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Episode 9: The Passage; December 8, 2006
12/8/06: In the scene with Caprica Three, Baltar and the Hybrid, the captions showed Zeus both times Jupiter was heard. It is noticable that both lines of dialogue sound slightly different than the rest of the scene and both lines are delivered off-camera.
12/8/06: Episode Summary Now Available
12/2/06: Adama and Cottle report to Roslin that the entire food supply has been contaiminated. Cottle estimated that they have no more than 7-10 days worth of food on current rations. Adama says that Athena is returning with algae that is pure protein and that the route leads to heavy exposure. Roslin wants to know when she'll be back. Helo says that she's three hours overdue. He says that Athena is strong and that she'll be back any minute, although he's starting to choke up. From Preview
12/2/06: Sharon flies a Raptor in a white-out. She's coughing and obviously struggling physically with the radiation.From Preview
12/2/06: The pilots pool their rations (crackers). Kara asks Kat for hers. Kat says that she doesn't have any. Kara asks about her stash. Kat says that she gave it to Cottle already. Lee cuts things short before things escalate. The pilots divy up the food and chow down. Racetrack calls Hot Dog "baby" as she scoops crumbs over to him. From Preview [Racetrack calling Hot Dog "baby" is the first hint of the Hot Dog/Racetrack relationship that was supposed to bloom this season.]
12/2/06: Kat reveals that her name isn't Kat. The real Kat died shortly before the Cylons attacks. Kat adopted that identity because she was a drug-runner. Kara is apparently interrogating Kat and points out that some believe that drug-runners and smugglers aided the Cylons by smuggling in the humanoid Cylons. Kat denies that she ever helped the Cylons. From Previews
11/30/06: Athena is sent out in search of a planet that can supply food for the whole fleet. She finds one (Algae), but it's located behind a star cluster. Travel to the planet will disable navigation and expose the people in the fleet to radiation. From TV Guide [Athena to the rescue... again.]
11/30/06: Adama comes up with a plan to use Viper pilots to guide the fleet, but it will take a heavy toll on them. When Kat objects, Kara turns on her and "old colleague" Enzo threatens to reveal something dark from her past. From TV Guide [Kara turns on Kate? No surprise there.]
11/30/06: Baltar realizes that Caprica Three is using the resurrection process to explore her visions. From TV Guide
11/18/06: Starvation threatens the Colonial fleet after the food-processing machines become contaminated. D'Anna and Baltar explore metaphysical matters. TV Guide
11/18/06: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Baltar and his Six in that bed first seen in "Hero" (Ep 3.07).
[Guessing he's looking at Caprica Three,
who is further along her path to complete religious madness.]

[Baltar projecting from that bed?]

[In case we were worried that she wouldn't be in the episode.
Guessing that her getting a "solo" pic really does mean she has a pivotal role in the ep.]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

10/21/06: The fleet's food supply becomes contaminated, which necessitates the immediate need to find a planet. A less than ideal planet is found, but reaching it proves difficult. [The planet has been referred to as Algae, but...]
10/21/06: Caprica Three questions her faith and becomes a heretic.
10/3/06: A couple of characters die. [More of the expendable pilots is my guess.]
10/3/06: Kat is featured in the episode.
10/3/06: Preliminary Episode Description: The fleet makes a "harrowing" passage on their voyage. [The premise sounds like the plot of an original series episode.]
7/13/06: Episode title added.

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