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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Woman King
Episode Number: 313
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 2/11/07 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,401
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Athena, Baltar, Caprica (Baltar's) Six, Caprica's Inner Baltar
Recurring Characters That Appear: Racetrack, Tyrol, Gaeta , Dee, Cottle, Hera, Helo, Tory
Guest Characters That Appear: Dr. Robert, Mrs. King, Willie King, Buckminster

Previously (Recap):
Helo and Tigh face off.

Helo shoots Athena.

Roslin says that he put the fleet in jeopardy.

Helo says that she'll get Hera back.

Caprica Six comes back with Athena and is arrested.

Baltar say he has a right to a fair trial.

Helo has been put in charge of the refugees on the starboard deck.

Gaeta reports to Adama and Tigh that 51 Sagittarons arrived and Adams is concerned about Helo.

Helo climbs out of bed and paces around the room.

Athena finds Helo asleep in the chair.

Athena and Helo talk. She's concerned about his not sleeping. He says he had a bad dream. Racetrack, Lee and Kara run into them. Kara calls him the "Mayor of Dogsville." Racetrack asks for a private cubicle for a new nugget that she wants to break in. The pilots continue on. Athena wants to make sure he's alright even though three hundred more people are about to arrive. He says that he is even though he doesn't know where he's going to put them. Athena asks Helo to check on Hera and then kisses him goodbye. He calls after that they'll know where to find him.

Down on the hangar deck, Helo greets new arriving civilians. One says he wants to be with his own. Tigh comes out of nowhere and backs Helo up. Helo says he's taking care of it. Tigh shows he's lack of confidence in that statement.

Dr. Robert wants to check Mrs. King's son. She refuses until Dee comes along and reassures her that he's a civilian doctor and he'll respect their beliefs. The Kings put up with some of Dr. Robert's poking and prodding until Willie groans in pain. That brings the examination to an end. Dr. Robert tries to approach another who tells him to keep his hand off.

Tigh walks up to Robert and says that "Mike" still owes him a drink. Helo walks up to both of them and says that some of the people look sick.

Just then, Mrs. King's son collapses. Dr. Robert helps Willie up and begins to lead him away. Mrs. King doesn't want Robert to take him, but Dee tries to calm her as Mrs. King asks where Willie's being taken.

Helo looks around at the refugees, many of whom cough or otherwise look unhealthy.

Act 1:
Dr. Robert diagnoses the illness as Mallorak Sickness, which attacks the kidney followed by the respiratory and immune systems. Cottle adds that if it's not treated in the first forty-eight hours, then death comes in three to five days. They are briefing Tigh, Helo and Adama. Robert says that it's passed by human contact. Adama wants to know what the cure is. Robert says that some medication will control it, but the Sagittarons won't take medicine. Helo suggests getting everyone to the showers especially the Sagittarons, but Robert doesn't want to single them out. Tigh manages to make a few disparaging comments about the Sagittarons being backward. Adama knows that people are going to die, because they will refuse to take the medicine.

Robert and Helo talk. Helo points out that it smells badly as Buckminster sits by his sick father's bedside. Robert says that they are giving them a calmative. Helo asks if it works. Robert says that it doesn't matter because they will die.

On Colonial One, Zarek asks if there is going to be a trial. Roslin says that Baltar will get his trial and be found guilty of his crimes. Zarek says that Baltar's trial will rip the fleet apart. Tory, addressing Zarek as Mr. Vice-President, points out added security measures, but Zarek says that it won't be enough and says that he would propose martial law. He then offers his help and leaves. Tory is skeptical, but Roslin is concerned because Zarek looked genuinely scared.

A refugee complains to Helo about the Sagittarons being sick. He wants them to be sent somewhere else. Helo wants to know where he can send them. Helo shows his frustration as Mrs. King walks up next. She says that her son is dead. Helo says he's sorry. He then recognizes a religious bracelet and says that her son died because he needed real medicine. Mrs. King says that he died because she made a mistake. Helo tells her to tell everyone. She says that she will. She says that she shouldn't have trusted Dr. Robert. Helo is taken aback. He says that she waited too long. Mrs. King explains that her son was nineteen and was sick for less than twelve hours. She accuses Dr. Robert of killing her son. She then leaves.

Act 2:
Dr. Robert says that he lost another one. Helo assumes that he means Willie King, but Robert says that it was a three year old girl whose parents wouldn't allow him to treat her. He says that Mrs. King lost Willie King. He says that Willie was three days symptomatic. Helo asks if Robert explained that to Mrs. King. Robert says that he did. Robert then insists on inoculating Helo even though they were supposed to ration the medicine by only using it when symptoms appeared. He says that he doesn't want Helo to go down for a day since he's the only one who is helping him. He says that Tigh was asking about Helo and he told Tigh that Helo was doing a great job.

In the bar, Racetrack and Dee are in dresses, while Lee, Tyrol, Gaeta and Kara are also there. Helo walks in for a drink. Starbuck points out the Mellorak sickness, but Helo says that he's been inoculated. The rest are playing pyramid and talk about the Sagittarons being stubborn. Tyrol says that he doesn't want to wake up and find that there is no more medicine because of the Sagittarons' backward beliefs. He then adds that none of them helped down on New Caprica and rips them. Lee points out that Dee is Sagittaron. Tyrol apologizes. Dee, who is Sagittaron, says that they pig-headed. Helo says that they are tough on Robert. Dee says that they believe that doctors spread the diseases. She also says that Cottle isn't much of a doctor.

In the brig, Athena thanks Caprica Six for her help with Hera, but isn't sure why she did it. Inner Baltar wonders why they are in the fleet. Athena says that now that Caprica is there, her best bet for survival is to cooperate with their efforts to uncover Baltar's treachery. Athena says that she has to leave, but will look into getting some clothes for her and wants Six to take care of herself. As Caprica thanks her for the visit, we see that Roslin and Tory are eavesdropping. Athena leaves. Inner Baltar asks if any of "them" care of her and Caprica figures that they don't.. He wants to know why they are there and Caprica isn't sure. He says that she's here because she wants to be. He then adds that to be human, she has to think only about herself. They then kiss. Roslin is still watching and wonders what she's doing, but it looks like she's talking to someone like she's done before.

The Sagittarons are starting a riot. They are coming after Robert. Helo runs in and draws his weapon as the MPs step in to restore order. Buckminster accuses Robert of killing his father.

Helo talks to Robert, who says that Buckminster's father died after the treatment. Helo is surprised that he took the medicine. Robert says that he gave it to him without consent because he was in pain. Helo keeps pressing and Robert realizes what Helo is accusing him of.

Helo speaks to Adama, Cottle and Tigh. He is concerned that Robert is harming the Sagittarons and puts forward what King told him. He also adds that Robert treated Buckminster's father without his consent and the man still died. Cottle backs up Robert by saying that they should have treated the Sagittarons without their consent in the first place because the disease would be gone already if they had. Tigh also backs up Robert. Helo says that if nothing else, he's worried about the situation that Robert has caused. Adama points out that he has Baltar and a Cylon in custody and "they" would love to tear both apart. He questions whether Helo is up to the job and tells him to drop it. Helo is dismissed.

In the corridor, Helo is still mad. Tigh calls after him. Tigh tells him to leave Robert alone and stop defending "those Sagittarons." He says that Robert was the first person to say anything good about Helo in a long time. Helo repeats that he thinks Robert is up to something. Tigh says that Helo likes "being on the outside looking in." He says that Robert is a Caprican and patched up his eye on new Caprica while Helo was in bed with his Cylon. He punches Tigh, but orders the MP to let it go. Tigh then says that he better back off of Robert or they will finish "this." He then says that Helo ought to get the doctor to check his hand.

Act 3:
Helo is down with the refugees. He tells someone that they will have to wait as he's leaving. He makes eye contact with Mrs. King. Athena walks up and wants to know about Hera. Helo is clueless. Athena says that she got sick an hour ago and was taken to Robert. Athena says that she was pulled off of the CAP because of Hera's illness. The two of them leave.

Athena holds Hera as Robert prepares the medicine. Helo is concerned, but Athena insists. Robert gives Hera an injection. He then gives Athena some sedatives. Athena takes Hera and leaves. Robert tells Helo that Hera will be fine. He then gives Helo a bracelet and says that it was Willie King's and that she'd want it back.

Helo returns the bracelet to Mrs. King. She asks about Hera. She turns to leave, but Helo wants to ask her something. He asks about why she let Robert treat Willie if she had been warned. She says that she couldn't believe that someone could hate so much. He presses, but Mrs. King says that talk won't bring her son back. Helo realizes that he needs to leave.

In their quarters, Athena says that Helo looks angry. He says that it's work. Athena says that it's okay to hate his job. He says that it's not that. He says that maybe it's the right punishment for "the guy who ends up on the wrong side." Athena says that it's his job to manage those people. Helo says that it's all him and in his head. Athena says that is not what she said. He then starts to leave. She wants to know where he's going and he says he doesn't know.

Helo goes to sick bay. No one is there. Helo goes through the medical records back on New Caprica. He starts to notice a pattern. Cottle finally catches him. He tells Helo to leave before he gets Adama to lock him up. Helo accuses Robert of killing people. He says that the Capricans had an 6% mortality rate, while the Sagittarons had a 90% mortality rate. Cottle doesn't want to hear it. Helo says that Robert is singling out Sagittarons. Cottle wants to know what he's doing. Helo says that he doesn't know because he's not a doctor. Helo asks him to do an autopsy on Willie King and he'll drop it. Cottle says that he did and King died of Mellorak Sickness. Helo leaves.

Dee asks Robert for some medicine because she isn't well. He starts to prepare it.

Mrs. King is watching.

Helo and Athena are woken up by frantic knocking at their door. It's Mrs. King. She says that Dee is sick and went to Robert. She says that two more Sagittarons died. She says that he needs to do something. Just then, the guards find her and haul her off. The MP apologizes and then wishes him a good morning. Helo starts getting dressed. Athena wants him to stop because Dee has a husband. Helo says that Lee is on the CAP. Athena says that Dee 'll be fine. Athena says that the whole ship is talking about how he might be listening to the Sagittarons. He says that it's his job. She says that they are dying because they aren't taking the medication. He says that as long as everyone hates the Sagittarons, then they'll forget about her. She tells him to shut up. She brings up her own plight of having to prove herself every day. He says that it's not about her and that his defining characteristic isn't "being the guy married to a Cylon." He tells her that he thinks Robert is a liar and a murderer.

Helo runs into the starboard bay.

Helo makes his way to the clinic and finds Dee laid up in a bed.

Act 4:
Helo calls to her, but she doesn't answer. Helo starts to get upset when Dee finally stirs. She says that Robert gave her something and it knocked her down. She wants to know where Lee is. He says that he'll take her to him and to Cottle. She doesn't want to go see Cottle. Robert comes in.

Tigh and Cottle walk down the corridor.

Robert tells the MPs that Helo has lost it. Dee says that she doesn't want to see Cottle. The MPs step in and Helo shoves the sergeant. Tigh and Cottle walk up and Tigh orders everyone to stand down.

Cottle checks Dee and she's okay. Robert says that Helo needs help. Tigh says that he should have given Helo the help. Cottle then admits that he only did the autopsy a couple hours ago because the Sagittarons annoy him and he didn't want to contradict his colleague. Cottle says that he died of acute cell destruction as had Buckminster. Robert tells Helo that he ought to be thanking him for treating Hera and having the meds. Robert says that he was making the tough choice to save medicine for those who really wanted it or earned it like Viper pilots rather than the Sagittarons who don't really want it. Robert says that Tigh used to say that the Sagittarons were behind only the Cylons in his hatred. Tigh says that he hates being wrong and orders Helo to arrest Robert. As Helo's leading Robert away, Robert says that he didn't harm her. Helo says, "oh right, because she's one of the good ones." He looks over to see Mrs. King.

Helo reports to Adama's quarters. Adama tells him to have a seat. Adama says that there is "hate" and "allowing hate." He says that "we got lost." He tells Helo that he's been the lone voice in the wilderness and would have been for a long time if not for "this." Adama says that it shouldn't have been that way and offers Helo an apology. Helo says that it's unnecessary, but Adama says that he has it anyway. Helo gives Adama a salute and leaves. Adama sits back down.

Helo walks down the corridor and to their quarters to find Athena holding Hera. He walks in and gives Athena a kiss.

Bonus Scene:
In Adama's quarters, Helo tells Adama that he killed the infected Cylons by reversing the air purification system. Adama wonders if he really wants to have the conversation and Helo says that he does. Adama says that if it's true then it'll be costly. Adama says that he'll need a written statement, then he'll call in the MPs. Helo would then be arrested, court-martialed and possibly put before a firing squad. Adama asks him again if he wants to make that statement and Helo says that he doesn't. Adama then dismisses him.

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