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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: A Day in the Life
Episode Number: 314
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Rod Hardy
Original Air Date: 2/18/07 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,398
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Athena
Recurring Characters That Appear: Tyrol, Gaeta, Dee, Cally, Seelix, Helo, Hot Dog
Guest Characters That Appear: Carolanne, Private Jaffee

Previously (Recap):
Lee and Adama share their first conversation from back in the miniseries. When Adama asks about Lee's mother, Lee says she is getting remarried.

Roslin and Adama share a moment on that sunny day on New Caprica. She tells him that she wants to build a cabin.

In the bar, Tyrol tells Lee that he and Cally have been fighting.

Roslin and Adama talk. He says that Baltar can just disappear. She says that he's human and deserves to be given his trial.

Adama's Flashback #1:
Adama looks out the window as the birds can be heard chirping. The doorbell buzzes. He sits up and his wife sleeps.

The intercom indicates that Tigh wants to see him.Tigh enters Adama's quarters. Tigh says he couldn't sleep. He wishes Adama a happy anniversary.

A tired Tyrol walks through the corridors.

Tyrol enters his quarters. Cally sits with Nicolas. They have a "discussion" over spending the day with Nicolas, but Tyrol has to work because deck hands called in sick and the deck is short handed. Cally says that the daycare workers see Nicolas more than they do. He starts to take Nicolas to the daycare, but Cally brings the bag to him that he had forgotten to take with him.

Adama shaves as Tigh briefs him on the duty roster. Tigh says that since most of the Vipers are out of dry dock, Tyrol is going to check airlock twelve.

Adama's Flashback #2:
Adama glimpses his wife in the mirror.

Tigh hands Adama the duty roster. Adama looks it over and signs off on it. Tigh offers to take first watch since things are quiet. Adama says that he'll work just as he always does because it's just another day.

Adama's Flashback #3:
Adama sits at the kitchen counter looking at the wedding picture and his wife walks up with two cups of coffee. She says that they had some good times, but more bad. She says that in spite of that, he keeps bringing her back every year.

Adama pulls out their wedding picture from his dresser. Private Jaffee brings in his coffee service as Adama hears his wife says that it'll be a long day.

Tyrol walks into the washroom and Seelix tells him "Good Morning." He tells Cally that Nicolas didn't even cry for the first time. After some banter about working the task all day with another deckhand who was assigned to fix the CO2 scrubber, Tyrol orders Cally and Seelix with him.

Cally and Tyrol enter the airlock, while Seelix enters the observation booth.

Cally says that it's a mess and Tyrol says that no one has been down there since it was shot up by the Cylons. Cally is unhappy that she got assigned to fixing the airlock. Tyrol says that she knows the gears better than anyone and that she can't get preferential treatment because they are married now. Cally doesn't care. Cally says that they can't pretend that everything is the same because now they are married and have a son.

In the command pod, Seelix listens as Tyrol chalks it up to a rough patch. Cally wonders if rough patches are all they have left. She points out that they had promised to raise Nicolas themselves. Tyrol blows it off.

Suddenly, the alarms sound and the pressure doors close. Seelix says that she didn't do anything, but then reports a pressure differential. Tyrol says that the doors close at the slightest hint of a leak. Seelix wants to know if he's saying that there is a breach. He doesn't think it's something that serious. He figures that one of the patched cracks was disturbed when they came in. In no time at all, he finds the patch that is leaking.

Outside the ship, the air can be seen leaking out.

Act 1:
Adama's Flashback #4:
As he walks on the stone path through the pond, Adama goes over the names of the crew he'll encounter on that day's watches. Carolanne comes along and is sarcastic about his still doing his memory exercise. She seems surprised that the crew would expect him to know all their names. He says that she never changes. She counters that it goes with being dead. She says that he'll be late. She talks about Roslin, clearly indicating that Adama is interested in her. He discounts it because Roslin is the President of the twelve colonies. Carolanne says that's his excuse to keep the façade up and keep his distance.

Adama walks in and Roslin says that they could have has "this" discussion on the wireless, but she had to get out of Colonial One. The topic is Baltar. Adama wants to just give him back to the Cylons, but Roslin says that based on what she learned from Caprica Six, they probably wouldn't even take him back. She says that they need to settle on how Baltar is tried. He says that bringing lawyers in would set things in a loop. She mentions his father. Adama says that he told her that he didn't get along with him. She says that she needs to set up a committee and name a chairman. She suggests Lee, because he can cut through the legalese and make the hard decision. Adama says he'll talk to him. Roslin then requests that she stay onboard the rest of the day. He has no problem with it. Roslin says she wants to go to the gym and he says that it smells like an old shoe. She giggles at that.

As Seelix tries to toggle switches, Tyrol tries to apply his own patch over the leak. Cally is getting antsy.

Adama walks through the corridor as crew hush when he walks by.

Adama's Flashback #5:
Carolanne says that he's getting better at ignoring the hushes as he walks by. He says that he doesn't recall intimidating her. She says that she knew him before he was the Admiral. She knew him as Bill, the father who wasn't there.

The pilots enter the briefing room. Narcho says that it's been 49 days since the last enemy sighting. Starbuck takes the opportunity to cut his flight skills. Hot Dog and Helo sit next to each other. Helo notices Hot Dog is scratching himself. Helo asks what is wrong. Hot Dog tells him that he has a weird rash. Helo says he hopes she was worth it and moves over a seat as Athena does the same one row back. Lee walks in and opens the briefing by lecturing the pilots about tracking the days since the last sighting. He says that the only number to be concerned with is "one" as in one fatal mistake.

Adama stands out of sight by the doorway, listening. He says that Lee is coming into his own. In his head, Carolanne wants him to tell Lee. Adama says that Lee knows. Carolina wonders if Adama means that he'll get a good review or that Adama loves him. She wonders if Adama's façade extends to Lee as well.

Lee ends the briefing and says that they have ten minutes to get ready. Starbuck waits as all the other pilots leave. Lee wants to know what she wants. She congratulates him on the speech, but figures he should have made it a week ago. She also says that he needs to come up with something different, because Adama has been using that speech for years. Lee says that if you're going to steal, steal from the best. At that moment, Adama walks in and Starbuck leaves. Adama says that Lee was tough on them today. Adama's smile prompts a question of Lee and Adama says that it's been one of those mornings. Adama tells Lee that Roslin wants him to assign Lee to head a commission concerning Baltar's trial. Lee is surprised, but Adama says that Roslin wants someone she can trust. Adama points out that he knew that Lee snuck into his grandfather's office to read his law books and papers. Lee is surprised that Adama knew. Lee admits that law was one of the dozen other occupations that he considered before joining the military. Adama is surprised by this. Lee says that it was likely during one of his "angry at dad" phase. He then says that he can't take the position because he's busy enough being the CAG. Adama says that he assumed as much. Narcho can be heard tells Lee that they are ready. Lee walks off.

Tyrol tells Seelix to give it a try. But Tyrol 's patch doesn't fix the problem and now the leak is much worse.

Act 2:
Adama, Lee and Tigh hurry down the corridor. Adama wants to know their status and Lee says that they are still alive.

The three of them enter the airlock's observation booth. Tyrol tells Adama that he's made it worse. Tyrol asks them to get the doors open.

Back up in CIC, Tigh, Lee and Adama talk. Lee tells Adama that the manual override is down and surmises that it took heavy damage leaving New Caprica. They can't cut through the blast doors fast enough. Tigh suggests blowing out the observation booth glass, but Lee says that the explosives would also take out Cally and Tyrol. Adama says that he needs a plan.

On the hangar deck, Lee times the Raptor door closing. It takes seven seconds plus another ten to repressurive. Starbuck is there as well. He says that they only have eighteen minutes, so Athena starts to move.

In the airlock, Cally and Tyrol cope with the cold and put on what little gear they can find. Tyrol goes back to covering the hole. Cally calls Tyrol over to the observation booth. Adama says that the airlock is still jammed and the override is not responding. He says that he's taking them out the "front door." Tyrol guesses a docking collar, but Adama says that there is no time and that they are going to blow the doors. Cally is concerned about not having EVA suits. Adama says that Athena is positioning a Raptor outside with it's bay door open. Adama says that humans have lived up to a minute in space. He tells them to get ready. Tyrol isn't sure, but Adama says that they'll talk in a few minutes.

The Raptor is cleared and takes off.

Cally is concerned about Nicolas. Tyrol wants to move the gear away from the door. Adama listens in. Cally doesn't want another military family looking after Nicolas so that he might go through "this" again. Cally tells Adama about a civilian family that she wants to care for Nicolas in case anything happens. Adama says he'll take care of it. Tyrol and Cally hug. He admits that he was being selfish and that he wanted her with him like old times, but he didn't think about Nicolas. She says that Adama will get them out of there and that they will take care of Nicolas.

In the observation booth, Tigh says that they will experience severe exposure, decompression sickness and hypothermia. Adama wants the hyperbaric chamber made ready. Cally cries and Tyrol can be heard apologizing again.

Act 3:
Athena pilots the Raptor close to the airlock.

Inside, Cally and Tyrol put their masks on and hunker down.

In the Raptor, Lee tells Athena and Starbuck to be ready for turbulence and maybe even shrapnel. He wants Athena to compensate. Athena says that they'll hold position until Tyrol and Cally are secure. Lee says that it's time.

Adama tells Cally and Tyrol that the Raptor is in position. Tyrol tells Cally not to let go. Adama starts a count down from three and then the bolts are blown.

A piece of the door flies out and strikes the Raptor. Lee coaches Athena on where she needs to reposition. Cally and Tyrol fly into Lee and Starbuck's arms in the back of the Raptor. Lee reports that the Raptor has been pressurized, but that they are in bad shape and need to be gotten to sickbay ASAP.

Lee walks into Adama's quarters. Lee says that that both Cally and Tyrol are alive, but Cottle is still evaluating them. Lee then wants to know what is with his father. Adama shows him the wedding picture and says that it's "this day." Lee realizes that it's the anniversary. Adama says that it still means something to him even with the way things ended up. Adama says that he and Lee never talked about the divorce. Adama says that it gave Lee and Zak stability. Lee clams up, but Adama tells him to speak up. Lee says that they had four walls, but not stability. She went through her mood swings and lost control. His mother would drink and get angry. She would apologize, but do it again and again until even the apologies stop.

Adama's Flashback #6:
Adama questions her about Lee's accusation. She deflects him at first, but then he presses. She says that he walked out on her and couldn't find a way to live with his own family. She says that they never lived in the same place for more six months and they always waited for him to come home. She throws a glass across the room, breaking it.. She says that they needed their father. She then goes on a rant about the "Great Adama" and how he could read people and able to make the hard call. In spite of all that, he blew it with his own family. If he went back and admitted that he blew it, then all his other decisions would have to be questioned.

Adama says that he loved her. Lee says that he believes him, but thinks that she never loved Adama.

Act 4:
Seelix walks into sickbay with Nicolas and an orderly points out Tyrol 's bed. She walks over to him and says that she stopped by the daycare. She asks about Cally. Tyrol says that she'll be okay, but Cottle says that it'll take a while for her to be back to 100%. Tyrol struggles out of bed. Nicolas starts to cry until Tyrol takes him in his arms.

Tyrol walks over to the hyperbaric chamber. Seelix follows, but hangs back. Tyrol wakes Cally and shows her Nicolas. Cally doesn't react. Seelix looks over and sees Adama in the doorway. She quietly slips out past Adama. Tyrol says that the two of them will take care of Nicolas together. He tells her that he loves her. She puts her hand on the window and Tyrol shows Nicolas. An orderly quietly walks up and tells Tyrol that Cally needs to rest as Adama continues to watch.

Lee walks into his quarters. He goes over and greets Dee who is lying in bed. He notices a box and she says that it was there when she got in. Lee finds that it's a set of books: Caprica Criminal Codes. They turn out to be his grandfather's law books, which Dee surmises Adama had kept in storage. Adama has enclosed a note about the books being there for when there's time.

Roslin gives Adama a dusty book. He reads the title, which isn't very inspiring. She says Tory found it in a pile of clothes and that it's a good mystery. Adama decides to bring up the memory that he has of her in a dress on New Caprica and her talking about building a cabin. She says that it was Baltar's groundbreaking and she got silly that night. She says that they wouldn't have made it. She wonders if he would have stayed on Galactica. He talks about living a normal life more like that day on New Caprica. He's dancing around the subject. She tries to draw him out, but then he distances himself by saying that they have responsibilities. She agrees and says that she'll be back in a few days and they can discuss that day. Just before she walks out, she turns and says that she's sure that she would have built that cabin if the Cylons hadn't come back.

Adama's Flashback #7:
Adama and Carolanne talk over a drink. She wants him to put the photograph away for good. He says it would be easier to hate her, but that would be a lie and he's had enough of that. She says that they had something and Adama agrees. They kiss.

Adama puts the photograph back in the drawer.

Bonus Scene:
Gaeta asks for a pen. Dee hands one over. Gaeta points out that Roslin is making her third visit to Galactica this week. Dee says that she can go where she wants since she's the President. Gaeta says that she seems to like Galactica. Dee still doesn't get it. Gaeta stumbles and stutters and manages to point out that Roslin and Adama seem to be spending a lot of time together lately. Dee contemplated for a moment the idea of Adama and Roslin and both Dee and Gaeta end up laughing. Gaeta decides that it's unlikely. They walk down the corridor, still laughing and come around the corner to find Tigh standing there. He wants to know what the joke is. Dee says that it's nothing and says that they are reporting for the Admiral's daily briefing. Tigh says that he'll take it today. Gaeta asks if he needs to go over the report. Tigh says that he can read just fine. Calling them comedians, he tells them to report back to CIC. They turn around, walking back the way they came and immediately start laughing again. Tigh shakes his head at them and heads down another corridor.

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