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BSG Speculation (and Rumors):
Season 3
Unlike the spoiler section where we aim to filter out as much unreliable content as possible, there is no such disclaimer here. The material here springs from the imagination of TPR and/or other sources NOT OFFICIALLY AFFILIATED with Battlestar Galactica or the SciFi Channel. Also featured here are "spoilers" which have very little or no evidence of being true spoilers and can thus be thought of as no more than rumor.

2/21/07 (The Son Also Rises Spoilers): The same poster from Gateworld is back with rumors from an earlier episode, so if these check out then the previous info might be credible.
A Raptor crashes into Colonial One, but Roslin is uninjured. Baltar has been writing his memoirs, titled "My Triumphs, My Mistakes," which has been smuggled out by his lawyer. Roslin tries to prevent him from writing the final chapter. Most importantly, Tyrol goes on a diet.

2/17/07 (The Son Also Rises Spoilers): This spec doesn't come from TPR, but rather a poster at Gateworld. It's actually supposed to be spoilers for the episode, but we're considering it rumor since it comes from a completely unknown source. Since Kara spoilers have been sparce lately, we're going with it in the speculation area just to stir the waters up.
In The Son Also Rises, Anders and Lee are in mourning because of Kara's death. Anders can't come to gripes with her reallybeing dead. Lee, meanwhile, begins to move on and attempts to work things out [again] with Dee. He's assigned to guard Baltar's second lawyer, Romo Lampkin, after Baltar's first lawyer is assasinated (with Racetrack's involvement). Lee does so over Adama's objections. Lampkin turns out to have been trained by Lee's lawyer grandfather and Lee ends up helping Lampkin in his defense of Baltar. Baltar, in the mean time, has started writing a book and smuggling it out into the fleet. Cally's apparently feeling better because she starts talking about how there could be more Cylons running around Galactica and even ends up accusing Athena, which leads to that promo pic of Athena with the gun to Cally's head.

1/19/07 (Rapture Spoilers): The latest spoilers seem to hint that Sharon dies so she can get on the Cylon ship. The alternative is that Athena and Helo are just breaking down emotionally, although a bang (gunshot) can be heard as she slumps into his arms. Considering that it was seemingly established in "Downloaded" that the Cylons know which model (to get the right body ready) and personality has downloaded for resurrection, there better be an explanation of how Athena downloads and is not only not boxed, but is permitted to resurrect and then apparently roam free to see her child. One possible explanation is that Baltar's (Caprica) Six covers up her arrival because she's grown disillusioned.

1/17/07 (Crossroads, Part 2 Spoilers): The PatriotResource has noticed that some are skeptical about Aaron Douglas's spoiler that four of the five remaining Cylons will be revealed in the season finale. Taking just Aaron's word for it is difficult, but he's only the latest to have teased that the Final Five will be seen. Based on vague comments by David Eick months ago, we may already have seen some of them and just don't know it yet. So the real question is whether we're going to learn their identities or will just get a tease like seeing (the backs of) four of them communicate with the unseen fifth while they are clearly depicted as being somewhere in the fleet. After all, learning that the Final Five are in the fleet perhaps out of self-preservation and a need to reach Earth, while the seven humanoid models are now pursuing them as well as the humans would be quite a reset.

1/17/07 (Crossroads, Part 2 Spoilers Con't): In the meantime, channelling Aaron's mischievousness, PartiotResource speculates on the identities of the Final Five Cylons. Adama, Lee, Kara and Tigh will be the four that are revealed in the season finale. If they are all Cylons, then the "established backstory" between them is fiction. Bulldog was simply brainwashed to believe Adama had left him behind... on top of the brainwashing that was already revealed in the episode. Since it was classified, convenienly only Tigh and Adama knew what happened. And lastly, Roslin will be revealed as the fifth and final Cylon sometime next season. It'll turn out that they all have been studying the last of humanity under the harshest conditions to decide if it deserves complete extermination, not to mention that the humanoid model Eight (Sharon) would produce a child. Wow, that BS was easier to come up with that we thought. Maybe we're not so far off the mark...

1/1/06 (Episode 17: The Son Also Rises Spoilers): This is all but certainly an Apollo episode. With Kara gone, Lee refocuses. RDM has said that he is chafing in that he can go no further with his military career for now, which might explain his preoccupation with the women in his life. Once Kara is out of the picture (and possibly Dee as well), Lee finally gets it together. This episode has been called part one of the season finale. This is likely because this Lee-centric episode has Lee get involved in the fleet's legal system, which brings about Baltar's trial in the final two episodes.

12/29/06: (General Spoilers): Concerning the Season 3.5 promo that states "One will die. One will realize they are a Cylon. And One will find Earth." Three is the one to die since she's getting too close to the final five Cylons. Kara will find Earth. Though it would be anti-climactic, Baltar is the Cylon since it would explain the projection ability and why the Cylons have been willing to be so trusting in him (with some unknown influence by the Final Five). It's popular to pick Gaeta or Dee as the Cylon, which would disappoint The Patriot Resource. Dee being a Cylon would further pave the way for Lee and Kara to get back together, although at this point The Patriot Resource could care less about.

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