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Episode 8: Unfinished Business; December 1, 2006
12/1/06: Episode Summary Now Available
11/30/06: Tigh serves as referee and Adama challenges Tyrol to their match. [Yeah, let's get the guy with ONE eye to be the referee.]
11/27/06: Tyrol and Adama also have a boxing match. [Wonder what their grudge is?]
11/23/06: Shirtless in a field somewhere on New Caprica, Lee declares that he loves Kara. Next [Following day?], Sam tells Lee that he and Kara are getting married. Lee wishes him good luck and says he'll need it which is greeted by a "lemon" face from Kara. From Previews [This preview looks and its narration sounds like it's for an episode of Melrose Place. Just further lessens my interest in the Lee/Kara "saga." which has been reduced to a high school drama on more than one occasion.]
11/19/06: Apparently, the big rift between Lee and Kara was that after Kara and Lee finally slept together, she got up the next morning and told him that she was marrying Anders. This sent Lee on his eating binge and to settle for marrying Dee.
11/18/06: Another Promo Pic from the episode:

Lee and Kara are hammering on each other pretty good
as Helo, Athena, Gaeta and Racetrack look on.
[This pic as well as the latest promos shift away from Helo and Lee
and back on Lee and Kara and whatever happened on New Caprica.]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

11/15/06: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Unlike everyone else in the scene, Adama is not celebrating.
[Perhaps this is from where Baltar breaks ground on the New Caprica City Hall.]

It's Lee and Dee [Awww. How Cute...]
And Lee's not fat... yet.

Former personal trainer Helo and his fat-losing "client" Lee box.
[My guess is that they're going to beat each other into a mutual understanding
over their differing views on how to deal with the Cylon race.]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

11/15/06: Adama schedules a boxing tournament on Galactica to let the crew relieve tensions between the former settlers of New Caprica and those who remained with the fleet during the Cylon occupation. TV Guide
11/7/06: Adama organizes a fighting tournament which turns into a method for grudges and old scores to be settled, including between Lee and Kara. [This explains how the flashbacks are framed in the episode. The episode is either going to be really good or fall flat if the fight matches don't click with the flashbacks.]
10/15/06: The present time storyline involves Fight Club-style boxing. [Bleh]
10/7/06: Baltar flashes back to a groundbreaking for a new City Hall on New Caprica with Gaeta by his side. [Um, I hope there is more to this scene other than filler.]
10/7/06: The cause of the deep rift between Lee and Kara (seen in Episode 220) will be revealed.
9/27/06: Preliminary Episode Synopsis: Flashbacks partially fill the year long gap from Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II.
9/6/06: Episode title added.

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