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Season 2.5 (Eps 2.11 - 2.20) Spoilers:

Despite efforts to filter out unreliable content, this information can be considered RUMOR and subject to change or otherwise inaccurate.

All spoilers that are posted will stay posted (though they will be edited for clarification when additional information warrants) in an effort to have a track record (good and bad), rather than revisionist history. That said, seemingly innocuous details like which supporting characters are still around will continue to be included and not be edited out as an episode moves closer to air. There are fans of various supporting characters and are interested when they appear. The mentions of Tyrol/Helo sightings throughout 2.5 were included because of their capture in episode 2.10 and the heavy speculation on who died in Episode 2.15. The mention of Ellen Tigh being alive in the season finale was included because of her known presence in episode 2.15 and was learned of weeks before the episode aired.

Episode 11: Resurrection Ship, Part 1; 1/6/06
- Detailed Episode Recap & Analysis Now Available
The standoff between Galactica and Pegasus is averted when Kara arrives with recon photos of the Cylon "Resurrection" ship. The resurrection ship is indeed a location for transferring the downloaded consciousness of dead Cylons into new bodies. The two battlestar commanders call an uneasy truce in order to attack their common enemy: the Cylons. Cain promotes Kara to Pegasus CAG, while Lee is stood down from flight status. Roslin recognizes Cain as a threat to the fleet and wants her out of the way, which Adama balks at. Cain plans to assassinate Adama. Fisk tells someone [Tigh?] that Cain found civilian ships, stripped them for parts and selected people to serve on the Pegasus. Anyone who refused to go, she had their family shot. The rest were left behind. When Adama learns of this, he is more receptive to Roslin's position. Roslin tells Adama that they have to kill her [Cain?] so that the same doesn't happen to her fleet. Adama says it's murder and Roslin tells him not to judge a dying woman. Adama asks [Kara] to shoot Admiral Cain and Lee is to back her up. Starbuck takes a major role in planning the attack, a nuclear attack, on the Resurrection Ship. Lee's mission is to take out the Resurrection ship's FTL drive using the Blackbird (somehow he gets flight status back).

Episode 12: Resurrection Ship, Part 2; 1/13/06 - Detailed Episode Recap & Analysis Now Available
The decoy works. Lee succeeds in taking out the Resurrection Ship's FTL drive and then gets distracted, which results in the Blackbird taking heavy damage. Lee is forced to eject. There is a hole in his suit and he eventually stops covering it with his hand because he gives up (insert dreamlike imagery here), possibly because of the fact that they had decided to murder Cain. Lee has to be revived after being rescued. Kara is never given the word by Adama to follow through with Cain's assassination. While Baltar is with Gina, she takes the opportunity to break the guard's neck. She pleads with Baltar to kill her (she would do it herself, but suicide is a sin). He refuses, gives her the gun and tells her to find justice herself and that he'll keep her safe because he loves her. Cain tells Kara that she's so proud of her after the destruction of the Resurrection Ship. Kara was planning to shoot Cain. Cain is killed by the Cylon Gina, ending the crisis of command between her and Adama. Tyrol and Helo are rescued, apparently by Apollo. Kara speaks with respect for Cain at her funeral. Roslin promotes Adama to the field rank of admiral, commanding both battlestars. When he's resting in his bunk, Lee tells Kara that he didn't want to come back. Dee is outside their bunk listening and she gets upset when Lee says that. Michelle Forbes guests as Cain.

Episode 13 (was 12): Epiphanies; 1/20/06 - Detailed Episode Recap & Analysis Now Available
The episode opens with Roslin being brought to sick bay because of the deterioration of her condition. A member of the peace movement who is seeking to end the flight from the Cylons in favor of peace with them arrives on Galactica. He soon ends up in the brig. President Roslin has become very ill because of the progression of her cancer. Billy and Vice President Baltar prepare for Baltar to succeed Roslin when they are interrupted by a phone call for Baltar. He immediately leaves for Cloud Nine. Flashbacks to Caprica show Laura's life as a teacher. We also learn that her "complex" relationship with President Adar involves carrying on an affair with the married man. These flashbacks may also trigger something long forgotten by Roslin about Baltar. Roslin tells Baltar that she doesn't like him and asks him to resign. One of the peace movement's suicide bombers heavily damages the tylium refiner's FTL engines. Baltar meets an "old friend" (presumably Gina) on Cloud Nine. Baltar saves Roslin's life (or at least prolongs it) by using some procedure that involves Caprica Boomer's unborn child (often referred to in rumors as involving stem cells). Roslin visits Galactica's brig and comes to a surprising agreement with the representative of the peace movement. Baltar's procedure apparently has bought Sharon and her unborn baby more time. Gina, the Number Six copy, has fallen in with this peace movement. Because of his affinity for Gina, Baltar covertly allies himself with this movement by providing them with a bomb.

Episode 14 (was 13): Black Market; 1/27/06 - Detailed Episode Recap & Analysis Now Available
President Roslin sets out to end the rampant black market trade. Lee investigates the murder of Fisk, who was in command of the Pegasus. It turns out that Fisk was heavily involved with a syndicate that has come to control a large portion of the black market. Lee also attempts to make amends for some guilt that he has been carrying around concerning a past relationship, but his effort is thwarted when it turns out that the person that he is trying to hlep is working with the criminal syndicate as a tool for acquiring information for blackmail and actually set him up. The episode features flashbacks to Caprica where Lee was in a relationship. His girlfriend had told him that she was pregnant. He didn't react well because he had not planned to have children. She "stormed off" and soon after, the Cylons attacked. Lee has been carrying this guilt around since then. Tigh (or possibly Ellen) was involved with the Black Market, probably through Fisk. Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) appears.

Episode 15 (was 14): Scar; 2/3/06 - Detailed Episode Recap & Analysis Now Available
The episode concerns a Cylon Raider possibly with a gash of some kind (thus the title and how the feet knows it is the same Raider). Kara and Kat evidently hunt him because he repeatedly returns and picks off pilots. Kara has to deal with emerging status of Kat as the best pilot. Kara spends much of the episode drinking [presumably trying to dull some inner demons].

Episode 16 (was 15): Sacrifice; 2/10/06 - Detailed Episode Recap & Analysis Now Available
Lee, Ellen Tigh, Billy and Dualla are taken hostage while on shore leave to Cloud Nine. They are apparently taken hostage in a move by some civilians in the fleet to demand Sharon be turned over to them so they can take revenge on her for the Cylon attack on the colonies. Lee is accidently shot in the shoulder by Kara during a botched rescue attempt. Further muddying things is that Kara is drunk when she participates in the rescue attempt. Dee cares for him, which Billy notices. The dead Sharon is used to try and fool the hostage-takers. Just as things look like they will be resolved, the hostage-takers realize that they have been had. A struggle ensues and Billy is shot. His fate is unknown, but the episode does seem to set the stage for Lee and Dualla to grow closer, as already hinted at in Flight of the Phoenix. Dana Delany appears as Sesha, one of the terrorists..
It is rumored that a recurring character will die in this episode. Billy would be a good fit because:
- He is seriously wounded in the climax of this episode.
- The character was nearly written out during Valley of Darkness because the actor (Paul Campbell) had filmed a pilot. The pilot was not picked up, but perhaps the pilot has now been picked up or he has other work.
- Billy has not appeared much since early in the season and has done almost nothing, story-wise since Roslin's escape.
- Starting in Ep #209, there are hints of a building interest between Dee and Lee.
- The recent Video Blogs have hinted at this, but in a way that may be poking fun at the spoiler junkies who have been treating Billy's death as a certainty.

Episode 17 (was 16): The Captain's Hand; 2/17/06 - Episode Summary Now Available
Commander Barry Garner (changed from Trammell) is commanding the Pegasus (the third commander following Cain and Fisk). Lee gets promoted to Major and becomes temporary XO of the Pegasus. Kara is onboard the Pegasus training their pilots. In the episode, there is a missing Raptor and tensions between Garner, Lee and Kara over Garner's command style and her attitude. Lee initially backs up Garner concerning Kara. Later, Lee's suggestion that Garner contact Admiral Adama about coordinating a search for the missing Raptor bothers Garner who wants to handle the situation without Galactica's aid. The presidential campaign has begun and the hot button issue is pro-choice vs. pro-life. [Webmaster's speculation: a riff on the near abortion of Sharon's baby in Epiphanies]. John Heard guests as Barry Garner.

Episode 18 (was 17): Downloaded; 2/24/06 - Episode Summary Now Available
The episode is partly set on Caprica and shows what has happened to Galactica Boomer upon her "rebirth" in the Cylon fleet after she was killed by Cally. According to Ronald D. Moore, Baltar's Inner Six will be seen as being just as delusional as Baltar (she's going to have a manifestation of Baltar in her head). Galactica/Tyrol Sharon will be seen being reborn along with a Six model while a D'Anna model serving as "nurse." The two of them will be seen as "heroes" by the Cylon leadership, which includes D'anna and Doral models. However, Sharon apparently is so hung up on her past "life" on Galactica with Tyrol that D'anna and Doral consider putting her conscienceness into storage. This is the long rumored Cylon point-of-view episode that some had believed was discarded. Apparently, Sharon actually gives birth prematurely in this episode. The child will be named Hera and will struggle to survive. The baby will be switched with a dead human baby either in this episode. Maya is apparently the mother of the dead baby and she will look after Sharon's baby as her own. Anders plans an attack on the Cylons on Caprica. Six (Baltar's Six?) kills a D'Anna model with a blow to the head with a big rock [primitive violence for the "superior" Cylons] Lucy Lawless appears as D'Anna Biers. She also is slated to appear in another episode, either the one just before this one, or the one following.

Episode 19: Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1; 3/3/06 - Episode Summary Now Available
Tyrol is having nightmares. Cally wakes him up during one and he ends up breaking her jaw. It's revealed that Tyrol is the son of an oracle and a priest. He visits Brother Cavil, who is a priest within the fleet. Kara is chosen to lead a rescue mission back to Caprica. Sharon is connected the guts of a heavy raider in order to control the jumps of the Raptors. The mission goes awry with one Raptor crashing. Another Raptor, apparently piloted by Racetrack discovers a habitable planet. Kara, Helo and Sharon reach Caprica where she finds Anders. Zarek throws his support behind Baltar in his candidacy for President. Baltar seizes on the discovery of the new planet to become the favorite to win the election.

Episode 20: Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2; 3/10/06 - Episode Summary Now Available
The season 2(.5) finale will be an expanded 90 minute episode.
Kara's rescue party must somehow escape the shelling, because they head back to Galactica. Before they leave, they pick up a Cavil, whose identity as a Cylon is not revealed by Sharon. When they arrive, Tyrol attacks their Cavil because he's just visited the fleet's copy. Kara introduces Anders to Lee and Admiral Adama. Roslin tries to fix the election with Colonel Tigh and Dee's help, but Gaeta exposes the fix. Baltar wins the election. Roslin finally tells Adama that Baltar has been working with the Cylons. Gina uses the nuke to blow up Cloud Nine (and possibly herself as well), which leads to the Cylons finding the planet. Matters are further complicated when Reborn Galactica/Tyrol Boomer and Reborn Caprica/Baltar Six arrive with an "olive branch" in the form of a peace proposal. (Rumor: The fleet must give up worshipping their false gods and accept Cylon missionaries that teach faith in the one true god. The humans must also sacrifice a quota of people yearly so that the breeding experiments can continue.) Popular sentiment amongst the fleet seems to indicate support of the Cylon peace offer in part because of the somewhat habitable planet. Some Galactica officers as well as some civilians apparently end up in a compound on the planet including Colonel Tigh and Ellen. Dean Stockwell appears as Brother Cavil, a religious figure who turns out to be a Cylon. Later in the episode (the last 30 minuets?), the story jumps forward a year. Baltar has apparently taken to substance abuse in order to deal with the responsibilities of the Presidency. Roslin has become a teacher. Kara and Anders are married. She has become a drunk, while he gets sick. Kara requests medicine from Lee, but she's snotty to Dee so he refuses the medicine. Yes, that means that Lee and Dee are together on the Pegasus. Cally is pregnant, apparently with Tyrol's child. Helo plays an important part in this episode, probably involving his offspring. Ellen Tigh is still alive at least up to this point. Maya, who is caring for Sharon's child as her own, appears and she has renamed the child Isis. Sharon apparently "breaks up" with Helo. Kara's "missing ovaries" come up again, probably setting the stage for the third season. The end of the episode has a huge Cylon fleet closing in, which causes the Adamas and the fleet which are manned by skeleton crews to jump away. Gaeta is the one who wakes Baltar to tell him that the Cylons have come. Kara, Tigh and Roslin begin plotting a resistance. Leoben turns up long enough to pay a visit to Kara in the final minutes of the episode.
[Webmaster: Aside from being out of sequence in a couple of cases, this episode's spoilers were pretty accurate. The rumor about the Cylon peace terms didn't pan out although there's no way of knowing if the Cylons will force some or all of those terms on the Colonials in the third season.]

Additional Spoilers:
  • Season ending cliffhanger will probably include the decision over whether to stay and settle a viable planet (not Earth) that has been found by the fleet. [Webmaster's note: Um, nope. The planet did play a role in the election, but not in the cliffhanger]
  • Sharon is still pregnant in the season finale, so she and baby both survive that long. [Webmaster's note: Obviously, this changed with her giving birth prematurely in 2.18-Downloaded]
  • Chief Tyrol is alive through the end of season two, although he has little to do story-wise. [Webmaster's note: except in Episode 219 where he is a featured player again]
  • Some interesting speculation is that with the destruction of the Resurrection ship, some Cylons now view the attrition that they are suffering using their current tactics as being too high. As a result, they use a more subtle approach, which splits the humans and pits them against one another. The destruction of the Resurrection ship may also pave the way for showing that the Cylons do not have a united front in their pursuit of the humans.
  • Anders returns for a three episode arc.
  • What was slated to be Episode 218 (possibly named "The Raid"), was shelved due to dissatisfaction with the development of the script although some elements may still be used in other episodes. This episode apparently was to be set in the Cylon fleet without familiar characters to establish the story. It would have also heavily utilitized clips from previous episodes. Episode 212 (Resurrection Ship) was then expanded to two episodes to make up for the missing episode. Additional scenes (Cain's funeral among them) were filmed to pad the episode out.
  • There will be flashbacks to Caprica that possibly reveal the person that Number Six had been waiting to meet in the Miniseries.
  • Jamie Bamber has made comments about Apollo holding command at some point. Trammell would have to be moved off in some way which would lead to Lee's promotion to commander of Pegasus. [Webmaster's note: Trammell was renamed Garner.]
  • The Pegasus will remain around for the remainder of Season 2, which allows new storylines. This will also allow Galactica to replenish its own supplies and likely setup a season-ending cliffhander.
  • D'Anna Biers (Lucy Lawless) is expected to appear in a total of three episodes in Season 2.
  • There will be no Sheba character on the Pegasus. [Webmaster's note: Instead, we got four different commanding officers in the span of six episodes (212-217); Pegasus commanding officers: Cain: 210-212; Fisk: 212-214; Garner: 214-217; Lee: 217-?]
  • Jane Seymour (Serena from the Original Series) was offered the role of Admiral Cain, but declined.
  • Season 2 will also explore the Cylon hierarchy and their faith (one God vs. the Colonies' pantheon)

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