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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Escape Velocity
Episode Number: 404
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Edward James Olmos
Original Air Date: 4/25/08 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
On Colonial One, Lee speaks at the Cabinet meeting. He says that Roslin bulldozed a public assembly resolution after the last session. Lee points out that it's aimed at Baltar. Roslin says that it was done in an effort to protect his group. Lee says that it restricts his group, while allowing general worship. Roslin says that wherever Baltar goes, violence follows and she is out to protect the fleet. Other quorum members are concerned that the resolution could be applied to other splinter religions. Roslin counters that they have all experienced tragedy and were on New Caprica. The quorum members including Lee look to override the resolution. Roslin then goes off about the threat that Baltar can be and has already been when he was in political power and she worries how dangerous he could be with blind religious devotion. She then leaves them to their vote

Tigh watches Caprica Ellen sleep. Caprica Six wakes up and she says that he wants to know how she turns it off. She says that the pain is how she learns. She talks about loving a mortal. Caprica Ellen continues as she described that love and realizing that she wouldn't have him forever. Caprica Six says that the pain teaches her how to deal with that loss. She mentions Baltar by name. Tigh doesn't want to talk about Baltar. He gets up and leaves the cell.

Tigh dismisses the guards from the monitors who wonder what he's going to do to her.

Tigh goes back into the cell and sits next to Caprica Six. She says that the key to clarity is pain. Caprica Ellen tells him that the pain helps focus. She takes off the eye patch and puts her hands to his face.

Baltar walks up to the compartment to find it guarded. The guards won't allow him to enter because of the limits on assembly. Baltar says that he and the women with him live there. The guard says that it's the law. Inner Six can be heard saying that it's his time to make a choice. She tells him that he won't be hurt if he steps forward. He moves forward and is struck down by the guard, bloodying his nose.


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