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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Ties That Bind
Episode Number: 403
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 4/18/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
Cottle checks on Roslin in her bed at sick bay. He advises her that the nausea will go away in about an hour and then leaves. Roslin lies down. Adama walks up, sits down and begins reading "Love and Bullets" by Nick Talo to her.

Lee holds a press conference on Colonial One. Roslin and Tom Zarek stand by. Adama sits by. Lee has joined the Quorum. The very first question is about Lee's role in Baltar's trial and Roslin's feelings about it. Roslin brushes it aside. The second question is about the Demetrius which had jumped away three weeks ago. Roslin directs to Adama. Adama says that it's on a military mission and won't comment further. The follow-up question asks if it's true that Kara has been put in charge. Tory walks up and whispers in Roslin's ear. Roslin then cuts the press conference short.

Roslin and Adama talk. She's surprised that it took three weeks for the press to go on the attack. Adama suggests that it'll "blow over." Roslin says that it won't blow over. She says that she'll be covering for Adama for a while. He says that he wanted to give Kara a chance.

(Caption: Demetrius; Mission: Find Earth; Day 22)
Kara goes over charts, navigation and maps..

Gaeta walks in and wants to what Kara wanted. Kara says that she's made a decision.

Down in cramped quarters, Anders, Helo, Athena, Seelix and Gonzo talk. It's mostly complaining about how they are wandering around in what seems like circles. Helo tries to play it down. Gaeta walks in and reports that they are making another course correction. Gonzo suggests that Adama has set Kara up and is waiting for her to "show her true colors" to jump in. Anders tells him to shut up. Kara calls for Helo. Anders walks over to her and wants to know if she can give them any more info. Kara is very formal and distant with him.

Helo walks over to Kara, who tells him that she has new jump coordinates.

Tyrol tries to convince Cally that he's not having an affair. He says he went to have a drink and then started talking to Tory. Cally doesn't answer. She then says that she's going to the doctor so he'll have to take Nicky to day care and wants him to tell them not to feed him algae mash. Tyrol hits the table, which causes Nicky to start crying. Tyrol tries to calm Nicky as Cally leaves.

Cavil, Natalie and two Eights talk. Centurions are cleaning up the room. Cavil makes a comment about the models not helping clean up the mess. Cavil at least appears much more interested in their concerns now that he's been shot up. One of the Eights says that they want the lobotomizing of Raiders to stop, to which Cavil immediately agrees. Natalie then requests that the D'Annas (Threes) be unboxed because they want to unite the twelve models once and for all. Cavil points out that the model's pursuit of secrets "better left alone" that triggered the divisiveness that they are now in the midst of, but agrees to take it to the others. Natalie then turns to one the Centurions and tells it to escort Cavil off the ship. It doesn't move. She adds please and it starts to move. Cavil stands up, comments that it was good that she remembered "the magic word." He continues by telling her that she's opened up a bigger can of worms than she realizes. He walks out as a Centurion looks up from its cleaning to first look over at him and then look the other way.


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