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Episode 10: The Eye of Jupiter; December 15, 2006
12/15/06: Episode Summary Now Available
12/14/06: As soon as Adama learns from the Cylons that Hera is still alive, he finds out the truth of what happened from Roslin. Even as she tries to justify what she did, he leaves and tells Athena. From RDM Interview
12/14/06: The Temple of Five, which houses the Eye of Jupiter, has a direct connection to the five unseen Cylon models. From RDM Interview
12/14/06: When the Cylons arrive, they assume that Galactica already has secured the Eye of Jupiter. The Galactica crew realizes that there is something important on the planet and they start looking. From RDM Interview
12/14/06: The terms of the standoff over the Eye of Jupiter is the "bridge" between the two-part mid-season cliffhanger. From RDM Interview
12/13/06: During Lee and Anders' combined mission, one of Anders' men from the resistance on Caprica and New Caprica is shot. Also, Anders and Lee discuss the soldier's code. From Video Blog
12/11/06: During negotiations over the Eye of Jupiter, the Cylons not only offer safe passage of the fleet, but in the words of a Cavil "throw in Baltar." From Preview
12/11/06: Tyrol is in a camp where there is a bustle of storing supplies. He notices something up on a nearby ridge. He heads for it. He enters and looks to have found the Temple of Five. From Preview
12/11/06: Anders gives a motivational speech to civilians who look to be arming for a fight of some kind. He mentions Barolay, so she's apparently by his side. From Preview [How about a romance between Anders and Barolay. She can't be any more messed up than Kara.]
12/11/06: After Anders' speech as everyone is gearing up, Lee tells Anders that it was a good speech and that he would make a good officer. Anders then goes off on Lee about swearing an oath and then chasing after Kara. Anders says that he knows Kara. Lee isn't the first in the last year and a half. Lee says that he's just trying to fight a war and get "these people off this rock." From Preview [Apparently, quite a number of people from the fleet were down on the planet when the Cylons arrived. Also, apparently Lee and Kara are up to something again, or at least Anders thinks so.]
11/23/06: The Temple of Five is discovered on planet Algae, leading to a standoff between the Cylons and the Colonials over the Eye of Jupiter. The Cylons bring news about Sharon's baby. TV Guide
11/18/06: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Anders and Barolay (Member of The Circle in "Collaborators")
are back along with Hilliard.
[Guessing Hilliard is another expendable Marine and that they are stuck on Algae.]

Caprica Three and Baltar's Six along with other Cylons.
[Looks like Leoben and Brother Cavil are back for this one]

Dee and Sgt. Fischer likely were suprised by Cylons.
[Either that or their tryst got interrupted by Lee's call and Dee is trying to explain... heh
Guessing Fischer is the top-dog expendable Marine for this episode.]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

11/6/06: Tyrol finds the temple while surveying the planet. The temple is supposed to house the Eye of Jupiter, a clue to finding Earth. He sends a report back to Galactica. The Cylons intercept it and want a meeting with Adama and Roslin. They want the Eye in exchange for safe passage for the fleet. Adama says he'll nuke the planet if they try to take the eye. The Cylons also inform Helo and Athena that Hera is not well. Along with Adama, Helo and Athena plan a rescue attempt. Meanwhile, Caprica Three feels a "special bond" with Baltar and a growing belief that her destiny may not include the rest of the Cylons. [There's also supposedly some relationship stuff involving Lee and Kara and its affect on Anders and Dee. Bleh]
10/21/06: The stranded survey party finds an abandoned temple that seems to have a clue to the location of Earth. [Hope they explain how a temple with such an important bit of information ends up on a desolate and hard-to-reach planet.]
10/7/06: Anders appears, but don't know if it's only in flashback.
10/3/06: The fleet (Galactica) faces three basestars.
9/27/06: Preliminary Episode Synopsis: With supplies dwindling, Apollo, Cally and Tyrol survey a desolate planet. They are stranded when the Cylons attack the fleet.
9/6/06: Cliffhanger for mid-season hiatus
9/6/06: Episode title added.

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