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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Fragged
Episode Number: 203
Written by: Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin
Directed by: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Original Air Date: 7/29/05 on SciFi Channel

Crashdown is leading a prayer of remembrance for Tarn and Socinus. Gaius' inner Six tells them that there is no afterlife for them because they died on Kobol. Chief Tyrol snaps him out of it with word that they are moving out. Baltar tells him to please refer to him as "Doctor" or "Mr. Vice President." Crashdown finally grabs the dogtags and moves out. The survivors then spot the Cylons building a missile battery, which is why the Cylons aren't coming after them. On Galactica, Doctor Cottle has arrived onboard. Billy tries to speak to him about the President as he is making his way to sickbay. He blows by Billy and walks into sickbay, immediately demanding a status report on Commander Adama. He states that Adama is hemmoraging. Colonel Tigh asks him if Adama will be okay and Cottle answers that he doesn't know.

Doctor Cottle is operating, while Colonel Tigh watches and paces. Tigh then steps out of sickbay to have a drink. Billy comes up and asks him about Adama. He then asks Tigh for some medication for the President or some assistance from Doctor Cottle. Tigh replies that Cottle is busy and then asks Billy why he's not in the brig. Billy replies that no one put him there. When Tigh reaches CIC, he finds Captain Adama planning a rescue mission for the survivors on Kobol. He asks Adama why he's not in the brig, Adama says he's on duty and they have a little confrontation. Gaeta then reports to Tigh that the press want to be released. Tigh says they can wait. Dualla then tells him that a shuttle from the Zephyr is carrying the Quorum of Twelve and asking to dock. In the brig, the President is not well. Billy and her guard are concerned. On Kobol, Gaius is having a philiosophical debate with his Inner Six. She is pointing out the corruptness of humanity and that their 'child' can bring redeption. He wants nothing to do with a child, but she challenges him to be a man. Chief and Crashdown are watching the Cylons and realize that they are building an anti-aircraft battery to take out the search and rescue mission that will be coming.

Captain Adama is briefing Tigh on the hanger deck. Tigh is coming unhinged and loses it for a moment. The Quorum of Twelve confronts Tigh about the President's arrest. Tigh says she was encouraging sedition. Zarek then asks if a military dictatorship is in the works and the Quorum of Twelve demend to have access to the President. He takes it under advisement and then leaves. Ellen Tigh is visiting the President in the brig. Ellen realizes that the President is not well and departs. The guard then begins to pray. On Kobol, Baltar is moving on a log. They have moved in and are scouting the anti-aircraft battery. Crashdown asks Baltar if he's handled a weapon before. Crashdown plans to attack the Cylons. Chief Tyrol then asks to speak to Crashdown alone. Baltar says he's a civilian. The medic admits that she hasn't handled a weapon since training. Cally says she only joined to pay for dental school. Baltar is stunned. Meanwhile, Tyrol questions Crashdown about planning to attack the Cylons. Tyrol says that Crashdown is not being level-heading. Crashdown invokes the memory of Tarn and Socinus. Tyrol questions the connection and Crashdown replies that he sees it and that might be why he's the officer and Tyrol is not. He then dismisses Tyrol.

Crashdown is briefing on attacking the Cylons. Baltar interrupts him and says it's ridiculous to take on the Cylon. Tyrol stops Batlar's tirade, defends the command structure and Crashdown continues briefing. In the brig, the President is muttering to herself. Billy pleads for her to get medication. The guard says she seems to be referring to the scriptures. Billy asks him how he knows so much and he says he's from Gemenon. Billy then tells him about the extract. In their quarters, Tigh is having a drink and he is tells his wife that Adama is still in surgery. Ellen tells him that the President is crazy. She tells him to let everyone see her in that state and hints that he's nearly in command. Lee is in a Raptor setting out toward Kobol on the search and rescue mission. On Kobol, the medic is running through her part of the plan over and over. Baltar then speaks with his Inner Six, who tells him that they will all die on the mission. He comes out of it as Crashdown hands him some ordinance and they set out.

Tigh is looking through a scrapbook of pictures of he and Tigh. The phone rings. Dualla reports that the Quorum of Twelve is demanding to see the President. He says that they will see what has happened to the President. The brig guard comes out of sickbay and hands Billy a pill bottle. The Raptor search and rescue squad has arrived at Kobol and picks up a signal in a valley. The surivivors have closed in on the Cylons, but find five rather than three Centurions at the launch site. Tyrol says they should take out the dish. They hear the sound of the Raptor entering the atmosphere. Crashdown now orders everyone to move out. Cally has frozen. Crashdown pulls a gun and orders her to move. Tyrol then pulls a gun on him. Batlar shots Crashdown. The Cylons hear the gunfire and start firing on their position. Baltar's inner Six tells him that he needs to be a man. The Raptor is closing in. The survivors are retreating and the medic is shot. Tyrol is then wounded, but is able to take out the battery's dish in time to prevent the missiles from locking on the Raptor. The Cylons are closing in on the survivors and Tyrol gets up to make a last stand. The Cylons are wiped out by the Raptor. On Galactica, Tigh is taking the Quorum of Twelve to the brig. At first, she is silent, but just as they are about to leave. President Roslin makes a statement. Tigh loves it as Roslin proclaims her belief that she is a prophet. The Quorum shows her reverence as Tigh is stunned. He then orders the Quorum of Twelve to be taken to their shuttle.After they leave, she thanks the guard. On Kobol, Tyrol hands over the dogtags to Captain Adama. Adama asks about Crashdown and Baltar says he died leading the charge, that he died a hero. Tyrol backs him up. Baltar walks off and talks to his Inner Six about a heritage of murder. He then boards the Raptor. In sickbay, Cottle tells Tigh that Adama is going to live. Tigh tells the unresponsive Adama that he's screwed things up. In the briefing room, Tigh is giving a statement to the press where he explains that President Roslin will remain in onboard Galactica as a result of her acts of mutiny and sedition. He then dissolves the Quorum of Twelve and declares martial law. He ignores the incredulous press, walks out and orders the guards to remove the press from his ship. He moves down the hallway, then stops and takes a drink.

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