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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Home, Part 2
Episode Number: 207
Written by: David Eick & Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Jeff Woolnough
Original Air Date: 8/26/05 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 47,855

Rain falls as the party on Kobol treks on. In his quarters on Galactica, Adama is looking over a map of Kobol and the book of Pythia. Gaeta takes a guess at where the tomb is. On Kobol, Roslin is in pain as she clutches Elosha's book. Meier grabs Zarek as he's about to slip and fall down the slippery hillside. On Galactica, Gaeta , Tigh and Adama listen to Tyrol brief them on Kobol. Planetside, Helo and Sharon talk. On Galactica, Adama decides to take a Raptor to Kobol alone. He quotes the prophecy about a price in blood. He then says that only he can reach out to Roslin. On Kobol, Zarek makes a suggestion and Lee tells him that he's not in command before moving on. Meier asks Zarek how much longer he wants to wait. Zarek tells him to watch him.

Sharon describes a geologic formation as being the gates of Hera. A discussion ensues about relgion, that Sharon believes in one true god and not false idols. On Galactica, Baltar is in a cell in the brig talking to himself when his Inner Six pops up sitting in a chair, naked. She begins to talk about his child and that it will be born in that very room. Baltar scoffs and questions her. He doesn't believe her story about a mythical child with him as the father. He goes on a rant and says that he's tired of playing the game. He turns around to see his Inner Six is now dressed in sweats with her hair pulled back. She laughing and says she can't do it anymore.. She tells him that there is no chip and that he's basically crazy. He doesn't believe her. She says she's his own subconscious and dares him to go have Cottle give him a brain scan. On the Raptor, Racetrack and Tyrol argue about location on Kobol. Adama then talks to Billy about Roslin. Billy doesn't think Roslin will listen to her. Adama tells Billy that Roslin thinks he'll be President and reminds her of Adar. The Raptor then starts a rapid descent toward the planet. On Kobol, they have made camp. Lee and Kara watch Helo and Sharon fraternize. Lee can't understand it. Helo and Sharon talk and she says she's happy just being around Helo and Kara because it feels like home. She has Galactica Sharon's memory. Meier and Zarek watch Roslin, who has been shook up since Elosha's death. Meier then tries to egg Zarek into eliminating Lee. He suggests that they set Sharon up with a gun and let her do it. Zarek sounds like he's backpeddling a bit, which Meier calls him on. Zarek says it'se easy to get blood on your hands, but harder to wash it off. He then says they won't do anything until after they find the tomb.

Daylight on Kobol, as Helo and Sharon talk about their baby. She tells him that she knows that it's a girl. Kara is telling Roslin about what is happening on Caprica with the resistance. She suggests a rescue mission when they get back to the fleet. Roslin says she can't think of anything but finding the tomb. In Galactica 's sickbay, Baltar is getting a brain scan when his Inner Six pops up. She provokes him into the moving which Cottle fusses at him about. Baltar tries to ignore her, but she makes fun of his believing that he was "chosen" and they actually become hysterical, prompting Baltar to yell and nearly fall off the exam table. Cottle moves from behind the diagnostic equipment and tells Baltar to stop going crazy in there. On Kobol, Meier is talking to Sharon about the Galactica Sharon. He tells her that that Sharon was murdered by one of Galactica 's crew. He tells her that they won't let her baby be born. A sudden noise halts their conversation. Back at camp, everyone takes defensive positions. Lee steps out and finds his father standing there. They drop their weapons and Lee and Adama embrace. Adama then greets Roslin. She then sees Billy and expresses her happiness at his presence. Adama then goes to Kara. While they share a moment, Tyrol spots Sharon . He trains his weapon on her and warns Adama. Adama walks over to Sharon as he flashes back to being shot and then seeing the dead Sharon in the morgue. Kara tells him that Sharon is with them. After a moment, Adama suddenly grabs her, throws her down, puts his hand on her throat and tells her that he wants her to die.

On Kobol, they manage to separate Adama and Sharon. Sharon shares a look with Meier. On Galactica, Cottle shows Baltar clean test results and walks off muttering about hypochondriacs. On Kobol, Adama and Roslin share a moment where he tells her that he forgives her. Sharon tells Helo that they killed the other Sharon . Tyrol interrupts them. She tells him that he remembers her. She gives him a hug and Tyrol is unnerved. Helo looks perturbed. Zarek and Meier talk about Roslin and Adama. Zarek is ready to give up on their plan, for now. Roslin tells Adama what Kara told her. She says that maybe they should have stayed on Caprica. Adama says that they can't dwell on their mistakes. He also says that each new day is a gift from her for convincing him to leave. They look over at Lee and Kara, and then he says that should go find the tomb. Sharon has told Helo that Cally shot Galactica Sharon and only got thirty days in the brig. She tells him that they don't think she's a person. He says he'll protect her and they hug. She tells him in order her and her baby to survive, she is going to have to take matters into her own hands. He wants to know what she's talking about. She asks him if he loves her and he says yes. She tells him to trust her and not ask what she's going to do.

Meier and Sharon are talking. She tells that when they are distracted, she will take the father, while he takes the son. She then calls the others forward because they've reached the tomb. After they all arrive and are taking a moment, she pulls a gun on Adama. Lee reacts, pulling his own gun, but Meier pulls a gun on him. Sharon then shots Meier. Lee takes out Meier's man. Sharon then points the gun on Adama again. She tells him that she has Galactica Sharon's memories, but she's different. She says that she knows who she is, has no hidden protocols and that she makes her own choices. She then hands the gun to Adama. They ask where the gun came from and she says she got it from Meier. Zarek talks to Meier and it's obvious that they have long been friends. Meier says he wanted Zarek to get his due and then dies. They manage to open the tomb. Kara, Billy, Roslin, Lee and Adama go inside, while everyone else remain outside. They find twelve gods and then notice Sagitaron, the archer, is missing a bow. Sharon puts the arrow in place and the tomb shuts. Suddenly, they are standing in grass surrounded by twelve stones with twelve constellations ( Stonehenge ). Kara realizes that they are standing on Earth and they have to look for this star pattern. Lee then spots a familiar nebula that points the way. On Galactica's hanger deck, Adama is speaking. He quotes scripture about the gods before introducing President Roslin. Before she can speak, he gets the crowd to give a hearty applause. Sharon is in the brig and Helo comes to see her. She tells him that she's okay. Baltar is watching them through a two-way mirror. Helo mentions the baby being born in a cell and the light bulb goes off for Baltar. His Inner Six appears and says that she told him. He says that she isn't a chip and he's not crazy so what is she? She says an angel send to protect him to the end. the end of the human race.

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