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Razor, Part 1 & 2; November 24, 2007
11/25/07: TPR Review Now Available
11/24/07: Razor Summary/Analysis Now Available
11/21/07: Tidbits about the extended material and extras on the DVD. From The Digital Bits
11/17/07: Minisode #7 Summary/Analysis Available
11/16/07: The Razor podcast will not be the usual commentary, but rather a recording of the original break session where the writers first pitched the story to Ron Moore. From Ron Moore Blog
11/14/07: Followup to the Razor screening recap
11/13/07: Click Here for recap from Razor cinema screening [Be warned that this gives away the WHOLE THING.]
11/11/07: Minisode #6 Summary/Analysis Available
11/4/07: Finally, Speculation from TPR
11/3/07: When asked about elements of Razor appearing in the 4th season, Jamie Bamber said "I know they had to make some pretty big changes in editing. So everything I say is based on what I shot and read in the script, so it may not be 100% accurate. But yes, I know that they are very conscious of fulfilling the hybrid Starbuck element and that was the main thing they introduced, which was a new seed about the direction we were going." From Interview [Now we may be reading too much into that comment, but his use of the term 'hybrid' gets our attention.]
11/3/07: Minisode #5 Summary/Analysis Available
11/1/07: Supposedly, a screener has been leaked. The ending that we posted on 10/14/07 was mostly confirmed although "herald" instead of "origin" is said to be in the quote. The Cylon continues by saying "all this has happened before and all of it will happen again, again, again..." This is what can be heard in the SciFi trailers.
10/29/07: Advance screenings of the TV cut will be available in eight cities. The DVD cut is 101 minutes long, while the TV cut is 84 minutes long. The DVD cut will include Adama's flashbacks and Cain's flashbacks concerning her family during the first Cylon War. From The Watcher
10/28/07: Interview with FX Supervisor Gary Hutzel which includes photos of the original Centurions. From Galactica.TV
10/28/07: Logline has been posted. [light on spoilers]
10/28/07: Minisode #4 Summary/Analysis Available
10/22/07: Minisode #3 Summary/Analysis Available
10/14/07: Minisode #2 Summary/Analysis Available
10/14/07: Adama sends Pegasus on a rescue mission to find a missing recon crew. From IGN Review
10/14/07: Helo, Tyrol, Gaeta and Dee do not appear. From IGN Review
10/14/07: Based on comments from the article, the Cylon "god" says the ending quote and our latest guess is: "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the origin of the apocalypse, the harbinger of Death. They must not follow her." From Eclipse Magazine Review
10/14/07: In its last 20 minutes, the film features a faction of Cylons who are responsible for protecting the "Guardian." This is something that carries over as a subplot into the fourth season. From Eclipse Magazine Review
10/14/07: The movie focuses on two periods in Pegasus' past: right before the Cylons first attacked the colonies and ten months later when Lee took over command. From Eclipse Magazine Review
10/6/07: Minisode #1 Summary/Analysis Available
10/6/07: Selected Promo Pics:

Kara with a bottle in her hand.
[Season 3 (or just about another time) Kara.]

Kara stands guard while Kendra looks pretty bad with that gut wound.
[Makes us wonder if Kendra survives this mission.]

Kendra, Lee and Starbuck react to something
Notice the hint of blood at the corner of Kara's mouth.

Kendra and Cmdr Lee have a heart-to-heart.

Gina and Kendra.
[This looks it might be Kendra's arrival on the Pegasus.
Notice the systems that Gina is monitoring.]

Gina and Cain share a dinner in Cain's quarters.
[Obviously, we are led to assume it's just the two of them,
but we can't see for sure. Either way, not everyone onboard gets
to have dinner in the Admiral's quarters.]

Cain and Colonel Belzer.
[A glimpse of Cain's first XO... the one she ends up shooting.]

Cain, Fisk and Kendra.
[Can't tell what is in those recon photos that Cain is pointing at.]

Cain and Kendra.
[Notice Kendra has her hand out. She wants something from Cain.]

Fisk and Kendra.
[We're guessing that this is depicting when Cain "volunteered" skilled civilians
from the fleet that they ended up cannibalizing and leaving behind.]

Young Adama.
[Looks like he found himself a hybrid.]

thanks to drewcypher

9/30/07: The mission that Lee sends Kara and Kendra on a mission to destory the "secrets of their enemy." Lee describes it as a legend, but Adama says it's not a legend. From SciFi Channel Previews [We're assuming that it has to do with what Adama saw on the Cylon base long ago... the hybrid?]
9/30/07: Young Adama came across a hybrid and possibly the first humanoid Cylons on the Cylon base that he found during the first Cylon war. From SciFi Channel Previews
9/26/07: Ausiello's claims that the following is spoken at the end/climax of the film: "*a*a ****c* **** **ad t*e ****n **** ** i** **d. *** is the ****** ** *** ***c*l****, the ********* ** *****. **** must *** ****** ***." [We're guessing that this is the hook that ties the film into the events of the fourth season and seems to be prophetic - spoken by Leoben?. Here's our try (well, actually our favorite guesses by others): "Kara Thrace will lead the Cylon/human race to its end/god. She is the mother/source/origin of the apocalypse, the harbinger/protector/destroyer of Earth/Death/Cylon. They/Kara must not follow/escape/reveal her/god.",.. take your pick. ]
9/22/07: Flashbacks will show Kendra back in the colonies and how she ended up on the Pegasus. An accompanying promo pic shows a very wounded Kendra being tended to by Kara. From [So maybe this is how Kendra's invisibility will be explained... maybe she dies on that mission that Lee sends her on with Kara.]
9/8/07: Bear McCreary's comments from his latest blog: "Much of the score is atmospheric and dark. The fun battle cues really only make up about 15 minutes of music." From Bear McCreary [Doesn't make the telefilm sound too action-packed...]
9/2/07: The Patriot Resource has finally posted information for the DVD, which is set for release on December 4th, ten days following the first airing. From The Patriot Resource
8/28/07: A preview clip shows a scene that starts with Admiral Cain and Kendra Shaw. Shaw reports dozens of Vipers destroyed or in need of repair. Cain comments that they took heavy losses for such a small tactical victory. Shaw reports that "she" - "it" had used the passcodes Shaw had given her to compromise the ship's defenses. It turns out that they are in Gina's cell as Gina is revealed kneeling on the floor in front of them. Cain comments that the greater betrayal was trust. Cain then calls in Lieutenant Thorne and basically orders him to torture "it" every way possible. From SciFi Channel [This clip can be viewed after registering for DVD information which comes up after voting for the DVD cover. The scene clearly indicates that Cain condoned the repeated raping and physical abuse of Gina. It also seemed to indicate that Gina had been highly regarded by both Kendra and Cain.]
8/28/07: A preview clip shows a scene between Admiral Cain and Kendra Shaw. Cain takes out a pocket knife and tells Kendra that she acted like a razor. Cain then says that for them to survive, the entire crew will have to act like razors. From SciFi Channel [This clip can be viewed after voting for a DVD cover. Not really much to this scene, other than hammering away again at the "razor" theme.]
8/28/07: You can help pick the DVD cover art. From SciFi Channel [Not really a spoiler, but give us a break on this one.]
8/16/07: Helo does not appear.
8/11/07: The title comes a line spoken by George C. Scott in the film Patton, "We'll turn these guys into fanatics. We'll turn them into razors." From BSG Comic-Con 2007 Panel.
7/24/07: The film also follows Lee's first mission as commander of the Pegasus. From Chicago Tribune Article [His first mission? So he sends Kara and Kendra out on his first mission.]
7/24/07: The first Cylon will be "glimpsed." The film also follows Lee's first mission as commander. From Chicago Tribune Article
7/17/07: SciFi Channel has announced that there will be an 8-week series of mini-episodes leading up to the November 24th premier. The episodes "will provide a sneak peek into the original Cylon War, when a young pilot named William Adama (Nico Cortez) discovers a dangerous Cylon weapon that will come back to haunt him and his crew 40 years later." These two to three minute long episodes will air during primetime, later turn up on and will be included on the DVD release. [Unlike the webisodes last year, these are being described more like deleted scenes that couldn't fit into the final cut. This news also fits with the previous news that the DVD would include extended content.]
7/15/07: SciFi Channel has now posted the first trailer online.
7/15/07: We've rewatched the trailer and there's still little to be learned, but here's what was shown: Kendra steps off a Raptor onto the hangar deck [Can't tell if it's on the Galactica or the Pegasus]. Cain visits the bodies of her crew in a temporary morgue [Much like Adama in the miniseries]. A sweaty Kara looks back at someone as the airlock closes. Lieutenant Kendra Shaw reports to Cain in CIC for the first time. On the hangar deck, Lee says, "Where the hell did they come from?" as Kendra stands beside him and Kara behind him. Kara tells Kendra that "fear gets you killed and anger keeps you alive," as Marines look to be fighting and retreating down a corridor. Adama says, "those are our people out there. We have to give them a chance." [We're guessing that he's referring to the mission that Kendra and Kara are on.] Gina disarms the first Marine who approaches her and faces down the others. Kendra says, "we are completing this mission. Am I clear, soldier?" Several scenes of the ships taking fire and explosions and one of an even sweatier Kara shooting. Cain closes the trailer with, "War is our imperative, so we will fight." From SciFi Channel
7/13/07: Jurgen Belzen is listed being a Colonel and played by Steve Bucic. From IMDB [Colonel Fisk's predecessor? Or at least the XO who Cain shot?]
7/11/07: The preview aired during the Eureka season premier last night and offered amazingly little. Lieutenant Kendra Shaw introduced herself, sporting an accent. Cain, Adama, Kara and Lee From SciFi Channel [Guess they are holding back the good preview for... ?]
7/8/07: A preview will air during the Eureka season premier on July 10th on The SciFi Channel. From SciFi Channel
7/8/07: As previously known, much of the film follows the Pegasus. This storyline is "framed" by flashbacks taking place during a mission that Commander Lee assigned Kendra (his XO) and Kara. Lee assigned them together because Kara doesn't like Kendra at all and he wants her to get to know Kendra. The mission itself regards learning some intel about the Cylons and apparently takes place around the time of the presidential election and/or the settling of New Caprica. From SyFy Portal [This is unconfirmed material that likely can be treated as more speculative than most tidbits that we post considering the source.]
6/29/07: The DVD release will include at least fifteen minutes of original content. From [The article assumes that this means an extended cut of the film, but we wonder if this is actually referring to behind-the-scenes or other supplimental material.]
6/23/07: According to Katee Sackhoff, Starbuck is around for about a "quarter" of the movie. [We're assuming that means that about a quarter of the film follows the Pegasus while it's in the fleet and that's the only part of the movie that Starbuck is seen.]
6/19/07: The original (1970's) Cylon Centurions, Raiders and Basestars will be featured heavily in the early scenes depicting the original Cylon war.
6/19/07: Before she was found out to be a Cylon, Gina and Cain were very close.
6/17/07: Gina says, "Trust me, in the end, we're all just human." The discovery that she's a Cylon is depicted. From SciFi Channel Q & A
6/9/07: Gina will be seen acting as a member of the Pegasus crew before she was found to be a Cylon. During the time of Lee's command, Kara leads some sort of mission. From SciFi Channel Q & A
6/3/07: The telefilm will focus on the Pegasus during the Cylon attack on the colonies, after it encountered Galactica and even after Cain was killed. From Lower Hudson Online Blog [This seems to confirm the earlier spoiler that included a scene between Kendra and Apollo.]
6/3/07: Kendra Taggert has apparently been renamed Kendra Shaw. Fisk's appearance also looks to be confirmed. From IMDB
6/3/07: There's a rumor that the original Pegasus first officer that Cain shot has been cast. [This one isn't much of a stretch since the telefilm is supposed to focus on the Pegasus.]
5/19/07: The Kendra Taggert character looks to be focus of the telefilm. Grace Park comments that the character was shooting twenty-four days out of the month long schedule. Grace herself only has one day of shooting. From Grace Park Article on [For all the time that is apparently going to be spent on this never-before-seen character, we hope she doesn't completely disappear back into the woodwork when Season 4 rolls around. Also doesn't look like we can expect much Admiral Adama or Athena/Boomer/Number Eight in the telefilm.]
5/19/07: Additional guest characters include: Scylla Protestor, Sports Commentator, Op Officers. two teenages, Intimidated Young Marine and Flea. From Casting Calls [Just some extras, although "Flea" at least sounds intriguing.]
5/13/07: Young Adama is a lieutenant and a hot shot Viper pilot during the first Cylon war. He apparently is serving onboard the Galactica by the end of the war. He also ends up in a Cylon base where he finds that the Cylons have apparently been carrying out cybernetic experiments on humans. [The revelation that young Adama had seen the Cylon experiments helps explain why an older Adama at Ragnar Anchorage so easily grasps that Leoben is a Cylon.]
5/13/07: Young Helena in a young girl during the first Cylon war and loses her father and mother to a Cylon attack on Tauron. Her father tells her to look after her sister, but Helena apparently momentarily abandons her and Helena is unable to find her sister again. young Helena turned her fear of the Cylons into an anger.
5/13/07: Kendra was a lieutenant under Admiral Cain and as the Cylon attack first began, she allowed her fear to take hold of her. Later, she turned her fear to anger, which gained Admiral Cain's attention. After Cain's death, Kendra did not get along with Fisk or Garner and ended up busted down a rank and assigned to kitchen duty. When Lee took command of Pegasus, he promoted her to major and made her his XO. [From this info, Kendra is set up to be a younger version of Cain with the circumstances of a Cylon attack evoking fear, which is turned to anger. The question is whether Kendra ends up going down the same brutal path as her mentor.]
5/12/07: Admiral Adama's involvement with be "minimal." From Edward Olmos Interview with IF Magazine [Based on the young Adama role, Olmos is likely referring to his own participation.]
5/12/07: The film is set to air in November. From SciFi VP Mark Stern Interview with Crave Online
5/6/07: Guest characters include: Major Kendra Taggert, Young William Adama, Young Helena Cain, Helena Cain's father, Hybrid, Jurgen Belzen, Bruno the Bartender, Banzai, Hudson, Lucy, Deck Hand and Young Marine. From Casting Calls [Apparently, there will be flashbacks set well before the start of the Cylon attacks. We're guessing that a backstory will be revealed between Cain and Adama and possibly involve her father as well.]
5/6/07: A central character will be Major Kendra Taggert, who served on the Pegasus and expected to be in her late 20's. Her mother is a Quorum delegate who pulled strings to get Kendra on the Pegasus with the expectation that Kendra would one day command the fleet. However, when the Cylon war started, Kendra cracked with fear before turning angry. A young Adama is also described as a guest lead. From [Kendra sounds like a young Admiral Cain. One also wonders if Kendra will turn up during season four. Also, incorrectly describes the info as concerning the Season four premier when the filming dates coincide with the two-hour movie set for Fall 2007]
5/6/07: Episode title added. The episodes/telefilm is written by Michael Taylor and directed by Felix Alcala. From
[The news of Lee and Tyrol appearing simply confirms what was said about the regular cast appearing in the Pegasus-centered telefilm.]
4/17/07: Lee will appear. From Jamie Bamber at Creation Con [The news of Lee and Tyrol appearing simply confirms what was said about the regular cast appearing in the Pegasus-centered telefilm.]
4/17/07: Tyrol will appear as Aaron Douglas said filming starts on May 15th and he expects it to last until March 2008 for the entire season. From Aaron Douglas Interview with Brisbane Times
4/15/07: Shooting is scheduled to begin on May 15th. From Kevin Grazier, Richard Hatch and Bradley Thompson Interview with
4/15/07: Michael Taylor is writing the script. From Kevin Grazier, Richard Hatch and Bradley Thompson Interview with
4/15/07: RDM: "It's a separate budget that's not related to our episodic budget. They've set aside a specific pot of money for this release, and it is more than our usual parent show." From Ron Moore Interview with MTV
4/15/07: The script is being written and there have been discussions over having all the "established" Pegasus characters appear. From Ron Moore Interview with MTV [How many actually appear will probably come down to the availability of the actors.]
3/24/07: RDM explained that the Home Video division came to them with the idea of a standalone movie for DVD release in the long hiatus between Seasons 3 and 4. It was originally conceived as a straight-to-DVD project, but SciFi Channel decided to pick it up, so the SciFi Channel airing and DVD release will be nearly instantaneous. From Ronald D. Moore Interview with
3/24/07: RDM's response concerning the 2-hour broadcast between Season 3 and 4: "That story will not pick up our cliffhanger at the end of Season 3. The story will be set on the Battleship Pegasus and will take place in the past, relative to where we are in Season 3. But the events set up in that story will then pay off in Season 4. " From Ronald D. Moore Interview with [So the Cain/Pegasus prequel rumor has now been confirmed. TPR was wrong that the movie was shaping up like B5's Thirdspace. It's going to be like B5's In The Beginning.]
3/22/07: As part of their announcement about Season 4, SciFi Channel announced that there would be a "special two-hour extended event that will air during fourth quarter 2007 and be released on DVD thereafter." The entire cast is expected to appear. From SciFi Channel [The Direct-to-DVD movie is off, but at least there will be something to fill the long gap between the end of Season 3 and the start of Season 4 in January. Also, just because the entire cast appears doesn't mean that the movie won't be a prequel or focused on the Pegasus or some other 'side story'.]
2/24/07: The Direct-to-DVD movie was confirmed and is expected to center on "side-stories" that could not be fit into the series. Tricia Helfer (Six) and James Callis both expect to appear. From
2/13/07: SyFy Portal speculates that the storyline indicated by would set the stage for returning character to be Admiral Cain and how the Pegasus managed to escape. From SyFy Portal
2/13/07: The movie might be a prequel set durng the original Cylon attacks. From
2/8/07: The movie would be like a "bonus episode" that brings back a popular character for a one-off. From BuddyTV [Can we please say Billy?]
2/8/07: If the Direct-to-DVD movie is greenlit, filming would take place in March. From BuddyTV
1/28/07: The story is now finished. From Mark Verheiden Interview with Comic Book Resources [Guess that means they just have to wait for the renewal to work out filming the movie.]
1/8/07: The movie "may" include the return of a popular character.Moore/Eick Chicago Tribune Interview [That's pretty wide open... the "major" character killed off later in season 3? Or someone else like Zarek?]
1/8/07: The movie will only go forward if the series is picked up for a fourth season. It will not address the Season 3-ending cliffhanger. If the show were cancelled, the movie would be dead. It's not a backup plan to quickly tie off the series in case of cancellation. Moore/Eick Chicago Tribune Interview
1/8/07: The movie would be set between Seasons 3 and 4. It would explore a backstory that "might" be used later in the series. Moore/Eick Chicago Tribune Interview [So it would be a standalone film... reminds us of Babylon 5's Thirdspace, which had the characters promising not to talk about it as a way of excluding it from the series arc. However, the audience also wanted to forget the movie and its story.]
1/8/07: NBC Universal Home Video is interested in a straight to DVD movie. It might or might not end up airing on SciFi Channel after the DVD release. From Ronald D. Moore & David Eick Chicago Tribune Interview

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