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Episode 6: Measure of Salvation; November 10, 2006
11/10/06: Episode Summary Now Available
11/5/06: Roslin and Adama again clash when she suggests that they use the virus as a weapon against the Cylons. Helo (the "Cylon lover") argues that using the virus against the Cylons would make them no better than the Cylons. From Previews
11/4/06: Apollo, Athena, Racetrack, Starbuck and some Marines board the dying basestar. They find dead and dying Cylons. They find that the air is failing. Athena attempts to access the ship controls in spite of Racetrack's warning. After being in contact for a few seconds, Athena gasps and pulls her hand away. From Preview [So does Athena get infected?]
10/27/06: Starbuck is dispatched to interrogate the dying Cylons on board the infected baseship, and learns how Baltar is helping their adversaries; the virus inspires Lee to come up with a new strategy. TV Guide
10/21/06: Galactica finds the abandoned basestar. Boarding parties are sent and capture a few survivors. The survivors reveal the source of the virus and that Hera is still alive. It is also learned that not only is Baltar with the Cylons, but he's now attempting to lead the Cylons to Earth.
10/21/06: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Helo and Sharon likely have just learned from the captured Cylons that Hera made it off New Caprica,
but is with the Cylons and Caprica Three

[In an interview, Tricia Helfer said that Baltar's Six would ask Caprica Three to torture Baltar.
This picture looks to be from that sequence.]

Lee is back in action as part of one of the boarding parties to the disabled basestar.
[and he looks to have lost his commander fat]

Kara's got herself a Leoben from the dying basestar.
[although she doesn't look to have that short haircut that she's supposed to give herself]

Galactica has itself a Five (Doral) under heavy security.
[Speculation: It's hard to tell for sure, but the Five doesn't look well (the virus?).]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

9/27/06: Preliminary Episode Synopsis: The plague is studied and considered as a bio-weapon against the Cylons.
9/6/06: Episode title added.

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