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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Valley of Darkness
Episode Number: 202
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 7/22/05 on SciFi Channel

Billy runs into Dee in the hallway. It's been two weeks since he last saw her. Dee vents on him and then apologizes. In sick bay, Tigh is checking on Adama when the power goes out. Power goes out in CIC. Power is out on the hanger deck where the pilots are arriving and celebrating. In CIC, Gaeta tells Tigh on the phone that it's the Cylon virus that has coupied itself. Emergency power comes on and then off again and it's reported that they have been boarded. The pilots find out power is out and as some of them, Hot Dog, Kat and Apollo among them, make their way deeper into the ship, they encounter a Cylon. Flyboy is attacked and the others run for it.

The pilots are still retreating with Apollo taking up the rear. The Cylon almost takes him out when the Marines arrive and blow its head off. The Marines inform him that they have been boarded. Apollo orders the Hot Dog to bring something to Tigh and then takes the lead of the Marins. Gaeta is in CIC informing the other ships that they have been boarded and to stay away when his transmission is jammed. In the brig, Rolsin convinces the guard to release her, which he does. Apollo, Kat and the Marines arrive and he tells Roslin to get to sickbay, which is a shelter while he, Kat and the Marines go after the Cylons. He gives Billy a firearm and tells them he is going after more explosive charges which can stop the Cylons. On Caprica, Starbuck and Helo are walking somewhere and then start arguing. He admits that he was fooled by Sharon. Starbuck calls a truce and then heads for somewhere in particular. Gaeta is briefing Tigh and the acting XO that the virus is being cleaned and the Cylons have split into two parties going after separate vital systesm. Tigh proposes that they mean to vent the ship of the crew and then turn the ship's weaponary on the rest of the fleet.

On Kobol, at the Raptor crash site, Baltar sees human ships and Commander Adama helps him up. Adama asks him what he has and Baltar tells him that it's a child. Adama asks to hold the baby, which he does and then asks "Is this the shape of things to come." He then says "There is only one thing to be done" and walks off with the child. Baltar follows him to the river where Adama puts the child in the river where it disappears. Gaius comes out of his vision somewhere in the woods with his inner Six behind him. He then sees skulls on the hillside that she describes as human sacrifices. She uses it to have him question the scriptures and the righteousness of humanity. He is worried that it will happen again and she says only if he lets it all happen. On Galactica, the Marines, Apollo and Kat find several KIAs and then approach a weapons locker. Inside, more KIAs and one alive, Jammer. They find six charges. On Caprica, Helo and Starbuck bust open a door and get into her hideaway. He checks the place out as she puts on some music. He asks about a painting, which she says is her dad. She gives a monologue about preety much being unhappy. Roslin, Billy and the brig guard find bodies. Dee appears and is in shock and Billy has trouble getting through to her. They come up with a new route to sickbay. Gaeta, XO and Tigh are appraising the situation. The Cylons have been halted from advancing on the auxiliary fire control, but are still making for aft weapons control by having breached the ship and gone outside.

On Kobol, Cally and the Chief stop to take a break. She asks how far and he doesn't answer. She then says Tarn getting shot wasn't his fault. A burst of profanity from her brings Tyrol around. They then wonder about how Socinus is doing and then head out. Crashdown is surprised by Baltar and asks him where he has been. Cally and Tyrol then arrive with the medkit. Crashdown asks about Tarn and Tyrol throws him his dog tags. The medic then tells Tyrol that it'ss too late for Socinus. He's told all they can do is ease his pain. The chief takes the 'morpha' and gives the shot to Socinus himself. He then tells Socnus that a rescue party has arrived as Socinus slips away. On Galactica's Deck 12, Jammer has activated a phone which Apollo uses to contact Tigh and brief him. Also on Deck 12, Roslin's party is trying to get to sickbay when the way is blocked again by a depressurized compartment. Dee tells Billy that he needs the safety off and turns it off. The guard tells them they have to go to Aft Damage Control, which is exactly where Tigh tells Apollo and the Marines that they have to go.

In Galactica's Aft Damage Control, Apollo and his party arrives first. Roslin and her pary is also nearby and hears movement. While waiting for the approaching Cylons, Apollo tries to encourage Jammer with a statement that his father always makes. Everyone is waiting as they hear the Cylons approaching. Two Cylons burst down the hallway. Billy accidently discharges his weapon and the Cylons open fire. The Marines open up as well and several are shot before Apollo takes the last one out. The guard checks on Roslin and finds two bullet holes in her clothes. On Caprica, Helo and Starbuck are still listeing to muxis when she gets up and leads him to a HumVee. In Galactica's sickbay, Billy checks on Dee and she pulls him close for a kiss. She then asks him to close the curtina. At Adama's bed, Tigh tells Apollo and Roslin that Dr. Cottle is about to arrive. Roslin then heads back to her brig. Tigh tells Apollo that he can't believe the he sided with Roslin and that he doesn't deserve to be in uniform. Apollo agrees and then tells Tigh that he doesn't either and reminds Tigh that the Galactica is his father's ship before walking out of sickbay. Tigh mutters that he's glad he didn't have kids.

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