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Despite efforts to filter out unreliable content, this information can be considered RUMOR and subject to change or otherwise inaccurate. Season 3 spoilers are dated and will not be edited after the original posting in an effort to establish a track record (good and bad), rather than revisionist history. The webmaster's comments are found in the italicized brackets.

General Spoilers:
2/17/07: From David Eick Interview with Wizard Entertainment
Q: Is there any way we're going to see some unmasking of the final five Cylons at this point?
A: "I would say the definition of Cylon may adjust in ways that are unexpected."
2/17/07: The Cylons don't find Earth...yet. David Eick Interview with Wizard Entertainment
1/8/07: Whether Baltar is a Cylon will continue to occupy him for the remainder of the season, and we can assume that the audience will also continue to be teased and not receive a definitive answer...yet. From Ronald D. Moore & David Eick Interview in Chicago Tribune
1/8/07: Adama and Roslin have another "personal moment" in what looks like his quarters. She's laying on his bed and he says something to the effect of 'where do we go from here'. From Season 3 Gag Reel [As much as Ronald D. Moore has said that Kara and Lee's relationship are central to the show, Roslin and Adama's understated relationship is much more interesting (and by far much more bearable to watch at this point).]
1/1/07: Second half of the season looks to showcase some characters: Dee, Lee and Tigh in 312; Helo in 313; Adama in 314; Tyrol in 315; Kara in 316; Lee in 317.
12/29/06: Updated Speculation from The Patriot Resource based on the Season 3.5 promos.
12/29/06: Back around Dec. 14th, Ronald D. Moore: "There's a pretty big loss coming midway through the second half of the'll be pretty shocked about what happens to somebody...and I'm not really saying that we're doing that [killing off a character]." From RDM Interview [This was assumed to be referring to Kara, but with the promos teasing a character learns they are a Cylon, his comments take on a new light.]
12/29/06: The season will end with multiple cliffhangers. [Kara's fate is likely one and our guess is that Baltar's fate will be another.]
12/29/06: One Season 3.5 promo states "One will die. One will realize they are a Cylon. And One will find Earth." [Let the speculation begin. One other thing is that this falls in line with the previous spoiler about seeing one of the final five Cylon models and not realizing it.]
12/18/06: By season's end, we may see one of the final five Cylon models, but not realize it.
12/6/06: The final five Cylon models will be revealed...just not sure when. RDM Q & A
12/6/06: Anders returns later in the season and has a Kara-less storyline. RDM Q & A
12/6/06: Kacey will not return. RDM Q & A
12/6/06: How Hera is "the shape of things to come" will likely not be revealed until the series is winding down. RDM Q & A
12/2/06: Baltar and Caprica Three search for the remaining five Cylon humanoid models. Caprica Three uses the resurrection process in her efforts. She also becomes addicted to dying, which has consequences. From David Eick Interview [There are only three episodes left for this to happen since Lucy Lawless will be done with her commitment by Episode 311 (Rapture). The consequence is likely the elimination of the entire model series.]
11/27/06: Kara will learn of the destiny that the Cylons have hinted at. Leoben turns out to be the only one to understand Kara. From Katee Sackhoff [Leoben is the only one who understands her? That oughta heat up the 'Kara's a Cylon debate' even further]
11/21/06: At a con, Michael Trucco (Anders) announced that he had signed as a regular. [This is likely referring to Season 4, but listed here until it can be confirmed.]
11/21/06: The second half of the season moves to Sundays at 10pm (Eastern)/9pm (Central) starting on January 21st. [Not Really a spoiler...]
11/21/06: The following characters appear in the season finale (unknown if they might be appearing only in flashback): Adama, Roslin, Lee, Tigh, Athena, Helo, Tyrol, Cally, Gaeta, Anders, Cottle, Racetrack and Seelix. [Revised to hopefully eliminate some confusion and needless speculation. This list comes from a particular day of shooting and as such can be used only to confirm some characters' survival. Just because Kara and Baltar are not listed does not mean that they have been killed off. More can be taken from the fact that Tigh, Anders, Gaeta and Racetrack are still around.]
11/19/06: Baltar gets put on trial and Lee becomes "heavily involved" in the trial.
10/20/06: The story arc in Episodes 10-12 result in Baltar and Hera's return to the fleet.
10/13/06: It will be revealed that the humanoid Cylons are able to "project" their environments for themselves and others. These "projections" are very real. Think holodeck. Baltar also picks up the skill, which he's been sort of been doing with his Inner Six all along. This ability adds to the suspicion that Baltar himself might be a Cylon. Tricia Helfer interview in Battlestar Magazine.
10/13/06: Baltar's Six and Caprica Three start out at odds. However, once Baltar is brought to the basestar, his Six starts to doubt him. She wants Caprica Three to torture him, which she does. Baltar's Six then comes in and works him through it. These interactions lead to the three-way relationship. Tricia Helfer interview in Battlestar Magazine.
10/13/06: The seven known models are supposedly wired to not talk about or think about the remaining five unseen models.
10/12/06: Updates on survival of supporting cast: Kat makes it through at least Ep. 309; Hot Dog, Cottle and Helo up to Ep. 313; Dee up to Ep. 314; Anders and Tyrol up to Ep. 315;
10/11/06: Kara and Tigh develop some sort of relationship. [As opposed to being odds with each as they have been since the miniseries.]
10/9/06: Tigh's eye was ripped out by a Five (Doral).
10/9/06: Baltar, Baltar's Six Reborn and Caprica Three's relationship(s) intertwine and they end up in a "menage a trois."
10/9/06: Hot Dog and Racetrack become an item.
10/7/06: Lee and Dee stay married, but things are rocky. Kara and Anders go their separate ways. The result is a triangle between Lee, Dee and Kara.
10/7/06: Maya, Hera's adoptive mother, dies [perhaps written out because the actress is on Eureka].
10/7/06: Adama and Tigh are at odds until Episode 307.
10/3/06: Roughly mid-way through the season, Kara begins to realize the "destiny" that Leoben had hinted at.
10/3/06: The Cylons want to find Earth as well.
9/19/06: Season 2.5 DVD is On Sale now.
7/13/06: Season 2.5 DVD is available for order NOW.
6/20/06: Season 2.5 DVD is to be released September 19th.
4/12/06: As was the case in Vichy France in WWII, there will be a lot of collaborators and those who play both sides.
4/12/06: Lee will be "fat" for the first 5 episodes.
4/12/06: The fleet will be more of a factor in the storyline in episode 4 and return fully for episode 5.
4/12/06: The occupation will be dealt with by episode 4.
4/12/06: In addition to the death in Episode 4, there are to be other "significant" deaths over the first part of the season, so some recurring characters are likely to bite the dust.
3/31/06: Ronald D. Moore last week confirmed that Zarek is Baltar's Vice-President, but their relationship soured quickly. Zarek stopped cooperating altogether beginning with the Cylon occupation [Thanks to Eric for passing this one along.]
3/10/06: There will be an ongoing story arc dealing with the Cylons, which will center on the Cylon homeworld. The use of a parallel storyline sounds similar to the Helo/Sharon Caprica storyline from the first season and early second (2.0) season episodes. The first seeds of this story arc were probably planted in Episode 2.18 (Downloaded) and furthered by the Caprica Cavil in Episode 2.20 (LDYB, Pt 2).
3/10/06: The plot point about Leoben looking for Kara will take three episodes to be tied up.
3/10/06: The Cylon occupation will be dealt with in either the first four or first six episodes of the season.
3/10/06: Kara, Tigh and Roslin will put together a resistance that echos Vichy France of WWII.
3/10/06: Episodes will begin airing on on SciFi in October, not July.
2/21/06: Episodes will begin airing on on SciFi in July.
2/21/06: Season 3 picks up the storyline [immediately] from the end of Season 2. [Update: Apparently not. It will pick up 4 months after Season 2.]
2/21/06: According to Aaron Douglas, six teleplays have already been completed.
2/21/06: According to Aaron Douglas, filming begins on April 10th.
  • Filming starts April 3rd (?)
  • The Cylons will have some internal turmoil of their own and perhaps find that they are more like humanity than they had believed.
  • A D'Anna Biers model [Webmaster's note: the one killed by Reborn Caprica/Baltar Six?] will claim to be the Cylon God [Webmaster's note: 'leader' might be a better term], which leads to some factions developing in the Cylon culture.
  • Lucy Lawless has signed to appear in ten episodes in Season 3.
  • Kara's "missing ovaries" will be a major plot point in Season 3.

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