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Episode 15: Dirty Hands; February 25, 2007
2/25/07: Episode Summary Including Extended Bonus Scene Now Available
2/24/07: On Galactica, Roslin and Adama speak to the captain of the fuel processing ship. He complains that he's had men working eighteen hours a day for six months. Adama counters that having enough fuel for one or two jumps is too close a margin with the threat of the Cylons showing up. Roslin asks him to get the gas flowing and then she promises that they'll talk. He counters that as long as the fuel flows, his phone calls aren't returned. However, as soon as there's an interruption, he's in front of both the President and the Admiral. He suggests that maybe he should start having more "glitches." Roslin wants to know if he's making a threat. He says it's like the book says, "if you hear the people, you'll never have to fear the people." Roslin asks if he said, "the book." He nods. Roslin immediately orders his arrest for extortion and interrupting vital services in a time of war. The captain is stunned, but led away by the guards. Roslin then comments that it's Baltar's book. Adama asks if it's the "ramblings" that Baltar's lawyer smuggled out of the brig. Roslin says that it's being reprinted throughout the fleet and he's calling it "My Triumphs, My Mistakes." She then adds that she's feeling like having a "good old-fashioned book burning.". From Preview
2/21/07: Updated General Speculation - Rumors from the same source that hinted at Starbuck's fate.
2/18/07: Cally brings home to Tyrol parts of Baltar's smuggled book. She makes comments about not being a member of the "ruling class." Helo and Athena are shown as Cally speaks. Tyrol is prompted to call a strike. Tyrol ends up in the brig and Adama tells him that it's mutiny and that mutineers are shot. From Preview
2/8/07: Seelix shows romantic interest in Tyrol, while Cally remains in ill health. From BuddyTV
2/8/07: Tyrol apparently goes to Baltar for advice during the labor unrest. From BuddyTV
2/8/07: Chief Tyrol is convinced to defy Adama and start a strike. From TV Guide
1/25/07: Seelix appears for the second episode in a row and looks to be a significant part of Tyrol's storyline in the episode. From Promo Pics
1/25/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Baltar and his Inner Six share a quiet moment in his cell.

Tyrol pays Baltar a visit.
[Likely relates to the main plot of the episode concerning Tyrol and labor relations.]

Tyrol looks to have been approached by a civilian as one of his deckhands looks on.

Tyrol looks to be defending Seelix to the same deckhand.
[Fallout from union strife?]

Looks to be a flashback to New Caprica with Seelix in the background.

Seelix looks to get a promotion.

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

1/10/07: Updated episode airdate. From SciFi Channel Schedule
1/10/07: Last week, the SciFi Channel Schedule found on their website referred to this episode as "Our Enemies, Ourselves," but the schedule has since reverted back to "Dirty Hands.".
12/14/06: The episode concerns Tyrol and the aftermath of his role as the New Caprica union leader. Thus, the episode touchs on themes of labor and class. From RDM Interview
12/12/06: According to co-writer Jane Espenson, the title refers to "the people who do the dirty work in the fleet. Knuckle-dragging fun!" From Jane Espenson Interview
10/17/06: With the confusion over episode numbering, it can be hard to sort out what spoilers go with what episode. That said, it is now possible that this episode is the one that has a significant death (rather than the Kara-centric Maelstrom), especially in light of the episode title.
10/17/06: There are nine named guest characters for the episode. [Which tells us almost nothing.]
10/17/06: Added Episode Title

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