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BSG Speculation (and Rumors):
Kara's Fate in Season 3
Unlike the spoiler section where we aim to filter out as much unreliable content as possible, there is no such disclaimer here. The material here springs from the imagination of TPR and/or other sources NOT OFFICIALLY AFFILIATED with Battlestar Galactica or the SciFi Channel. Also featured here are "spoilers" which have very little or no evidence of being true spoilers and can thus be thought of as no more than rumor.

3/20/07: (Kara's Fate Spoilers): Speculation is rife even before the finale airs. We're sticking with Starbuck being around on a limited basis. Katee Sackhoff is still under contract. Yes, she is rumored to be involved in another series, but it's a series executive produced by David Eick. In light of more recent reports that Tricia Helfer is filming a pilot for another David Eick series, we're theorizing that Eick is giving the actresses additional opportunities as BSG nears its end. Giving them work on his own series should eliminate scheduling conflicts and the actresses to work on both series. This way, they can "stay in the family" so to speak and be available whenever the BSG storyline requires.

3/3/07: (Kara's Fate Spoilers): With the episode airing tomorrow, it looks as though Kara will be presumed dead by the fleet based on the latest spoilers. As to Kara returning in Season 4, that's still murky. In Katee Sackhoff's latest interview, she said she hadn't given the show thought lately and was focusing on "feature work." Katee also again voiced her displeasure with the entire Season 3 story arc for her character. We're beginning to wonder if the creative team decided to deal with two problems at once: the dead-end soap opera storyline that's hurt four characters development and Sackhoff's vocal displeasures with the direction of her characters. Killing off Starbuck would let the writers move the other three characters into new storylines. Kicking in her destiny would have been enough to move Kara in another direction, but they've damaged the other three characters' development so Kara's continued presence would still hang over them. One possible trapdoor for Kara's eventual return is that Kara's body is not found (lost in the collision) and her presumed death is based on what Lee believes he sees. The still unanswered question is what exactly is Kara's destiny? We still think it has to do with finding Earth or a major clue to finding it. Less likely, but possible, is that she has a connection to the Final Five Cylons and her destiny leads to revealing their identity to both the Seven known Cylons models and the fleet.

1/8/07 (Kara's Fate Spoilers):
  • For those who have seen the Season 3 Gag Reel, Kara's comments about being a Cylon were from the aforementioned TV Guide interview from September. Watching that bit now makes for more speculation and watching the gag reel after the season has completely aired will make for fresh discussion.
  • The Moore/Eick interview reinforces our opinion that Katee Sackhoff is done at the very least as a series regular. They way they talked about what happens to the character and the fallout made us think of the ascendance of Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1 and how it affected the other characters the following season. She's got a destiny, so they've got to do something "destiny" worthy with the character. They also acknowledge that a featured actor is gone from the credits for the final three episodes, which was first rumored before the final three episodes were even filmed.
  • Lastly, Katee Sackhoff has recently clammed up and cited a confidentiality agreement, when she's never before been unwilling to drop hints about the future of her character. Though the actors on Lost seem to regularly cite such a thing when they actually know something, the cast of Battlestar Galactica has never before hidden behind legalese. Combining such a comment which usually comes from someone already "let go" who is wishing to protect their chances of getting hired elsewhere with the comments in the Moore/Eick review, we're growing more confident in our speculation that Katee will have much more time to pursue her burgeoning career in straight-to-video films. Now the question is, what happens to Kara and how do the remaining characters shift around?

  • 1/7/07 (Kara's Fate Spoilers): Taking the Entertainment Weekly preview word for word, Starbuck doesn't die and her life-changing event likely ties into the final five Cylons. This would mean that she's either a Cylon or she's finally realized her destiny (likely finding Earth), which was what the final five had been waiting for. However, if her life change is a separate cliffhanger from the mysteryof the final five Cylons then she might just find that after her epiphany she's no longer interested in serving on Galactica or needs to go on (indefinite) leave in order to go on "walkabout" out in the fleet somewhere. This would allow Starbuck to be around, easily referenced and even still be involved in the storyline (through messages and references to visits) without appearing on-screen. Our speculation continues to be that Starbuck won't be gone for good, but there's a good chance that Katee Sackhoff just might be.

    1/6/07 (Kara's Fate Spoilers): Revisiting the discussion over the fate of Starbuck, there are some contradictory statements just from the last few months:
  • There was an interview that Katee did with TV Guide back in September 2006 (YouTube link has now been added) in which she said that she was a Cylon and would die. She then repeated that she was a Cylon and added that we would see how she died. That interview would have occurred at a time when it's possible (though unlikely) that Episode 3.16 was written and settled since that episode was filmed about six weeks later in mid-November.
  • Katee has stated in others interviews that she has been assured that her character was the only one of the "big seven" that was safe from being a Cylon, which seems bogus since the Adamas and Tigh have an established backstory. Roslin would also seem to be safe since someone who had has a cabinet post, even the Secretary of Education, would likely have a known past.
  • Then there is the second hand report that cannot be confirmed that Katee told a fan at a convention in a "private" conversation that Starbuck isn't dead and would be back. She's been dropping hints that Starbuck isn't finished, but she hasn't said much about herself.
  • Lastly, in her most recent interview, Katee wouldn't comment at all about Starbuck's fate. She was asked point-blank if she were coming back and she cited a confidentiality agreement.
  • Now The Patriot Resource hasn't taken Katee's TV Guide comments seriously since the entire interview was light-hearted and she made the "revelation" with a grin and some snickering, but with everything that has come out since, it's worth noting. Katee seems to be as inconsistent as her character.

    1/6/07 (Kara's Fate Spoilers Con't): Now what if Starbuck isn't dead, but Katee won't be back either for a while or not at all. It wouldn't be the first time that a character lived on with a new actor. Starbuck has a destiny and that could be explained as bringing about a physical change as well. Ronald D. Moore has said since the first season that he feels that the Starbuck/Apollo relationship is central to the show. The two characters and their dance have been front and center much of the time throughout Season 2.5 and Season 3.0 and based on spoilers that will continue to be the case right up to Episode 316. Unless Ronald D. Moore has done a complete 180 or been ordered by the studio to off the character, The Patriot Resource can't see Starbuck being gone for good. However, the actor could be gone for good. One other interesting thing to note is that Ronald D. Moore has said something a big loss, but wouldn't admit to a death. He's never been hesitant before to admit that characters would be killed off, so this could be read that the "loss" won't be a death. Now the Season 3.5 promos hint at another character being revealed as a Cylon which would be considered a big loss without that character's death so Moore's comment might not have been referring to Starbuck at all. All that said, The Patriot Resource is leaning toward Starbuck's ultimate survival to not be in doubt, but her exact fate unknown, staged so the character can be gone for a while and can return in a different incarnation.

    12/29/06 (Kara's Fate Spoilers): Adding in the tease from the promos, Kara's destiny will likely be to find Earth. We'll also find out that her mess of a personal life is because she has been running from her destiny. In Episode 316, she'll finally stop running from it and accept it. The Cylons knew about her and her destiny from what has been written in the prophecies and that she would be the one to find Earth (or save humanity or the Cylon race or both). Her finding Earth and her tortured soul over her destiny will form the basis of rehabilitating (excusing her horrible behavior from Season 2.5-3) her character in Season 4. Leoben's efforts (and the Cylons) were to draw that knowledge out of her by any means. Kara disappears after she realizes the secret to finding Earth. We likely won't know if she took off for Earth on her own, was taken by the seven known Cylon models, was taken by the five unknown models or even some "Ship of the Lights" situation.

    12/12/06 (Kara's Fate Spoilers): With this show, anything is possible. The way the Starbuck character has gone downhill, the character coming to an end wouldn't be such a bad thing in our opinion. However, the way Ronald D. Moore has talked about the character being so pivotal, Starbuck's death in a Viper accident would be unlikely... unless it is somehow a catalyst for a major shift in the storyline. Script-sides hint at Kara having a near-death vision in which Kara relives her final visit to her mother, who also indicates that Kara has some destiny to fulfill. Leoben also appears in her vision. Baltar has demonstrated an ability to project like the Cylons. Perhaps Kara gets in touch with her Inner Leoben who clues her in. The events that this episode would trigger likely don't kick in until the waning minutes of the final episode and on into fourth season since the three episodes following Maelstrom are to concern Baltar's trial. Despite what Katee Sackhoff has said about being told that she wasn't a Cylon, it wouldn't be surprising that she turns up on a basestar in her next appearance since script sides also indicate that a Cylon Heavy Raider is lurking nearby her damaged Viper. Kara's apparent death at the hands of the Cylons in this episode would also be an explanation why Lee would become so involved in Baltar's trial.

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