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Season Two Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Scattered
Episode Number: 201
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 7/15/05 on SciFi Channel

The Galactica CIC is in chaos. Adama is taken to sickbay, but Doctor Cottle is not onboard. Colonel Tigh takes command, while remembering the first time he met Adama. He has both Boomer (who looks confused) and Captain Adama taken to the brig. He orders an emergency FTL jump, but Galactica is alone after the jump. In the brig, Captain Adama tells President Roslin what has happened and she wants him to say anything to get out of the brig. On Kobol, Baltar's vision of the crib and unseen child continues, but he remains confused. The rest of the Raptor survivors find him, snapping him out of the vision. Lieutenant Crashdown is stressed and when they hear activity nearby, he orders them to immediately move out, which Chief Tyrol disagrees with because he wants them to secure needed supllies. On Galactica, Saul is changing his uniform (the one he's wearing is covered in blood) in his quarters talking with his wife, Ellen. He explains that Gaeta had forgotten to update the fleet's emergency FTL coordinates. Ellen tells him that the Galactica could soon be his command. Tigh disagrees. In CIC, Tigh announces that the Galactica is still Adama's command. Back in the brig, more talk between Billy, Roslin and Capt. Adama. Back on Kobol, they learn they need some of the supplies that they left behind. Crashdown orders Tarn to go back. Chief Tyrol suggests that he and Cally go as well. On Caprica, Helo and Starbuck argue about his Boomer. She tries to shoot Boomer, but Helo stops her and tells her that Boomer is carrying his child. Meanwhile, Boomer takes off in the captured Cylon Raider. Tigh discusses alternatives with Gaeta and his XO in CIC. Racetrack volunteers that Boomer left the Raptor and could have told the Cylons everything. Tigh visits Adama in sickbay and tells the medic that she's got to be doctor today because Cottle isn't there. He then goes to the brig and interrogates Boomer, trying to find out if there are any other Cylons onboard the Galactica. He puts a gun to her head, but can't pull the trigger. He again flashes back to his meeting with Adama. Adama was planning to rejoin the fleet and Tigh was drowning in a bottle. Adama asked him "What's the plan?" On Kobol, Tarn, Cally and Tyrol recover the supplies and head back when they are ambushed. Tarn is shot badly and Tyrol gets him to cover. After carrying him some distance and clear of fire, Chief Tyrol attempts to treat him, but Tarn dies. He and Cally leave him behind. Gaeta and Dee are talking in the washroom and then Gaeta has an idea for networking the computers to find the rest of the fleet, which he takes to Tigh and the XO. Over his XO's objections, Tigh agrees to go along with it, while flashing back to Adama's news that he's gotten back into the fleet using his wife's connections. Tigh paroles Capt. Adama from the brig because he needs pilots. Lee will report back to the brig when not on duty. Back in CIC, Tigh orders Gaeta to make the jump. They jump and the Cylons launch Raiders. The Galactica's Vipers engage the Cylons. Adama's heart stops in sickbay. The Cylon virus begins hacking the Galactica's networked computers. A Cylon ship of unknown configuration is advancing on Galactica. While the Galactica takes fire, Roslin prays with one of the guards, who calls her a prophet. The medic begins to operate on Adama in sickbay. The Cylon virus clears the second of three firewalls. More Viper fighting. The third firewall goes down. Lee almost takes out the ship, but it crashes into the Galactica without explosion or fire. Gaeta completes the plot of the fleet's location and disables the network before the Cylon virus disables the Galactica. The fighters land and Galactica jumps to find the fleet. Tigh orders Doctor Cottle back to the Galactica. Tigh goes to sickbay where the medic has had some success with her operation, but Adama is still critical. Tigh flashes back to being drunk in his room, when he received word that Adama had secured his reinstatement to the fleet as a Captain. In sickbay, Tigh tells Adama that he better not die because he doesn't want to command a ship. Several Cylon Warriors disembark from the Cylon ship that crashed into the Galactica.

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