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Episode 18: Crossroads, Part 1; March 18, 2007
3/18/07: Episode Review Now Available
3/18/07: Episode Summary Including Extended Bonus Scene Now Available
3/17/07: Updated Season Finale Rumor/Speculation
3/17/07: Not long after (roughly an hour) we posted Jessica's three-day old season finale recap on our site on Saturday, Hercules at Ain't It Cool News posted an article confirming the recap as spoilers. Herc's Ain't It Cool News BSG Article [Herc isn't infallible and his post seemed to indicate that he didn't like being scooped so it could just be damage control on his part. Although, we at TPR are listening to our own Inner Six who finds our posting and Herc's seeming folllow-up an hour later too much to be coincidental. Our Inner Six has convinced us that Herc feels like TPR scooped him even if he won't admit it.]
3/16/07: Updated Season Finale Rumor/Speculation
3/13/07: Updated Season Finale Rumor/Speculation
3/11/07: Baltar lies on his bed in his cell. A young girl is given entry. She calls him. He sits up and wonders who she is. He assumes that she is a member of the press. He says that he's under orders from his lawyer not to speak to any member of the press. She says that she's not. She pulls out a picture and says that it's her son. She says that he's sick and asks Baltar to bless him. Baltar stands up and walks over. He calls for a guard. He tells her that he's not God, a god or any other derivation. She says that she believes in him. He says that he has no special powers. She begs him to take the picture. The guard walks in and wants to know what is going on. Baltar tells the guard that he nees his privacy. She gets him to take the picture as the guard leads the woman out as she continues to plead with Baltar. He looks at the picture as he turns and wonders how many that makes. Inner Six says that it makes five and that doesn't count the thirty or forty that have written letters. Baltar chalks it up to celebrity trials bringing out the crazies. Inner Six says that she saw a woman in pain, who saw him better than he sees himself. From Preview
3/11/07: Caprica Six tells Tigh that she knows what he lost and how much he loved her. Caprica Six says to Tigh, "You humans always destroy the ones who love you, don't you." Tigh reacts by punching her. Caprica Six punches him back. From Promo
3/10/07: Updated Season Finale Rumor/Speculation
3/9/07: Cassidy says that Baltar chose to side with the Cylons and must pay the "ultimate price." Baltar reacts. Caprica Six says to Tigh, "You humans always destroy the ones who love you, don't you." Tigh reacts by punching her. Lee stands in the courtroom in a suit. Tigh reaches for his radio. Roslin walks down a corridor that matches the color from the promo pic below. Lee tells his father that he won't serve under a man who questions his integrity. Adama answers that he won't have an officer under his command that doesn't have any. From Promo
3/7/07: The prosecutor's opening statement in Baltar's trial is, "How do we measure loss?" From Matt Roush @ TV Guide
3/6/07: Tigh has some "great scenes" including one with Caprica Six [Hinted at in the promo pics]. From Chicago Tribune Article
3/3/07: 'McCreary is planning a special musical surprise for the two-part finale, one that was dictated in the script by writer/producer Ron Moore. McCreary explained,"The show has story arcs that cross the season openers, and [the finale] is the beginning of a whole new arc."' From
2/27/07: Baltar's trial commences, with the prosecution presenting evidence of treason committed on New Caprica amid testimony from Col. Tigh and President Roslin. From TV Guide
2/27/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

A reporter (Keegan Connor Tracy) questions Baltar
and shows him the picture of a baby.

Inner Six looks to be giving Baltar another pep talk.

Baltar's defense attorney Romo Lampkin speaks before the court.
Notice the cane that he's using.

Adama looks to be one of the presiding judges at Baltar's trial.
Take note of the female judge on the left. She's played by Michael Hogan's (Col. Tigh) wife.

Cassidy speaks at the trial
[Is Cassidy the prosecuting attorney?]

Lampkin and Baltar consult during the trial
Notice the bruises on Lampkin's face.

Caprica Six talks with her Inner Baltar.

Tigh looks ready to "escort" Caprica Six to the trial.
[Tigh has a strange look on his face.]

Roslin's all dressed up.
[Date with Adama? Flashback?]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

1/17/07: Romo Lampkin, the defense attorney mentoring Lee, appears.
1/10/07: Updated episode airdate. From SciFi Channel Schedule
1/1/07: Starbuck does not appear.
12/14/06: By the conclusion of the season finale, Baltar's season-long storyline will be tied off. Also, there will be more info regarding the five unseen Cylon models and a little more about Hera's role in things yet to come. From RDM Interview
12/14/06: Lee is chafing at the fact that he's reached the ceiling of his militar career. As long as his father is alive, he'll command Galactica. Lee doesn't abandon his military career, but Baltar's trial gives him a new outlet. The defense attorney turns into a grandfather figure for Lee. From RDM Interview [The backstory is that Lee's real grandfather was an attorney.]
12/7/06: Baltar is put on trial... and even has a defense attorney. Lee is "heavily involved" in the trial.
11/21/06: The following characters are known to appear in the season finale (unknown if they might be appearing only in flashback): Adama, Roslin, Lee, Tigh, Athena, Helo, Tyrol, Cally, Gaeta, Anders, Cottle, Racetrack and Seelix. [Revised to hopefully eliminate some confusion and needless speculation. This list comes from a particular day of shooting and as such can be used only to confirm some characters' survival. Just because Kara and Baltar are not listed does not mean that they have been killed off. More can be taken from the fact that Tigh, Anders, Gaeta and Racetrack are still around.]
11/6/06: Features guest characters: Edie Cassidy and Reporters.
11/6/06: Added Episode Title
11/5/06: According to David Eick, part 2 of a three-part season finale.

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