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Episode Name: Rapture
Episode Number: 311
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 1/21/07 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,401
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Baltar, Baltar's Inner Six, Caprica (Baltar's) Six, Athena, Boomer
Recurring Characters That Appear: Dee, Gaeta, Caprica Three, Cavil, Anders, Helo, Barolay, Leoben, Tyrol, Cally, Hilliard, Hera
Guest Characters That Appear: Fischer

Reviewed by The Patriot Resource on 1/27/07

Previously (Recap):
The fleet finds the algae planet to help with their food supply, but Gaeta points out that the star could go supernova at any time.

The Cylon Centurions land.

Kara is shot down.

Anders wants to go after Kara, but Lee stops him.

Hera is getting sick.

Tyrol walks.

Tyrol finds the Eye of Jupiter.

Roslin explains that the Eye is a marker on the way to Earth.

Number Three comes to Galactica.

Three says she's close to finding out about the Final Five Cylons.

The hybrid says that the secret is revealed only to the Chosen One.

Galactica readies its warheads.

Adama orders the safeguards removed from the nuclear warheads.

The Cylons decide that Adama is going to do it, so they agree to recall their ships as Three says nothing.

Caption: (Algae Planet; Base Camp)
Anders faces down Lee and wants to know what Lee will do. Lee gets Dee on the wireless.

Caption: (Observation #3)
Dee reports that she can see the smoke from Kara's ship. Lee wants to know if she can rescue.

Number Three says that Adama won't attack.

Gaeta reports that five of the six Cylon ships have turned back.

The other models want Three to recall the ship. Three thinks that he won't do it. Three won't recall Baltar and D'Anna (so the entire series is complicit in what she's doing).

Dee wants to know if she's being ordered to rescue Kara. Lee says that he is ordering her to.

Adama decides to abort the nuke attack and orders the ports closed..

On the Cylon ship, Three is triumphant and walks off. The other models are very concerned. They quickly decide that the issue isn't over the Eye, but Three herself. Eight (Boomer?) says that she defied the rest of them. Cavil says that they have to something about it.

In their quarters, Helo and Athena talk. Athena says that she has to get Hera back. Helo wants to find another way. He says that they can fly to the ship. Athena begs him to do "this," because it's the only way. They hug. She steps away and Helo shots her. He catches her body in his arms and screams.

Act 1:
Athena's body is removed from her and Helo's quarters. Adama and Roslin are there. Adama orders the guards out. Roslin figures that Athena is downloaded into another body. Helo says that she begged him to do it. Adama is worried about tactical information about the fleet. Helo says that she won't betray them. Adama is concerned that she won't have a choice. Helo says that Athena was sure that she can resist. Roslin says that he's put the entire fleet at risk. Helo comes back with the fact that Roslin lied and stole Hera from them in the first place. Roslin admits that she played a role, but voices her skepticism.

On the Cylon ship, Athena is resurrected. Caprica (Baltar's) Six is there. She wants to know what happened. Athena says that they wouldn't let her see Hera, so Helo shot her. Six says that "it's over now." Athena asks about Hera. Caprica Six says that she's getting worse. Athena says that she's safer with the Cylons.

Lee and Anders hold a briefing over Kara's position.

Dee and Fischer start to move out and immediately take fire. He's hit and Dee retreats as the sniper fire continues.

Tyrol is stumped. Lee calls in for a report. Tyrol says he needs more time. Lee points out that they need to hurry up. Tyrol tells his "people" to pack up and get ready to move.

On the surface, Baltar and D'Anna talk. She's not quite sure if she can finish it. Baltar gives her a motivational speech. She tells him that she's grateful for his help. Inner Six pops up to say that D'Anna's not the chosen one. Baltar is.

Anders, Barolay and Hilliard talk. Anders says that this is Lee's show and that they follow orders.

Nearby, Lee and Matthias talk. Matthias wonders if the "civvies" can do it. Lee points out that they took out plenty [of toasters] back on Caprica.

It becomes apparent that the two teams have split up to establish a kill zone that three Cylon Centurions are slowly moving towards.

Act 2:
Anders watches as the Cylon Centurions close in. The first one hits a landmine and his legs are blown off. The other two continue firing. Hilliard rises up from cover and takes a hit. The third Centurion is completely disabled by a projectile, while the other two retreat. Anders and Barolay pull Hilliard back to Lee's position. As they establish a tight perimeter watching the ridgeline nearby, Anders wants to know if they've heard from Kara or Dee. Lee says that they haven't.

In her Raptor, Kara is hurt [again]. She starts to move her leg when she hears something. She grabs her weapon, but it turns out to be Dee . Dee moves in and treats Kara's leg. Kara wants to know if Lee sent her. Dee says that her husband ordered her to risk her life for Kara's. She then says that she's going to bring "Starbuck back to Apollo."

Caprica Six leads Athena to Hera. Hera stops crying as soon as Athena picks her up. Boomer tells her that she's glad because she's done with her. Caprica Six is surprised by her reaction and says that she doesn't mean it. Boomer says that she realized that back on New Caprica, that humans and Cylons weren't meant to live together. Athena realizes that Hera's belly is hard. She thinks it's a blocked intestine. Boomer says that their doctors examined her. Athena counters that they never have examined a child. Athena pleads with Caprica Six to let her take Hera to the humans. Boomer senses a plan by Athena. Boomer starts ranting, but Caprica Six counters that Hera is too important. Boomer choses to see it as a sign that human-Cylon hybrids aren't meant to be and actually puts her hand around Hera's neck. Caprica Six knocks her out and then breaks her neck. She says that there is a captured Raptor onboard and that they need to hurry so they can get back to Galactica.

On the planet, Cylon Centurions are coming at Lee and Anders' position from two directions, setting up crossfire. Lee gets Tyrol on the wireless.

Tyrol reports that he's decodes more of the glyphs, but isn't there yet. Lee says that they don't have any more time. Tyrol orders his people out and starts rolling out the detonator wire as he's the last to leave. He stops and Cally comes back to him. She tells him that "it's in the hands of the gods." The two of them make for the entrance.

Act 3:
In Kara's crashed Raptor, Kara realizes that there is only one thing keeping them grounded. She starts to give Dee instructions on how to fix it and then starts groaning in agony. Dee gives her another injection. Kara decides to tell her that "he won't cheat." Dee says "unlike you." Kara then says that she loves Anders.

Lee reaches Tyrol, but Tyrol can't do it.

In the temple, D'Anna, Baltar and a Cavil arrive. D'Anna realizes that they have detonators set up and she starts pulling them.

Tyrol has trouble doing it and by the time that Lee does, nothing happens.

In the temple, Baltar notices a gun. Inner Six points him to the Eye of Jupiter on the floor. D'Anna's reaction clues Cavil in to the fact that she wasn't there for the Eye.

Tyrol notices the sky changing.

Gaeta reports that the star has started to go nova and they have less than an hour.

Tyrol realizes that the nova is the Eye of Jupiter. He says that it was meant to happen.

In the temple, they are bathed in light. Cavil says that D'Anna wasn't meant to see the Final Five. She says that it's her destiny. Cavil disagrees and pulls a gun, but Baltar shoots him first.

D'Anna then enters a vision where the five columns have five shrouded figures standing before them. She walks up to one and pulls the hood back. She is surprised. She seems apologetic and says that she "had no idea." The figure puts its hand out and grabs her.

D'Anna comes out of the vision and Baltar wants to know what she saw. She collapses. He asks if she saw him. She says it was beautiful and he was right. She dies. He still doesn't know if he's a Cylon. He stands up and prays to the gods. A gun is placed against his temple. Tyrol tells him, "Welcome back, Mr. President," and then clubs him on the back of the head.

Act 4:
The ships of the fleet are jumping away. Adama orders a rescue mission.

The planet starts to take damage. Raptors fly off the planets as the planet is beginning to be engulfed.

The Raptors reach Galactica as the planet is consumed.

The ships are secured and Galactica jumps.

On the hangar deck, Anders and Lee unload the body bags.

Tigh walks in and Tyrol unzips one of the bags to reveal Baltar. Tigh wants to know if he's dead and Tyrol says that he isn't. Tigh wants him taken to the brig.

Anders and Lee aren't too confident and then Kara walks up. She and Anders embrace. Dee walks up behind and Lee moves to hug her.

Helo jogs into the bay and moves to another Raptor. Athena comes out with Hera. Helo is happy, then everyone pulls out their weapons. Caprica Six has moved to the entrance. Athena pleads for them to not shoot because she helped her. Helo begs her to move. Athena reluctantly moves off. Caprica Six is taken into custody.

Adama, Roslin, Gaeta and Tyrol talk. Adama agrees with Tyrol that the mandala in the temple was the nova. Gaeta adds that another nova occurred 12,000 years ago and that was a sign.

Helo visits Kara, who is laid up. He wants to see photos from her apartment on Caprica. She gets them out and he compares her painting to what was in the temple. He explains it to her. She says that she was told that she had a destiny that was written long ago.

Cavil greets D'Anna as she resurrects. He breaks the news that it has been decided that her model will be boxed because it's fundamentally flawed. She says that she saw the final five Cylons and that he will see them too one day. He pulls the plug. Her tank goes dark and she stops.

Cavil walks away from the tank and we pull back to see hundreds of tanks in the same condition as D'Anna's.

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