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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Ties That Bind
Episode Number: 403
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 4/18/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Cally gets back to their quarters and closes the hatch. She starts panicking. Tyrol comes in not long after. She immediately stills herself, but keeps her back to him. He asks her how she is. She tells him that she's fine. She says that she slept in. She lies about having seen Cottle. Tyrol says that it's been a rough couple of weeks and says that he's not having an affair. Cally's He says that he's figured out what is important and that's his family. He talks about maybe having another baby.

When Tyrol walks over to talk to Nicky, Cally grabs a wrench and attacks Tyrol. She hits him once which knocks him into the wall. She hits his shoulder and then hits him on the head again and he goes down. She throws down the wrench, takes a key from his pocket, picks up Nicky and leaves.

Cally walks into the empty hangar deck, opens up the airlock for one of the Viper tubes and walks in with Nicky. She walks over to a window and looks out into space for a moment.

Cally then walks over to an access panel and uses the key to unlock the airlock. Tory walks up. Cally wants her to stay away, saying she knows what they are. Tory says that they don't even know what they are. Tory walks in and Cally closes the blast door behind her. Tory tries to reason with Cally. She says that if Cally wants to kill her, then kill just her, but don't do harm to herself or Nicky. Tory tries to explain that Tyrol didn't know that he was a Cylon until the nebula and that other than being a Cylon, they are human in every other way. Tory says that she doesn't know what she is. Tory says that they are not evil. Cally breaks down and apologizes to Nicky. She tells Nicky that they are getting out of there. Cally is still crying and accepts Tory's offer to take Nicky. As soon as Tory has Nicky, she knocks Cally across the airlock.

Cally eventually comes around around and finds that she's sealed in the airlock whileTory is at the control panel in the hangar deck.

Tory looks at Cally, unlocks the release and hits the airlock release button.

Cally is sucked down the Viper tube into space.

Tyrol sits on the bed in his quarters as Admiral Adama talks to him. (no audio)


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