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Season 4 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Escape Velocity
Episode Number: 404
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Edward James Olmos
Original Air Date: 4/25/08 on SciFi Channel

Tyrol speaks a lament to loved ones in remembrance of Cally at her memorial service in the temple. Lee, Tory, Roslin, Adama, Tigh and Figurski are present.

Tyrol ends his lament and walks back to his seat.

The priestess closes the service.

Roslin says that she liked the service. Adama says it wasn't for him. Roslin says he wanted her to know what she liked.

Adama says "it was lovely" and Tyrol thanks him.

Tory wants to know why the service is at dawn and Roslin says that they do what they have to.

Roslin tells Tyrol that she liked the service. He thanks her.

Tyrol grabs Tory and Tigh as they leave. They hurriedly say something and then walk off muttering.

Tyrol stares after them as Lee walks up. He looks after where Tyrol is looking and then offers his condolences.

Down in the brig, Caprica Six paces as Tigh asks for a report from the guards.

Tigh enters her cell and tells her that her request to see Hera has been denied. Caprica wants to know why he came all the way down there himself to tell her that. He says that they are done. Caprica points out that he comes down to see her every day. Suddenly, Caprica appears to look like Ellen to Tigh. Caprica Ellen wants to know what he wants. He gets unnerved and calls for the guards to open the door. She tells him that she'll see him tomorrow as he walks out.

In Tyrol's quarters, Tory wants to know what Tyrol was thinking when he grabbed them at the service and Tigh says that he might as well have gotten on the wireless. Tigh then grumbles about Nicky's crying. Tyrol tells him that Nicky probably needs to be changed and Tigh moves to Nicky's crib. Tory guesses that Tyrol is feeling guilty about Cally and believes that she killed herself because of him. He says that she thought they were having an affair. Tory points out that they weren't. Tyrol then says that he's not even sure if everything he's done wasn't programmed. She tells him that they were meant to be perfect. Tigh comments that it sounds like Baltar's nonsense. Tory says to just shut his guilt down. Tyrol says that he wants to live the man that he was. Tigh tells Tyrol that he's going to feel it every day and just has to learn to deal with it. As they leave, Tory then says that they are Cylons and capable of more which seems to give Tigh something to think about.


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