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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Escape Velocity
Episode Number: 404
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Edward James Olmos
Original Air Date: 4/25/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Adama walks into sick bay to find that Roslin is already packing up. She says that it was only a blood test. She notices that he brought another book. He says that it's a classic and it's his favorite. She wonders how it ends. He says he doesn't know because he hasn't finished it. He says that he likes it so much that he doesn't want to finish it. She moves to leave. He offers to take her bag.

As Adama and Roslin walk through the ship, they talk about Baltar. Adama says it was revenge for the attack on him earlier that day. Adama doesn't want a religious war in the fleet. Roslin says they are down to 30,000 people and they always seem to be fighting over something. Adama suggests kicking him off Galactica. She doesn't want that, but rather wants him close. She decides to go see him in the brig.

Tigh goes back to the brig and wants to know how Caprica can deal with the blood of billions of humans on her hands. He wants to know how she just switches it off. She says that she feels it. He suddenly sees Ellen and calls for weapons.

Tyrol welds as Figurski walks over and asks if he's working late or up early. Tyrol stops welding, but doesn't answer. Figurski walks off. After a moment, Tyrol takes the welder's mask and gloves off and then slowly walks off.

Back in the brig, Caprica Six points out that she's flesh and blood too. Tigh then sees Caprica Ellen. Tigh wants to know how she lives with what she's done. She realizes that Tigh is looking for absolution. Tigh dismisses the guards. Caprica Six then wants to know what the trouble is. He then tells her that she can't do anything for him and moves to leave.

Roslin enters Baltar's cell. Baltar has his usual wit commenting about a strip search and then continues with a comment about the President being aware of his situation. Roslin tells him she's wearing a wig and that she's dying. Baltar says that he's sorry. Roslin says that she doesn't want his pity and still is doing her job. Roslin tells him that she's pursuing the men who attacked his cult and will be limiting the size of public assembly to help protect Baltar and his people. She then adds that she has found that people who are dying tend to have less interest in certain aspects of morality. Baltar wants to know if she's threating him. She just says that she wants him to live quietly and she'll die quietly. Then everyone will be happy. She then says that she doesn't have much patience to indulge him. Just before she walks out, she says that he is being released and tells him to stay safe.

Adama walks up to the bar where Tyrol is sitting. Adama says that everyone misses her (Cally). Adama offers either time off or more shifts for busy work. Tyrol answers that he doesn't need special treatment. Tyrol thinks he hears Adama say that Cally couldn't take being married to a Cylon. Adama says that she was a good woman. Tyrol counters that he if really thought that, then he wouldn't have threatened to put her up against a bulkhead and shoot. Tyrol then goes off about settling. He says that they all had to settle for the best of what left because the ones they really wanted were gone, dead or turned out to be Cylons without knowing. He even refers to Boomer. Tyrol tells him to not make an angel out of someone who is not an angel. He then implies that Adama has done so with Roslin and that in spite of his best efforts, Adama is not part of "his club." Adama wants him to stand down and leave, but Tyrol practically begs him to demote him so he can get off Galactica. Adama then tells "Specialist Tyrol" to get off his hangar deck before endangering any other pilots and to report in the morning for reassignment. He then leaves. Tyrol sits at the bar as it all sinks in.


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