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Razor Flashback Minisodes
Written By Michael Taylor
Directed By Felix Alcala

"Escape" (Minisode 7) Recap:
A basestar can be seen beginning to leave the planet's surface.

Husker turns and looks back to see the woman reaching out through the gap.

The man again says, "Go. Go. Save yourself. Just go."

Husker turns and runs back out the doorway where he first came in.

Husker runs outside into the snow. He stops and leans up against a building. He looks up to see the basestar leaving the atmosphere.

Husker pulls out his radio. "Galactica. This is Husker. Do you copy?"

"Husker, roger that. Report status."

"I crashed on the surface. They were making something down here. Experimenting on people to do it and now they are getting away with whatever they built."

"Husker, the war is over."

"What?!? Galactica, repeat."

"The war is over. An armistice was just signed. Activate your beacon. We'll send you the starbird.Husker, respond."

Husker drops his hand down and looks up.

Commander Adama stands in front of the classic Cylon Centurion in the museum.

(Caption: Forty Years Ago; Two Days Before 2nd Cylon War )

Aaron Doral walks up. He says, "Got some great news, sir. Your son, Captain Adama, will be leading the ceremonial fly-by."

"Lee? I thought he was unavailable."

"When I suggested it to flight HQ, they said that they'd make him available."

Adama nods and then Doral continues, "It's a shame that they are decommissioning her. But I guess it's about time. Galactica's war is long over."

As Doral walks off, Adama mutters, "suppose so."

Adama then turns and looks around the museum.

The last shot is a long zoom out from Galactica past a moon.

The remaining two minutes are the credits for the minisodes.

Characters that appear: William "Husker" Adama, Man, Woman, Commander Adama, Doral


  • The Cylons apparently kept fighting only until they were done creating what is likely a hybrid, since it was previously explained that hybrids came before the humanoid models.
  • Doral's "suggestion" of Lee's inclusion in the decommissioning ceremony seems somewhat suspicious in retrospect. Lee had assumed that it was his father's doing, but Adama was surprised himself.

  • Adama's rookie mission turned out to take place on the last day of the First Cylon War.

  • Originally aired on Scifi Channel during Flash Gordon on Friday, November 16, 2007
  • Running time: ~ 4:30

Unanswered Questions:
  • Were the two human survivors also rescued when Husker was rescued?
  • What else is to be found at the base since it appears to have been completely destroyed?
  • What did the Cylons create and why did they sign the armistice when they apparently finished it?
  • What was Doral's motive for pushing for Lee Adama's inclusion in the decommissioning ceremony?

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