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Razor Flashback Minisodes
Written By Michael Taylor
Directed By Wayne Rose

"Day 4,571" (Minisode 1) Recap:
(Caption: First Cylon War; Day: 4,571)
Opening shot of Galactica

William Adama and Lt. Jaycie McGavin are in the duty locker, kissing. She notices that his boots are missing and asks him about it. He says that he ran into the Commander when he was putting them out. He says that the Commander looked at his bare feet and then asked, "What do you hear, Husker?" The blonde then says, "Nothing but the rain, Sir," while giving a mock salute. Adama then says, "Grab your gun and bring the cat in." The blonde laughs and they go back to kissing.

Back in the pilot's quarters, Adama and McGavin are dressing.

Adama puts his helmet on the table and it falls off. McGavin picks it up, hands it to him and tells him that he'll be fine before turning back to her locker.

Adama takes the helmet, slowly puts it down and leans on the table.

Adama states, "three Raider wings, ground forces and defensive batteries" are defending a "chunk of ice" in the middle of nowhere. He comments that the Cylons must think it's important.

McGavin mentions that she heard that they were building a super weapon. Adama says that he heard that they were negotiating a peace settlement. McGavin says that she's heard that one too, but wonders why they would surrender since they are machines and can just build more.

Adama says that he was still in school when the war started and he didn't think he would make it out in time to "get a shot at them."

McGavin turns and tells him that he will. She steps closer to him and tells him that in her first engagement, one of the Cylon fighters had her lined up and then the next thing she knew, her Raptor was flying through the debris. She says that her training kicked in and his will as well. He starts to lean in when Raptor Squadron 2 is called to Briefing Room 1.

McGavin says that's her "cue." She gives him a quick kiss and tells him that she'll see him "tonight, rook." McGavin walks off. Adama starts to says that just because he's never flown in combat before, "doesn't make.." He never finishes because she's gone.

Characters that appear: William "Husker" Adama, Lt. Jaycie McGavin

  • Even before his first combat mission, Adama has become romantically involved with a seasoned Raptor pilot.
  • Adama's relationship with McGavin seems to parallel Lee and Starbuck, especially when considering the first dialogue between Adama and McGavin is similar to the first dialogue between Adama and Starbuck from the miniseries as well as her comments about training taking over.
  • As McGavin was leaving the pilots' quarters, Adama seemed to be trying to say that just because he's never flown in combat, he not a rookie.
  • Adama's first combat mission seems likely to involve a recon mission to an icy asteroid that, though it's located in the middle of nowhere, is heavily fortified by the Cylons.
  • Adama is dealing with nerves over his first combat mission.
  • Apparently, the commander of the Galactica has some well-used phrases that are mocked by the crew. Adama would later use at least of one of the same phrases once he was commander of Galactica.

  • William Adama was still in school when the first Cylon War started.
  • William Adama did not see action in the first Cylon War until it was in its thirteenth year.
  • The Cylons have a "chunk of ice" fortified by three Raider wings, ground forces and defensive batteries.
  • Lt. Jaycie McGavin is a Raptor pilot.

  • Originally aired on Scifi Channel during Flash Gordon on Friday, October 5, 2007
  • Running time: ~ 2:40
  • The first dialogue in the first minisode between young William Adama and McGavin is similar to the first dialogue in the miniseries between Commander Adama and Starbuck.
  • The "chunk of ice" that the Cylons have heavily protected seems to parallel the original Battlestar Galactica episode, "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero," especially when McGavin comments that she heard that the Cylons might be building a super weapon.

Unanswered Questions:
  • How long has Adama been on Galactica without seeing combat?
  • How long has Adama been involved with McGavin?
  • What was Adama starting to say when McGavin left?

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