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Razor Flashback Minisodes
Written By Michael Taylor
Directed By Wayne Rose

"The Hangar" (Minisode 2) Recap:
Opening shot of Galactica that moves into close-up.

Alarms blare as Adama walks down the corridor in full flight gear.

(Caption: Operation Raptor Talon; First Cylon War: Day 4,571 )

Adama notices that others are moving quicker, so he picks up the pace.

Adama walks onto the hangar deck and asks Banzai what happened. He's told that the Raptors got jumped and two were taken out before they got away.

As Adama walks by a damaged Raptor, he sees that Lt. McGavin is being stretched out. He goes over to her. She tells him that the console blew up.

The left side of Lt. McGavin's face is severely burned. She asks Adama if she is okay.

Adama grits his teeth and tells her that she's okay and that with a couple days of rest, she'll be better than ever. She tells him that he's a lousy liar. She tells him that there must be hundreds of toasters around and that he needs to watch himself.

Banzai tells Adama that he needs to go.

Adama has trouble pulling himself away from McGavin. He tells her to "hang in there." She tells him to go and take out some toasters.

Banzai orders him to get into his Viper. McGavin tells him to go and Adama finally moves away.

Sitting in his Viper's cockpit, Adama watches as McGavin is stretchered off the hangar deck. His wireless crackles to life, but he doesn't reply at first. After a second query, Adama grits his teeth in anger and replies that he's ready.

Adama moves Viper 1104 into the launch bay.

Characters that appear: William "Husker" Adama, Lt. Jaycie McGavin, Squad Leader Bonzai

  • Operation Raptor Talon apparently encountered much stiffer Cylon resistance.
  • McGavin was severely wounded and the sight of it shook up rookie Adama.
  • Adama eventually grew angry as he prepped to leave.

  • William Adama flew Viper 1104 on his first combat mission.

  • Originally aired on Scifi Channel during Flash Gordon on Friday, October 12, 2007
  • Running time: ~ 2:30

Unanswered Questions:
  • Will McGavin survive her injuries?

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