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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Ties That Bind
Episode Number: 403
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 4/18/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Lee enters the empty cabinet room. He moves to Caprica's place at the table and sits down. Zarek makes a comment about a government for the people by the people and answerable to the people. He then asks if Lee tried to see Roslin. He says that he did and was told that she wasn't in. Zarek says that she was and that she's still unhappy with Lee over Baltar's trial. Zarek says that she made him vice-president to sideline him and will try to sideline Lee. Lee wants to know why Zarek nominated him. Zarek says because he stood up for Baltar and put Roslin on the stand. He then talks about all the secrecy from Roslin and Adama. He thinks that the "Demetrius business is the tip of the iceberg." Zarek says that Roslin just wants to save them all. He then tells Lee to trust himself since that's what's important. He leaves a folder on the table and leaves.

Cally visits Doctor Cottle. She says she feels like she hasn't slept since the Ionian Nebula. They have a heart-to-heart. Cottle asks about "things at home." He points out that she might be imagining things between Tory and Tyrol because she is on anti-depressants and heavily fatigued. She says that she had to do something not to go crazy. He says she's not crazy, but she mentions that she basically proposed after Tyrol broke her jaw. Cottle wants to know if it was the last time he "laid hands" on her. She says that it was, but she actually wishes that it wasn't because then there would be some sign of emotion. Cottle tells her to try to relax.

Kara paints her quarters on the Demetrius. Anders visits her. He wants to know why she's holed up in her quarters. He says that the rest of the crew are starting to wonder about her. He then points out that some people volunteered for the mission. Kara and Anders then argue. He says that she's scared. She says that she married him because it was safe, easy and he was pathetic enough to go along. She then tries to physically kick him out and he doesn't leave. She says she's afraid. She then says she doesn't want to fight, but rather "frak like it's the end of the world." She then challenges him to make her feel something. He pushes her back to the bunk.


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