General Hugh Mercer
... Colonel John Glover
... Alexander Hamilton
... General Henry Knox
... General "Lord" Stirling
... General Nathanael Greene
... General Horatio Gates
... General Sullivan


Partial Crew List
Robert Harmon
Howard Fast
Robert Christiansen
David Coatsworth
Delia Fine
Rick Rosenberg
Gary Chang
René Ohashi
Zach Staenberg
... Director
... Writer
... Executive Producer
... Producer
... Executive Producer
... Executive Producer
... Composer
... Cinematographer
... Editor


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