Revolution (1985)
Revolution Revisited (Director's Cut) DVD
Video on Demand

Starred Al Pacino, Nastassia Kinski and Donald Sutherland;
Directed by Hugh Hudson;

Here you can find information about the last big budget Hollywood theatrical film about the American Revolution before The Patriot. The movie was made for $30 million dollars and filmed in England. It was Al Pacino's follow-up to Scarface (1983). It turned out to be a bomb and got 4 Razzie nominations (Worst Leading Actor, Worst Director, Worst Musical Score, Worst Picture) in 1986. Pacino's performance was so criticized that he acted exclusively on stage for several years afterwards.

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Film Fact and Fiction - Accuracy of historical events depicted in the film;

Film Review

Story Exposition - A detailed exposition of the film's plot;

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