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Material on this page is based on rumor, with some analysis from The Patriot Resource (TPR). It is COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED and likely to be taken with a grain of salt.

3/5/07: These pages focus on rumors from a poster on the Television Without Pity forum who claims to have seen a media screener of the final episode. TPR has placed them here because they are considered no more than rumor. We find the information intriguing, but highly suspect because nothing is known of Mandigirl [the poster]. Thus, We do not consider them confirmed spoilers to be included on the pages for Ep. 318 & 319 Spoilers. In the meantime, we'll do our best to track the validity of this information as spoilers from legitimate sources trickle out. Unless a legitimate source explicitly says that mandigirl's information is true, this material will continue to be considered RUMOR ONLY.

Original TWOP Posts from 3/5/07
Comments from TPR from 3/5/07
Comments from TPR from 3/10/07
3/13/07: Rumors about the trial from another source
3/13/07: Rumors about the rest of the episode from another source
Original Buffistas Recap Posts from 3/13/07
Original Buffistas Follow-up Posts from 3/13/07-3/15/07
Comments from TPR from 3/17/07
Comments from TPR from 3/18/07
Comments from TPR from 3/20/07
Final Five Theory Emailed to TPR

Various Spoilers that seem to support both the TWOP and later the Buffistas posts:
3/22/07: The final lines spoken in the finale are, "I've been to Earth. I know where it is. And I'm going to take us there." From Ausiello [Further confirmation of tne end of the season finale (at least from the media screener). ]
3/18/07: Part 1 aired tonight and the first half of the spoilers were confirmed.
3/18/07: The season finale promo is a series of rapid clips. Roslin and Athena sit up screaming. Baltar appears to be in a vision with Caprica. The tribunal final vote is announced as being 3-2 (but not what verdict). Helo reports that the Cylons are attacking as basestars are glimpsed. The courtroom erupts into chaos with Baltar being escorted out. The final five (or at least the five columns of light) are seen at a distance. Gaeta calls Battlestations as Vipers are launched.. It ends with Tyrol saying, "It.s true. We're Cylons."as Anders can be seen. From SciFi Channel Promo
3/17/07: Not long after (roughly an hour) we posted Jessica's three-day old season finale recap on our site on Saturday, Hercules at Ain't It Cool News posted an article confirming the recap as spoilers. Herc's Ain't It Cool News BSG Article [Herc isn't infallible and his post seemed to indicate that he didn't like being scooped so it could just be damage control on his part. Although, we at TPR are listening to our own Inner Six who finds our posting and Herc's seeming folllow-up an hour later too much to be coincidental. Our Inner Six has convinced us that Herc feels like TPR scooped him even if he won't admit it.]
3/16/07: Athena and Roslin are both in sickbay wake up screaming. Cottle wants them to tell him what is going on. Romo tells Lee that "it's the only way that we can win it." Vision images of Six holding up Hera in a lit room. Gaeta is on the witness stand. Caprica Six says that "it's impossible." Tigh tells Adama that there is Cylon sabotage onboard Galactica. Tigh has his ear up against a corridor wall. From Canadian Promo [The simultanoeus dreaming, screaming reaction and Cottle's confusion along with Caprica Six saying that their sharing a dream was impossible was described in the recaps as well as Tigh telling Adama about the music and listening to the walls. The scene between Lee and Lampkin likely is about putting Roslin on the stand and questioning her about the kamala root.]
3/9/07: Cassidy says that Baltar chose to side with the Cylons and must pay the "ultimate price." Baltar reacts. Caprica Six says to Tigh, "You humans always destroy the ones who love you, don't you." Tigh reacts by punching her. Lee stands in the courtroom in a suit. Tigh reaches for his radio. Roslin walks down a corridor that matches up with one of the promo pics. Lee tells his father that he won't serve under a man who questions his integrity. Adama answers that he won't have an officer under his command that doesn't have any. From Promo
3/9/07: Jane Espenson recently had this to say about whether the showrunners had a plan: "So imagine my delight when I recently began full-time at BSG and learned that there are (and have been) plans that extend far longer into the future than one season!" From SyFy Portal Interview
3/7/07: Roush says that the "twists" in the episode "will make you question everything you thought you knew about nearly everyone and everything." From Matt Roush @ TV Guide
3/6/07: Tigh has some "great scenes." There is also a scene involving Laura Roslin, Caprica Six and Athena. [Hinted at in the promo pics]. From Chicago Tribune Article
3/6/07: Gaeta testifies against Baltar about the execution list that the accused signed on New Caprica. Roslin finds a disturbing link between her dreams and the Kobol Opera House. From TV Guide
3/3/07: 'McCreary is planning a special musical surprise for the two-part finale, one that was dictated in the script by writer/producer Ron Moore. McCreary explained,"The show has story arcs that cross the season openers, and [the finale] is the beginning of a whole new arc."' From
3/1/07: There's a big Perry Mason-ish moment when a pivotal character makes a surprise revelation. From Pittsburgh Post Gazette [Either this is where Lee screws over Roslin or perhaps Tigh admits to Ellen sleeping with a Cavil and then his poisoning her.]
2/27/07: Baltar's trial commences, with the prosecution presenting evidence of treason committed on New Caprica amid testimony from Col. Tigh and President Roslin. From TV Guide
2/21/07: David Eick confirmed that a familiar character would be revealed in Season 3 to be one of the final five Cylons, but had this to say when asked about the last four: "I think the audience has to start by asking the question, 'What really defines a Cylon?' That's part of what Season 4 is really going to be dedicated to. And the tip of that iceberg will be introduced in the season finale." From Ask Ausiello
2/17/07: From David Eick Interview with Wizard Entertainment
Q: Is there any way we're going to see some unmasking of the final five Cylons at this point?
A: "I would say the definition of Cylon may adjust in ways that are unexpected."
1/13/07: Four of the five remaining Cylons will be revealed. From Aaron Douglas Interview with GoFy Radio [So is one of the big cliffhangers over the fifth and last remaining Cylon?]
1/8/07: Ronald D. Moore and David Eick did an interview which mostly focused on the speculation about Kara. They again would not say her character (or any mjaor character) dies. However, they said something profound would happen to the character, which would help drive another "reset" of where the other characters were. Interview in Chicago Tribune
1/7/06: Entertainment Weekly's Season 3.5 preview includes "'cosmic destiny' prompts a dramatic life change" which combines with the identities of the final five Cylons for a big cliffhanger.
12/14/06: By the conclusion of the season finale, Baltar's season-long storyline will be tied off. Also, there will be more info regarding the five unseen Cylon models and a little more about Hera's role in things yet to come. From RDM Interview
12/14/06: From Ronald D. Moore: "There's a pretty big loss coming midway through the second half of the'll be pretty shocked about what happens to somebody...and I'm not really saying that we're doing that [killing off a character]." From RDM Interview
12/13/06: From a second-hand source, Katee Sackhoff supposedly privately reassured a fan at a convention that Kara is not dead and gone yet.
12/6/06: The final five Cylon models will be revealed...just not sure when. RDM Q & A
12/6/06: Anders returns later in the season and has a Kara-less storyline. RDM Q & A

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