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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Taking a Break From All Your Worries
Episode Number: 312
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Edward James Olmos
Original Air Date: 1/28/07 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,403
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Baltar, Baltar's Inner Six, Caprica (Baltar's) Six
Recurring Characters That Appear: Racetrack, Tyrol, Anders, Gaeta , Dee , Cottle
Guest Characters That Appear: Ishay, Joe the bartender

Previously (Recap):
Lee stops Kara in the Raptor on the planet.

Caprica Three shows Baltar the order to execute detainees.

Gaeta points out that it's a death warrant.

D'Anna sees the Final Five.

Inner Six tells Baltar that he is the chosen one.

Baltar asks if he's a Cylon and Tyrol turns up to knock him out.

As Baltar and his Inner Six sing, we glimpse Kara and Anders in a cramped bunk.

Baltar and his Inner Six sit in his cell. He's preparing something as his Inner Six tells him that he's doing the right thing. He dozes off.

The guard wakes him up again and he goes back to knocking the cords.

Gaeta wakes up in his bunk and gets down.

Inner Six ties the cord around the pipe overhead. He says that he needs some time. She says that there is no time. She kicks the chair out and he starts choking.

Outside the cell, Gaeta wants to see him, but the guard says that no one can see him.

Inner Six tells him to take deep he hangs lifelessly.

Baltar's Vision:
Baltar wakes up in a resurrection tub with three Sixes surrounding him. Baltar is happy that he's alive, so that he betrayed no one. He says that he knew he was special. The Sixes then start cutting him. One tells him that he's not a Cylon, that he's human and that he's dying. They then shove him into the liquid. One leans down to kiss him.

The guard succeeds in giving him CPR. He sits up and tells Gaeta that Baltar's alive. Gaeta runs off to tell Cottle.

Act 1:
On the hangar deck, Lee tells Tyrol that he'll be surprised. He leads Tyrol to where a bar has been set up. Lee gets the bartender's attention. Joe pours them a drink. Tyrol says that he's not going home tonight anyway. Lee asks if he and Cally had a fight. Tyrol says that they did and he thought that Lee would have heard them.

In Adama's quarters, Gaeta , Tigh, Adama, Cottle and Roslin talk. Cottle says that sleep deprivation and a hunger strike are leading Baltar to become unstable. Roslin says that Cottle needs to make sure Baltar eats. Cottle leaves. Tigh says that he'll see to getting security cameras put up and then leaves. Roslin asks Gaeta why he went to see Baltar. Gaeta says that he couldn't sleep and thought that Baltar might talk to him. Adama accepts the answer and then dismisses him.

Lee walks into him and Dee's quarters and finds Dee is still awake. He says that Tyrol says hi. She makes a snide comment about his drinking. He counters that she indicated that it wasn't her thing. He says that he has a briefing early in the morning. She asks if they are still having dinner tomorrow. He says they are. She isn't done talking to him, but he's already asleep.

Roslin walks into Baltar's cell. She then repeats the things that he did in her cell on New Caprica. Roslin then asks if he allowed the Cylons, that blonde that she saw him with on Caprica, to access the Defense Mainframe. Before he answers, his Inner Six tells him to be careful, because she'll throw him out an airlock. He says that he didn't collude with the Cylons in the genocide of his own people.

Roslin starts showing him photos of people who were killed for being insurgents and wonders if he recognizes any of them. He says that he is innocent.Roslin gets angry. She orders Tigh in, to take Baltar out and throw him out an airlock. The guards seize Baltar who demands a fair trial.

In the memorial corridor, Roslin points out all the people that died and wonders if he recognizes any of them. Baltar grabs a photo and says that the man was his lab assistant, who he got a visa and is godfather to the man's child. He says that he would not do anything to harm him or his family. Roslin orders the guards to take him out of there.

Act 2:
In Adama's quarters, Adama tells Tigh that he gave it his best shot. Tigh is impressed that Baltar is tougher than he thought. Adama counters that he might have known that they were bluffing. Adama then says that they have one more chance. He tells Roslin about an experimental interrogation technique using drugs that cause the prisoner to think that their very survival is at stake. Roslin wants to know if the drugs are on Galactica.

Anders and Kara talk. He wonders about what Leoben said about her special destiny. She blows it off. Anders then says that he didn't survive on Caprica waiting for her just for her to leave him. She didn't survive in Leoben's house just to blow off their marriage. Anders then asks if she loves Lee. She says, "Maybe." He says that she needs to go to him then.

Lee gets dressed. Dee wants to know where he's going. He says that he's going to the bar. She wants to him to just tell her if he's going to see Kara. He says that she doesn't trust him and hasn't since the day he proposed. She says that should have seen it all coming, but she accepted his proposal because she loved him and was willing to settle for having him for as long as Lee and Kara would let him. She then says that they don't have a marriage, but a lie. She walks out.

Anders pulls out the curtain. Kara walks to know where he's going. He gives her a hug and a kiss and tells her that he loves her. He leaves.

Baltar and his Inner Six talk. She's not sure what she can do. Inner Six turns into Ishay and she injects him. Cottle says that Baltar is "under." Adama quietly looks around and says to try not to make any loud noise. He then orders "the head strap" be put on.

Act 3:
Baltar's Vision #2:
Baltar wonders where he is. He's floating somewhere.

Kara asks Lee if she leaves Anders, will he still leave Dee . He's not sure she won't just change her mind again, since she's talking about both their marriages. Kara tells him to think about it as she leaves.

Baltar's Vision #2 Con't:
Baltar floats. Adama calls to him. He wants to know where Baltar is. Baltar says that he's in water. Adama wants to know where he is.

Baltar's Vision #2 Con't:
Baltar remembers the nuclear blast and Six protecting him.

Baltar's Vision #2 Con't:
Baltar tells Adama that he's on Caprica. He talks about Caprica Six. He says that she saved him. Roslin asks if he gave her access to the defense mainframe. He says that he never intended to, but Six had told him that deep down he had suspected. He says that she seduced him over all other men.

Adama threatens to leave Baltar alone in the dark to drown and turns the flashlight off.

Baltar's Vision #2 Con't:
Baltar lies/floats for a moment and then screams.

In the bar, Lee plays with his wedding ring. Tyrol walks up and then talk about marriage. Lee asks Tyrol if he ever wonders "what if" about Sharon . Tyrol says that he never does. Lee doubts him. Tyrol reaffirms his answers, finishes his drink and walks off.

Baltar doesn't want to be left alone. He says that he knows he's flawed, but made mistakes. Adama wants to know why he took the Cylons to the Temple of Five . Baltar says that he went to see the Final Five.

Baltar's Vision #3:
Baltar is in the resurrection tub with dirty (dead) women and children around him.

Roslin wants to know if Baltar is a Cylon. Baltar says that he's not. Adama wants to know what Baltar told the Cylons about Earth.

Baltar's Vision #3 Con't:
Baltar slips below the surface and keeps going down.

Cottle breaks in and says that they are "losing" Baltar. He says that he's ending the "freak show" right now.

Act 4:
Roslin quotes scripture about the final five (Cylons) for the five columns for the five priests who speak to the one who cannot be spoken of. Roslin says that he won't talk because he's afraid that they'll kill him anyway. She says that they have to use someone he trusts.

Gaeta sits in Baltar's cell.

Lee tells Dee that he married her because he loved her.

Baltar says that he's sure about what he did.

He says that loved Kara and a part of him might always will.

Baltar says that everything he's done, he's done to survive.

Lee says that in spite of his love of Kara, he married her and didn't realize how much he needed her until he thought he was losing her.

Gaeta says that he needs to give them something.

Lee begs for another chance.

Gaeta shows Baltar his calculations for the way to Earth. Baltar says that they are wrong. He starts to correct him. Gaeta looks up at the security camera and Baltar notices the gesture. Gaeta says if they (he and Baltar) give them that, then maybe he'll get out of the cell. Baltar catches on and wants to know where it is. Gaeta tries to play it off, but Baltar notices the camera and says, "Hello."

Kara and Anders talk in the bar. She's made her decision to stay with him and he's happy.

Baltar wonders if Gaeta stayed to the end so that he could feed to the Resistance. Baltar points out that he let him. Gaeta can't believe it. Baltar says that he had a gun to his head, but no one forced Gaeta to play both sides. He wonders who the real traitor is.

Kara and Anders share a drink and then hug. She looks over at Lee, who is hugging Dee . She quickly turns away.

Lee kisses Dee .

Joe the bartender pour Kara and Anders another drink.

Gaeta says that he's not a traitor. Baltar doesn't buy it. He then says that he wonders what Gaeta 's friends would think if they knew. He then leans in and whispers in Gaeta 's ear.

Tigh, Adama and Roslin are watching. Adama wants Gaeta out of there.

Gaeta shoves Baltar away. He grabs the pen and attacks Baltar, stabbing him in the neck.

Adama, Roslin, Tigh and guard enter. Roslin tries to talk Gaeta down. She says that she realizes that Gaeta came there to kill Baltar. Adama then gets the jump on Gaeta and knocks him. Cottle, who has now shown up, says that Gaeta missed the artery, so Baltar will live.

In sickbay, Inner Six tells Baltar that he's not one of the Final Five or a Cylon. Baltar says that he is the chosen one.

Roslin and Adama talk. Adama points out that Baltar doesn't see himself as a criminal, but a victim. He says that it's not too late to make him "disappear." Roslin instead says that they'll give him what he wants. They'll give him a trial.

Bonus Scene:
Caprica Six is uncuffed as Roslin tells the guards to be gentle. Roslin sits down. Roslin says that they know that Baltar was not involved in the attacks, but they need to know more. Caprica wants reassurances that she won't be airlocked. Roslin gives her word that she won't be airlocked. Caprica points out that Roslin gave Leoben her word before spacing him. Caprica says that it was probably better than how she treats her own people. Caprica guesses that Roslin is torturing Baltar. Roslin wants to know what she's called. Caprica answers "Caprica." Roslin says that she can tell Caprica still loves Baltar and that her love could help Roslin. Caprica points out that they had a justice system with "innocent until proven guilty." She says to put him on trial. Roslin says that she's trying to offer a deal. Caprica says she got a deal for Roslin: put Baltar on trial and she'll be Roslin's chief witness and tell everything. She then lays down on her cot with her back to Roslin. Roslin sits there for a moment before getting up and leaving.

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