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BSG Speculation (and Rumors):
Unlike the spoiler section where we aim to filter out as much unreliable content as possible, there is no such disclaimer here. The material here springs from the imagination of TPR and/or other sources NOT OFFICIALLY AFFILIATED with Battlestar Galactica or the SciFi Channel. Also featured here are "spoilers" which have very little or no evidence of being true spoilers and can thus be thought of as no more than rumor.

11/3/07: Now with screeners of the television edit already running around, we'll probably know how accurate how this speculation really is long before November 24th. Here goes. The TV edit appears to revolve around Lieutenant Kendra Shaw. She apparently lands her position on the Pegasus thanks to her mother pulling some political strings. As such, she arrives onboard out to prove something and is greeted with skepticism from the rest of the crew. It doesn't take long for maintenance worker Gina to befriend her since she has so few friends. While the Pegasus is still docked, the Cylons attack. Pegasus manages to escape and Shaw apparently shows a little mettle. This draws Cain's interest in her and prompts a speech about being a 'razor'. Speaking of Cain, she apparently has a very close "friendship" (read between the lines) with Gina. The film next moves into depicting the backstory that we are already familiar with, but with a couple of new wrinkles.

Con't: Gina commits her act of sabotage apparently by using Kendra's access codes. Cain's relationship with Gina and her subsequent feeling of betrayal likely is what really prompts her to order Lieutenant Thorne to use any means necessary to break Gina. We move along to a depiction of XO Colonel Belzen's refusal to obey an order and Cain coolly shooting him dead. Shaw and new XO Colonel Fisk pick through the civilial fleet for qualified inidividuals to be "recruited" into active duty. We assume there's some sort of depiction of Pegasus' encounter with Galactica and perhaps the reaction to Cain's death at the hands of Gina. We move forward to when Lee takes command of Pegasus. Here's where things veer off in to newly invented backstory that NO ONE has bothered to mention in the series.

Con't: Lee taps Shaw to be his XO, much to her suprise. Soon after, Adama tasks Lee with a mission to investigate some Cylon interests. Lee picks Shaw and Kara for the mission, who doesn't like Shaw, to go so Kara will get to know Shaw. While on the mission, something goes wrong and Kara and Shaw are trapped with the Cylons closing in. Shaw has even been shot. The Cylons close in and things don't look good for the two. Surprisingly, this particular resolution has not yet been spoiled, but we're guessing that Shaw dies, and probably dies a hero securing Kara's escape. This seems the most pat explanation for why Shaw was never mentioned in the series. Now apparently, the last act of the film gets into some Cylon backstory and sets up some storylines that comes up in Season 4.

Con't: This mission is apparently regarding the "Guardians," who are a group of old model Centurions who protect an old secret. Adama, thanks to his long ago encounter on that icy planet, knows something is up with the Cylons and wants to investigate. This faction of Guardians could play a role in the rumored early season four Cylon Civil War (check back later over on the Season 4 page for more spec on that). Now what's interesting is that the film apparently ends with the Cylon "god/leader" that the Guardians protect making the following statement, "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of Death. They must not follow her. All this has happened before and all of it will happen again, again, again..." Also of note is Jamie Bamber's recent comment concerning the "hybrid Kara element" being introduced by the writers in this film. We're guessing that whatever this turns out to be, it's subtle in the film, but leads into the eventual explanation of Kara was at for the two months following her "death."

Con't: We'd like to also comment on the material which apparently will be reserved for the extended DVD edition. Based on early spoilers and bits and pieces, the early minutes of the film would have taken us back to forty years ago and the first Cylon War. Husker, as we've seen in the minisodes, is a rookie Viper pilot who ends up an icy planet and gets a sneak peek at humanoid Cylons. Meanwhile, back on the Colonies, Helena Cain is a young teenager. Her mother has already been killed and her father sends her off with her sister with instructions to not leave her sister. However, she ends up telling her sister to wait for her while she goes off looking for a weapon. When she returns, her sister is gone never to be seen again and likely killed by Cylons. This backstory of her losing her entire family to the Cylons sets the stage for her win at all costs mentality in the second war. We don't really know how much of this (aside from the minisodes) will make it into the DVD cut, but we're hopeful.

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