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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Ties That Bind
Episode Number: 403
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 4/18/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Sitting on the bed in her quarters on the Demetrius, Kara asks Anders if they really were married. She thinks of it as a fantasy. She says that she feels like she's watching herself and like her body's "this alien thing that she's attached to." She asks Anders if that sounds crazy. Anders doesn't answer.

Two Cavils tells Natalie and an Eight that they have been outvoted and that their colleagues want the Threes unboxed in the spirit of unity. Cavil says that the nearest accessible server is half a dozen jumps away. Once there, they can resurrect the Threes and find out what they have to say.

The Quorum and the President hold a cabinet meeting. The questioning is about the Demetrius with the first question about military sources reporting that Demetrius is searching for food sources and calls it misinformation. Roslin cuts off the questions on that matter. Lee tries to suggest that Roslin and Admiral Adama are trying find all possible routes to Earth. Roslin cuts him down by saying that she doesn't need him to appoint himself spokesman. Another delegate begins to speak about medical supplies, but Lee stands and interrupts. He then comments on Presidential Order 112 which has Roslin appointing her own tribunal system and her own judges that report only to her. Roslin counters that it was unfinished and the items were provisional. Roslin planned to present it the Quorum for debate when it was ready, but since he brought it up, she'll add it to the docket for the next meeting. Lee sits back smugly as the room erupts in protestations from the other Quorum members and the press.

The Cavils jump in to meet three baseships (Twos, Eights and Sixes). Natalie and an Eight notice that the Resurrection Ship didn't jump in. They notice that the other ships have surrounded them. They move to evade, but it's too late. The Cavils' baseships open fire. Natalie realizes that without a resurrection ship, they are really in danger of being killed for good.

On one of the Cavils' baseships, Cavil and Boomer talk. Cavil tells her to remember that they started it. Boomer says that they are killing her sisters. Cavil snidely replies that their god can watch over their immortal souls. Boomer asks about "ours." Cavil reminds her that they are machines and don't have souls.

In their quarters, Cally is restless yet again. Nicky is restless as well. Cally dreams of Tyrol being there and giving her attentions. Cally steps out of their quarters and finds a note tucked away. It listed a time and place (weapons locker).

At the weapons locker, she sees Tyrol, Tory and Tigh go in. She then runs up to the door, spots an access panel and climbs in.

She makes her way toward a vent where she can overhear them. First, she can hear Tory and Tigh talking about her sleeping with Baltar. Tigh tells Tory and Tyrol not to meet in public any more after what happened at the bar. Tyrol wants to know if he can go now. Tigh then wants to know why Tyrol is so antsy. Tyrol answers that he promised to check on Cally. Tigh talks about the note, but Tyrol didn't know about the note and Tory had found him for the meeting. Tigh says that the last thing that they need is for Cally (his Cylon-hating wife) to find out that there are a bunch of "skin jobs" running around and that her husband is one of them. Cally's waking "visions" immediately turn paranoid with Tyrol cutting himself and licking blood. This causes Cally to accidently knock something over and it clangs through the ship's innards. The three look around in the locker. Tigh moves to leave.

Cally hurries back out the access panel just before Tigh walks out of the locker.

Tyrol has a resigned look and walks out followed by Tory, who closes the hatch and notices that the nearby access panel is now partly open.


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