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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Unfinished Business
Episode Number: 308
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Robert Young
Original Air Date: 12/1/06 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,422
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Baltar, Sharon 'Athena' Agathon
Recurring Characters That Appear: Helo, Dee, Gaeta, Tyrol, Kat, Anders, Cally, Hot Dog, Ellen

Previously (Recap):
Adama tells Tigh to go ahead and go down to New Caprica.

Dee reports that the Cylons have arrived.

Adama says that they are going to save the colonists on New Caprica.

A series of Lee and Kara relationship moments are shown: she blows him off, kisses Anders, makes fun of Dee and breaks up with Anders.

Lee and Helo box as Galactica crew cheer them on.

Lee's Flashback #1:
Lee wakes up, shirtless outside somewhere on New Caprica and looks around.

Lee and Helo box. Lee images that Helo is Kara.

Lee's Flashback #2 Con't:
On New Caprica, Lee walks up and kisses Dee.

Lee and Helo box.

Elsewhere, Kara and anders have just finished a session. She starts to get dressed. Anders says that he wants her back. Kara says that she's not ready. He points out that he's not what she wants after all. She doesn't answer and instead says that she's late.

Kara walks out onto the flight deck where the ring has been set up.

Kara's Flashback #1:
Kara wakes up with her head on someone's bare chest (presumably Lee's.

Kara walks down ringside just as the bell rings to end the round. Kara encourages Helo.

Kat is in Lee's corner.

Helo points out that Lee is really coming after him.

Lee's Flashback #3:
Lee walks up to Kara and Anders and then walks off.

Helo and Lee spar. Helo takes Lee down. Lee sees Kara and gets up. Cottle checks him, looks at Tigh and Tigh waves the fight off. Helo is declared the winner.

Lee climbs out of the ring and Kara teases him about not beating Helo. He takes his dog tags out and says that he's done. Kara walks over and puts hers in. She calls him out and he responds by putting his dog tags back in.

Act 1:
Caption: ( New Caprica; 17 Months Ago )
Dee and Lee talk. She says that it's not so bad on New Caprica. He comments that it's cold. Dee says that the bunk will be warm at night. Dee then tells him that her transfer was approved. They kiss.

Lee/Kara Flashback #2 Con't:
Just then Kara and Anders walk up. She teases Lee, who doesn't like it much. They comment about the ground-breaking for a "new tomorrow."

Adama/Roslin Flashback #1 Con't:
Adama looks at the ground. Roslin walks up and sits next to him. They greet one another and smile at each other.

Ringside, Roslin greets Adama. He explains that the "dance" is a way of taking care of tension.

Lee can be seen watching as Dee rubs his shoulders.

Kara wraps her wrists.

The fight ends. Tigh declares a winner. He calls up Hot Dog, who is next.

Hot Dog calls on Kara.

Kara climbs into the ring and they start to go at it.

Lee/Kara Flashback #3:
Lee walks up to Anders and Kara.

Kara boxes fiercely as Lee watches.

Lee/Kara Flashback #3 Con't:
Lee walks away from Kara and Anders with a disgusted look.

Act 2:
New Caprica Flashback #2:
Baltar, with Gaeta standing behind him, breaks ground on a new city hall and mentions looking forward to a new tomorrow.

Lee/Kara Flashback #4:
Kara and Anders flirt at the celebration. Kara looks over and glimpses Lee nearby.

Adama/Roslin Flashback #2:
Gaeta talks to them. He excuses himself. Roslin and Adama share a drink made from something found on New Caprica.

Ringside, Roslin and Adama look on.

A deckhand walks up and asks Tyrol for help since he's the only one working. Tyrol gives him a break. Adama notices and walks over. He asks Tyrol what's up and Tyrol says that he's giving the deckhand some R & R.

Caption: (Galactica; 18 months ago )
Adama congratulates Tyrol on his baby. Tyrol says that he and Cally want to be released and go down to New Caprica where their baby can be born in fresh air. Adama says that they are there for the duration.

The fight ends and Adama climbs in the ring. The hangar deck grows quiet and Adama calls out Tyrol .

Tyrol gets ready and tells Cally that Adama's old and isn't really serious.

Adama tells Helo to tie them up tight.

Tyrol climbs into the ring with Adama. He isn't keyed up for the fight. The bell rings as Tyrol 's back is to Adama. As he turns around, Adama hits him square in the jaw. Tyrol goes down, dazed. He realizes that Adama is serious. Adama stands over him and tells him to get up because they are just getting start.

Act 3:
Tyrol /Cally Flashback #1:
On New Caprica, Tyrol says that having the baby on Galactica will be better. Cally doesn't agree.

Lee/Kara Flashback #5:
Lee and Kara dance.

Lee/Kara Flashback #5 Con't:
Kara and Anders sit and flirt at the celebration, but she looks over at Lee and Dee nearby.

Adama/Roslin Flashback #2:
Adama and Roslin lay outside looking at the stars as music plays in the background.

Lee/Kara Flashback #6 Con't:
Kara, Lee and Dee dance to the music. Dee gets tired and steps out.

Adama/Roslin Flashback #2 Con't:
Adama and Roslin talk. Roslin says that they should enjoy being on the planet. Adama says that he has people wanting to leave his ship and go down to the planet.

Adama calls out Tyrol . Tyrol hits Adama. Adama counters.

Kara comments that Adama knows when to make his moves, which she doesn't think Lee does.

Lee/Kara Flashback #7:
Lee finds Kara sitting as the celebration winds down. He notices that Kara has literally drank Anders under the table. Kara asks about Dee and Lee says that she packed it in.

In the ring, Tyrol gives Adama a beating until the bell rings. Cottle wants him to throw in the towel. Roslin comes in and asks Adama to stop. Adama won't, so she gives him some advice on how to approach Tyrol .

Adama/Roslin Flashback #3:
As Roslin listens, Adama agrees with Tyrol . He gives Tyrol and Cally permission and wishes them the best on New Caprica.

In the ring, Tyrol beats Adama down. Adama goes down hard. He struggles to get up. Tyrol helps him up. Everyone looks around. Adama says that he let everyone get too close and that he let some people go before the fight was over. He then walks out of the ring.

Tyrol pulls his gloves off and calls the deckhand. Tyrol says that they need to get the Viper back online.

Roslin leaves with Adama.

Tigh calls the "dance." He orders everyone to claim their dog tags. Kara makes a comment and Tigh says that that's enough for the night.

Kara then goes over to Lee and teases him about Dee and her getting sloppy seconds after Kara. Lee punches her. He says that she'll get a fight.

Act 4:
Lee and Kara's fight starts.

Dee walks up, shaking her head.

Lee/Kara Flashback #8:
On that late night in New Caprica, aLee and Kara walk out into a field. She says that it'll be a great place for a house. He's surprised that she's going to quit flying.

Lee and Kara fight. He doesn't seem to want to hit her until she provokes him.

Lee/Kara Flashback #8 Con't:
Lee says the field is her future as Kara Anders. She says that she's not getting married. He says that there is no point then. He asks her if that's what she wants and who she wants to be with.

Lee and Kara fight.

Anders walks up next to Dee and wants to know what is going on. He thinks that they are trying to kill each other. Dee says that's "one perspective."

Lee/Kara Flashback #8 Con't:
In the field, Lee and Kara start to kiss.

Lee/Kara Flashback #8 Con't:
Lee and Kara finish making love. They kiss. She thinks that things will be more complicated now. He says that they just have to tell Sam and Dee. He then stands up and shouts it to the sky that he loves her. He keeps doing it until Kara gets up and yells that she loves him.

Lee lands a punch that knocks Kara down. As he stands over her, she kicks his legs out from under him and he goes down hard.

Lee/Kara Flashback #9:
Lee walks into camp the next morning. His father greets him and tells him that Kara got married. Lee looks up to find Kara and Anders arm-in-arm. Adama says that he granted her, Tyrol , Cally and a few others permission to muster out. Lee walks up to greet him.

Lee gets up and they continue to fight.

Lee/Kara Flashback #10:
Anders greets Lee and tells him that he and Kara got married. Anders says that it was her idea. Lee is stunned. Anders wants to know if they want a minute. Lee shakes Anders hand, congratulates him and wishes him luck because he's going to need it. He walks off past Kara.

In the ring, Kara and Lee struggle to stay standing, but continue to fight.

Lee/Kara Flashback #11:
Lee walks up to Dee, who is waiting on the wing of a Raptor, and kisses her.

In the ring, Lee and Kara lean on each other, but continue to punch one another.

Lee/Kara Flashback #12:
Various clips from previous episodes of scenes between Kara and Lee.

Lee and Kara stop fights and basically hold each other up.

Anders walks off, disappointed, while Dee just looks sad.

Lee and Kara tell each other that they missed one another.

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