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Razor Flashback Minisodes
Written By Michael Taylor
Directed By Felix Alcala

"The Lab" (Minisode 5) Recap:
Husker walks into a corridor with his pistol drawn. He makes his way to a door.

After listening for a moment, Husker pushes the door open. After another pause, he enters with his gun high.

Husker strides into the room and looks around.

Human remains and skeletons lay on tables around the room.

Husker with a look of disgust on his face walks over to a tank.

In the tank is what looks to be a human connected to tubes and wires.

Husker looks around and spots a vat.

Husker slowly walks over to it.

Husker sets his gun down on the edge of the vat.

Husker takes one more look around the room.

Husker puts his hand into the liquid filling the vat.

As soon as Husker puts his hand in, he starts hearing voices that appear to be coming from all around him. They are sounds of agony. Husker looks around almost in an effort to place where the voices are coming from.

A hand comes out of the vat and grabs Husker's arm.

Husker struggles to free his arm from the hand's grip.

Suddenly there is a flash and the hand is gone.

Without the pull of the hand on his arm, Husker falls back from the vat.

Husker sits on the floor, breathing hard.

Husker hears "All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again."

Husker slowly stands up and retrieves the rifle.

Husker hears thumping and moves toward it.

Husker reaches a door as it gets quiet. He looks inside and asks, "Is someone in there?"

Suddenly, a man puts his hands on the door. He says, "Help up. They left us here. Don't leave us here. Please."

Husker says, "I'm going to get you out of here." He looks around, finds a pipe and moves to pry open the door.

Characters that appear: William "Husker" Adama, Man (?), A Hand (?)


  • The Cylons appear to be experimenting on humans.
  • William Adama has seen the Cylon experiments, which explains why he was not so surprised about encountering Leoben.
  • William Adama's aversion to networking also could be explained by how he seemed to experience a group conscience when he placed his hand in the vat.

  • Husker has seen Cylon experiments on humans. He also has encountered a hybrid's vat.

  • Originally aired on Scifi Channel during Flash Gordon on Friday, November 2, 2007
  • Running time: ~ 2:30

Unanswered Questions:
  • Who is the man that asks Husker for help? Is he a human? Or is he really an early model humanoid Cylon?

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