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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Passage
Episode Number: 309
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 12/8/06 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,420
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Baltar
Recurring Characters That Appear: Helo, Dee, Gaeta, Kat, Hot Dog, Racetrack, Caprica Three, The Hybrid, Hoshi

Note: In the scene with Caprica Three, Baltar and the Hybrid, the captions showed Zeus both times Jupiter was heard. It is noticable that both lines of dialogue sound slightly different than the rest of the scene and both lines are delivered off-camera.

Previously (Recap):
Kat recovers from her stim addiction.

Kat and Kara face off over Kara's drinking.

Adama asks Tigh to come back to CIC, but Tigh declines.

Baltar points out to his Six that he's only seen seven models while he's been on the basestar.

Baltar's Six shows Baltar the Hybrid.

Caprica Three has a Centurion kill her.

Caprica Three is resurrected and speaks gibberish about the resurrection process being beautiful.

Sharon flies a Raptor in rough space.

Adama and Cottle report to Roslin that the entire food supply has been contaminated. They say that Sharon is out looking for algae. They estimate that they have seven to ten days worth of rations. Roslin wants to know where Sharon is. Helo reports that she is three hours overdue, but she's strong.

Sharon is struggling physically to fly in the radiation.

The pilots pool their rations. Kat has none to add. She and Kat start to argue until Lee puts a stop to it. The pilots chow down. Racetrack calls Hot Dog, "baby."

Sharon 's Raptor starts taking on damage.

Sharon 's radiation badge is showing heavy exposure.

Act 1:
On the basestar, Caprica Three climbs out of the big bed. She leaves Baltar and his Six behind. Baltar wakes up.

Baltar wonders where Caprica Three goes and his Six mumbles that he's not the only one wondering. She says that Caprica Three has been "doing things."

On the flight deck, Sharon climbs out of her Raptor. She reports that she made it through to the other side and found a planet with algae. Helo is concerned about the radiation on Sharon , but she's reported to be clean.

In a tactical session, Sharon says the fleet can make it through in two jumps. Lee and Adama realize that the Raptors can be used to lead the civilian ships through the blinding light.

Lee briefs the pilots. Each pilot will have to make five round trips in order to get the fleet through. They will be flying solo and issued radiation badges, which show white. When the badges go all black, they will be pulled from duty.

In the mess hall, Dee announces that there are no more rations on the ship and that they need to return to their quarters.

As the civilians stream back down the corridor, Kat walks past a tall man. He seems to recognize her. He turns to follow her and calls her Sasha. Kat turns to him and tells him that her name is Captain Louanne Katraine and that he and Sasha were a long time ago. She tells him to stay away from her. She walks off. He asks if they know who she is really.

Act 2:
On the basestar, Baltar "bumps" into Caprica Three. She claims to have been talking to Simon. Baltar doesn't buy it. He has figured out that Caprica Three is killing herself over and over so she can go through the resurrection process.

The tall guy (Enzo) catches Kat alone in a corridor. He wants a "partner," and believes that she is getting three meals a day. She denies that she is. He doesn't believe it and says he knows who she is.

Tigh walks up the corridor outside Galactica CIC. He paces outside the entry for a bit and then enters.

In CIC, the crew on duty takes notice and being clapping and welcoming him back. He ends that with a gruff comment about them having jobs to do. Adama then welcomes him back. The Raptors are then ordered to launch.

The Raptor pilots struggle with flying through the blinding space. Hot Dog loses the Adriatic . They reach their radiation limits and Adama orders the jumps. Hot Dog pleads for time to find his ship. They jump.

In Galactica CIC, Gaeta reports that the jump is complete and they lost the Adriatic . Tigh points out that it's only their first trip.

Act 3:
Caption: (Star Cluster; Outbound Trip 4)
Kat struggles in the radiation. She's lost her ship, the Carina. They run out of time and she and the pilots have to jump because of radiation exposure.

On the hangar deck, the pilots walk out of the radiation showers. Hot Dog gets sick. Kat watches as the other pilots including Helo struggle.

Lee holds an impromptu briefing on the flight deck where he encourages them to do a better job so they don't lose another ship.

In Adama's quarters, Tigh briefs Adama. He says that Marines are too weak for duty and civilians are kicking up trouble. Adama wants to know if they are still eating paper and Tigh says that there's a paper shortage. The two of them share a laugh over it.

As Kara is checking out a Raptor, she observes Kat arguing with Enzo.

On the basestar, Baltar asks Caprica Three about what she's seen. She wants to know why. He wants to know if he's a Cylon, which would stop him from being a traitor to one people and a hero to another. She says that she can't remember what she sees, but has some sketches of what she could remember.

Enzo flirts with a girl when Kara walks up and interrupts.

Kara confronts Kat. Kat says that she took the name Louanne Katraine from a girl who died two days before the Cylon attacks. She says that she was a drug-runner and Enzo was her supplier. Kara suggests that Kat could have helped the Cylons by smuggling them in. Kat says that they did because they didn't know there were human models. Kara points out that she could have then. Kat doesn't like being called a traitor. Kara says that she lied her way "into the company of good people." Kat begs Kara not to tell the Admiral and to let her do it. Kara walks off and Kat sits there crying.

Act 4:
On the basestar, Baltar and Caprica Three go visit the Hybrid. Baltar assumes that Caprica Three got her idea of repeated downloads from the Hybrid. Baltar reaches into the Hybrid's pool. Caprica Three doesn't want him to touch "it." The Hybrid grabs him and recognizes him. It then speaks a riddle. Baltar pulls away and the Hybrid gets quiet. Baltar puzzles out the riddle to mean that they will find a clue to Earth on a planet in a star cluster.

Kat opens her locker. She's suffering from radiation sickness and some hair falls out. She pulls out her badge, which is black. Kat recalls what Kara said about accepting who she is..

Flashback #1:
Kara goes to Enzo. He wants to know if she knows who he is and she says she does. She calls him a thief that will cost her everything she has. They then they begin to kiss.

Kat switches her all black badge with another pilot's badge which is mostly white.

The pilots head to their Raptor and Kat clutches the mostly white badge.

Caption: (Star Cluster; Outbound Trip 5)
Kat loses her ship, the Faru Sadin.

Dee reports escalating damage reports. Adama realizes that the jump point is unstable and he calls for the group to jump.

Everyone jumps into the clear except Kat and the Faru Sadin.

Kat struggles in the radiation and searches for her ship.

In Galactica CIC, everyone silently waits.

Kat looks around in the harsh space.

Hoshi reports a draedis contact. It's Kat and the Faru Sadin.

Kat reports her mission accomplished.

On the flight deck, the pilots, Adama and Tigh wait and cheer Kat as she climbs out of her Raptor. She starts to take her helmet off and collapses.

Kara visits Kat in sickbay. Kat says that she didn't want things to end that way between them. Kara says that they all have things in their past and they are still good people. Kara offers Kat some sleeping pills and hastily clears out. As she walks out, Adama walks in. Kat starts to apologize. He says that he's not their to lecture her, but that she's getting promoted to CAG. Kat says that she's not leaving sick bay. He says that she's earned the promotion, because she made her people feel brave without jeopardizing their lives. Kat says that she has something to tell him that Kara knows and that might change his mind about a promotion. Adama says that's not important what she's done before, only what she did as CAG. He then sits down. She's surprised that he's staying. He says that the sickbay reminds him of where Zak was born. He tells her that his wife Caroline was sure that she was having a girl both tims and so it was a surprise each time. She asks if he wanted a girl and he says, "Yeah, three is a good round number."

As the pilots watch, Adama moves Kat's name up to CAG.

Kara walks into the memorial corridor and adds Kat's picture.

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