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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Resistance
Episode Number: 204
Written by: Toni Graphia
Directed by: Allan Kroeker
Original Air Date: 8/5/05 on SciFi Channel

Colonel Tigh is interrogating Chief Tyrol about Lieutenant Valerii. Tyrol says that he didn't know that Sharon was a Cylon. Tigh doesn't believe him, calls Tyrol a Cylon, loses it, strikes Tyrol and walks out. He tosses away his flask and then retrieves it. Tyrol is placed in the brig and Sharon tries to embrace him. He pushes her away and threatens her, which upsets her.. On Caprica, a resistance group is preparing to ambush Kara and Helo, thinking that they are human Cylons, when they stop in the woods to figure out where they are.

On Caprica, Kara and Helo are reading the map on the hood of their humvee when Kara hears something. They walk back to the cab of the truck and arm themselves. They start taking fire and a shootout ensues. They believe they are being attacked by human Cylons. In a Galactica hallway, Cally is pleading Baltar to help prove that Tyrol is not a Cylon. Baltar says that he can't, that his Cylon detector doesn't work. Cally threatens to talk about what happened on Kobol with Crashdown. In CIC, Tigh and Baltar argue about Baltar's Cylon detector. He angles to test Tyrol and prove his humanity, but Tigh rebuffs him. Baltar points out that he is vice-president, but Tigh tells him that he has declared martial law, so he can do what he's told or go to the brig with the president. As he's walking off, his inner Six asks him if he's had enough humiliation and if so, to do something about it. Gaeta tells Tigh that tylium is not being refined in protest over the lack of representation in the government. Captain Adama is giving a briefing before heading to the brig. Dee joins him on the way. She tells him that his father in recovery from his surgery, that Tigh is drinking again and she wishes he was in charge. In their quarters, Tigh and his wife talk about the strike being carried out by some of the fleet. Ellen encourages him to take charge, since he's in command and could be, permanently. He calls Gaeta and tells him to issue a command to the fleet. On Caprica, Kara and Helo have movde to cover and finally a stand-off with everyone having a gun pointed at someone else

Kara asks for names. Helo recognizes the other humans as a pyramid team. They tell Helo and Kara they survived because they were in the mountains training. They have been raiding Cylon stores since the attack. Finally, everyone agrees to put down their weapons and Kara gets a barb in about how bad they are at pyramid. In the brig, President Roslin is being given her medication by the guard. She and Lee talk for a moment, hinting at a buildup of tension. In CIC, Gaeta gives Tigh another report on shortages. Tigh orders teams to go out into the fleet and secure the needed supplies. During one of the surpply runs, the people rush the boarding party and shots are fired. Back in sickbay, Doctor Cottle and Tigh survey the dead: four civilians. Cottle reminds him that he ordered a pilot to take command of the party. Tigh then talks to the pilot who tells him that the civilians were throwing coffee cans at them. Tigh goes to Adama's bed and says he needs him more than ever. In the brig, President Roslin and Lee plot to escape the brig, reach the hanger deck and escape to rally the rest of the fleet.

In their quarters, Tigh and Ellen fight about his not wanting to be in command and her manipulating him into taking a stand. They stop fighting and start necking. In the brig, Sharon is trying to talk to Tyrol, who is still rejecting her. Baltar comes to their cell to test if Tyrol is a Cylon. Baltar gives him something that flatlines him. Sharon tries to revive Tyrol, but Baltar bargains with her over Tyrol's life. Baltar forces Sharon to tell him how many other Cylons are still in the fleet. She tells him "eight" and Baltar revives Tyrol. On Caprica, Kara and Helo have been brought to the resistance stronghold where they are told there are 53 members. In sickbay, Roslin asks Cottle for his assistance. Billy approaches Roslin's brig guard and asks him for a special request. Dee gets Tigh to sign off on closing down a causeway. Gaeta approaches Dee in the washroom about some scrambled messages that have been sent. Dee says she knows nothing. Lee is talking to his father in sickbay and tells him 'good-bye'. After Lee leaves, Commander Adama's hand moves. Cally is arguing with one of the flight crew, trying to gain support for the Chief. She loses it and he tells her that she should blame Sharon. On his way back to the brig, Lee is intercepted by another pilot with a request and heads for the flight deck with her. Roslin's brig guard agrees to get knocked out. Two men then grab Roslin, but they are surprised by an armed guard in the hallway.

Roslin starts talking (preaching) to the guard. Elsewhere Lee and Billy wait for her. Roslin talks the guard down, walks off and joins Billy and Lee. On the hanger deck, Billy tells Roslin that he's not going with her. Lee takes off in a Raptor with Roslin and Elosha. In CIC, Gaeta reports that the brig guard (Corporal Venner) says that the President is missing. The logs show that the Raptor left on a medical emergency, but Doctor Cottle is onboard and claims to have been forced to issue the order at gunpoint by Lee. Tigh orders Hot Dog to fire a warning shot. Lee ignores the warning. Tigh backs off and orders Hot Dog to not fire. Tigh observes that they needed help and asks if anyone noticed anything and Gaeta lies (he knows about Dee), saying nothing. On Cloud Nine, Roslin finds out that Lee has enlisted Tom Zarek's help in their escape. On Caprica, Kara and the resistance leader square off in a game of pyramid, which also builds some sexual tension between them. In the brig, Tyrol thanks Baltar for proving his innocence, but he tells Tyrol that he should thank Sharon. He then says she will be tested like a lab rat. In their quarters, Ellen is ripping Tigh for backing off and not taking out Lee and Roslin. Their argument is interrupted by Commander Adama. He and Tigh talk in private and Adama shows Tigh his support. Sharon is being walked down the hallway through abuse, when Cally walks up to Sharon and shoots her. Tyrol catches her, she tells him that she loves him and then dies in his arms.

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