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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Escape Velocity
Episode Number: 404
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Edward James Olmos
Original Air Date: 4/25/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
Down in the cult's compartment, someone cooks and someone else makes jewelry.

Tory walks over to Baltar and wakes him up by pulling his hair. He mutters about gods and she says that she thought there was only one. She starts prattling about pain and pleasure together as she pulls more hair. He starts to get up and she forces him down. He comments that he liked it better when she was crying. She seems to be coming onto him as she talks about pain. She says that they must consecrate the sin so good becomes bad and pain becomes pleasure. It would mean that that they were one with god and could do anything, but Baltar counters that would mean that they are all perfect.

Suddenly, several men burst into the compartment and attack his cult. They trash the place as they demand to know where Baltar is. The women claim that he's not there even as they are beaten up. A security alert chases the men away, but they announce that they are going to come back for Baltar.

Tory looks up to find Baltar is hiding behind a bulkhead.

Down in the hangar deck, Tyrol works on Racetrack's Raptor. Figurski asks if he's almost done and Tyrol says that he has one last relay left.

He is distracted by memories of Cally.

Racetrack then wants to know if the Raptor is ready and Tyrol says it is.

Racetrack takes the Raptor out. When she engages thrusters, one flames out sending her out of controls. She manages to bring it around and brings it into Galactica's landing bay for a crash landing.

Baltar wants the investigator to take action. Inner Six mentions the old texts. Baltar notices writing on the wall and tells the investigator that it was the Sons of Ares who were responsible for the attack.

Inner Six then points out that the old gods die hard. Baltar notices the old woman by Inner Six. She tells him that her name is Lilly. He goes over to find that she has a coin concerning one of the old gods. The old woman says that she knows that Baltar will heal them, but she wanted a little more help. Inner Six points out that the "old gods are fighting back."

Down on the hangar deck, Tyrol and Figurski go over the damaged raptor. Tyrol realizes that he never changed out the relay. Skulls starts to mouth off, but Racetrack tells him to stop. Tyrol tells Racetrack that Skulls is right. Racetrack says that no one died and that he's only human, but Tyrol wants someone to tell him that he screwed up, but no one does. He calls them cowards. Figurski suggests that he can handle it so Tyrol can take some downtime, but Tyrol tells him to get out of the Raptor.

Baltar and Inner Six talk. Inner Six says that the choice is between him or the old gods. He wants to just be a man and wants to know why he has to take on the gods. She says that he could be god-like if he does. He says that it's not about that and Inner Six smiles. He looks around and says that it's about "this." He tells everyone to stop. He says that they were attacked for what they believed. They need to stop being afraid and it's time to make a stand. He leaves and the women follow him.

Baltar enters the temple and interrupts the service. He rants against Zeus and calls down the priestess as the congregation erupts into noise. He continues his rant against some of the other gods as he desecrates the altar. Security arrives and hauls Baltar off.


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