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Season 2.0 (Eps 2.1 - 2.10) Spoilers:

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Episode 1: Scattered: 7/15/05
- Episode Summary Now Available

Episode 2: Valley of Darkness: 7/22/05
- Episode Summary Now Available

Episode 3: Fragged; 7/29/05
- Episode Summary Now Available
Colonel Tigh must deal with the civilian government Quorum of Twelve who want to see Roslin. Tigh has to explain Adama's arrest of Roslin and the disappearance of the captured Cylon Raider. Doctor Cottle operates on Adama and is only able to find one of the two bullets. Tigh enforces martial law and a mission to retrieve supplies for Galactica from the fleet results in civilian deaths.Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) appears. Crashdown dies.

Episode 4: Resistance; 8/5/05 - Episode Summary Now Available
Lee frees Roslin and takes her to Kobol where they locate the downed Raptor's transponder. Kara and Helo join the Caprica resistance. On Kobol, Tyrol is suspected of being a Cylon. Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) appears. Galactica Boomer dies.

Episode 5: The Farm; 8/12/05 - Episode Summary Now Available
During a resistance mission, Kara is shot and taken to a hospital facility. While she recovers, the doctor tells her that child-bearing women like her are now important. After several days, she finds out that the doctor works with the Cylons and has taken her ovaries in a Cylon effort to reproduce. Cylon religious beliefs are devled into in this episode. Kara is able to escape and she, Helo and Caprica Boomer (who reappears) then begin to head back to the fleet. Anders and his team decide to stay behind and take out these farms. Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) appears.

Episode 6: Home, Part 1 ; 8/19/05 - Episode Summary Now Available
Kara (with the Arrow of Apollo), Helo and Caprica Boomer reach the fleet in a stolen Cylon heavy raider. Kara and Lee are surprised at how strongly they feel about being reunited. The fleet splits with Roslin and Zarek's faction wanting to further explore Kobol. Lee joins them, which forces Adama to find another CAG for Galactica. There is debate about who will actually go down to the planet, but it is finally decided that Roslin, Lee and Zarek will all go, which leads Zarek to worry about a prophecy about a man's death. The episode ends with their party, which also includes Helo, Starbuck and Caprica Boomer being attacked by Cylon Centurions. Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) appears. Priest Elosha dies.

Episode 7: Home, Part 2 ; 8/26/05 - Episode Summary Now Available
Adama leads a search-and-rescue mission after the separatists on Kobol. Lee, Kara, Roslin, Helo, Caprica Boomer, Zarek and Meier (James Remar) are stranded on Kobol with Cylon Centurions pursuing them. Adama is reunited with Lee and continues on with them. They find the Tomb of Athena. Boomer and someone else APPRENTLY (editor is highly skeptical that this is the case; guess is that she fakes teaming with Meier or Zarek to reveal their treachery) turn on Commander Adama and Lee. Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) appears.

Episode 8: Final Cut; 9/9/05 - Episode Summary Now Available
The situation is tense when shots are fired by Galactica personnel during a protest on the Gideon. Tigh also finds himself in the hot seat and receiving death threats because he was in command when civilians were killed. Commander Adama and President Roslin offer to allow D'anna Friel (Lucy Lawless), a reporter, all access to the Galactica in order to film a documentary of the stress that the military personnel are under. Baltar, with his Inner Six's encouragement, tries to enlist the reporter to help further his own political aspirations. D'anna is witness to Doctor Cottle's efforts to save Boomer's unborn child from a near miscarriage. She also films a Viper crash landing by Kat, who is wired up on stimulants. D'anna has to choose what she will disclose. Two Cylon ships appear as well as a would-be assassin who is after Tigh, all of which bring clarity to D'anna's decision. D'anna was long ago rumored to be one of two new Cylon models [Webmaster's note: Simon (The Farm) was the other new Cylon].

Episode 9: Flight of the Phoenix; 9/16/05 - Episode Summary Now Available
Chief Tyrol attempts to build a Viper from scratch while Helo is shunned by his shipmates because of his relationship with a Cylon (Sharon). Sharon's own loyalties are called into question when a Cylon virus penetrates the Galactica's systems, leaving it vulnerable to attack. Cally is released from the brig and rejoins her crewmates. Roslin is coping with her cancer which continues to get progressively worse.

Episode 10: Pegasus; 9/23/05 - Episode Summary Now Available
The Battlestar Pegasus under the command of Admiral Helena Cain survived the Cylon attack by making a blind FTL jump after fleeing a shipyard where the battlestar was under overhaul. They have captured Gina, one of the humanoid Cylons whose sabotage led to 800 crew being killed by the Cylons. Baltar interrogates Gina for his studies of the Cylon consciousness. Cain reports that two basestars and an even larger 'mothership' have been following the fleet. Adama and Cain decide to launch a joint recon mission. Cain takes command and reassigns crew, including Lee and Kara to the Pegasus. Helo and Tyrol are arrested when a Pegasus officer is murdered. Cain finds that they should be executed. Adama demands the return of his men and launches Vipers. Pegasus launches her own Vipers which leads to a firefight breaking out. Cain then orders her main batteries to target Galactica. Michelle Forbes guests as Cain. Gina is a Number Six model, who has lost her faith in God.

Additional Spoilers:
  • Sharon is still pregnant in the season finale, so she and baby both survive that long.
  • Chief Tyrol is alive through the end of season two, although he has little to do story-wise.
  • D'Anna Biers (Lucy Lawless) is expected to appear in a total of three episodes in Season 2.
  • There will be no Sheba character on the Pegasus.
  • Jane Seymour (Serena from the Original Series) was offered the role of Admiral Cain, but declined.
  • Season 2 will also explore the Cylon hierarchy and their faith (one God vs. the Colonies' pantheon)

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