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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Dirty Hands
Episode Number: 315
Written by: Anne Cofell Saunders & Jane Espenson
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Air Date: 2/25/07 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,400
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Baltar, Baltar's Inner Six, Athena
Recurring Characters That Appear: Tyrol, Cally, Seelix, Figurski, Pollux, Racetrack, Tory
Guest Characters That Appear: Xeno Fenner, Cabott, Milo, Danny Noon

Previously (Recap):
Baltar demands a trial.

Roslin says that she'll give Baltar his trial.

Tyrol says that he's worked on Battlestars since he was eighteen.

Tyrol speaks on New Caprica as the union leader. The workers are fired up for a strike.

Cally wonders if all she and Tyrol have left are rough patches.

Tyrol tells his crew to be ready to work overtime. Racetrack's Raptor is fueled up. Pollux complains about working double shifts. Tyrol says that civilians will be rotated in to help with maintenance. The refueling is done and Tyrol tells Racetrack she's ready to go.

Seelix brings in the laundry. Figurski starts picking on her about having her wings. Seelix is in a lousy mood. Seelix tells him that her flight training was rejected because she is in a critical position and they can't afford to move her out of that position. Tyrol tries to cheer her up by saying that he the CAG told him about it and that "it sucks." He says that she's the best avionics specialist that he has. He tries to encourage her when Figurski chimes in again about the laundry. Seelix goes after Figurski. Tyrol steps in and says that she does important work. Seelix says that she has some more "important" laundry to deliver.

Racetrack departs from the landing deck. She lays in a course, but it isn't long before the left thruster malfunctions. Racetrack can't refire the thruster or regain control. She orders her ECO up to the cockpit.

Tory and Roslin work in Roslin's office on Colonial One as out the window the Raptor can be seen spinning toward them. Tory seems to take notice and looks out the window.

Racetrack and her ECO eject as the out of control Raptor heads for Colonial One.

Act 1:
Colonial One shows damage from being hit by the Raptor.

Adama says that there were only a dozen injuries. He helps Roslin move papers. She has to relocate to another part of the ship until the bulkheads are replaced. Adama says that she's always welcome in one of "his beds" which earns a look from Roslin. Adama says that the problem was with the tylium refining process. Roslin wants to know what is going on with the refinery. Adama says Xeno Fenner. She says that she's receiving requests for spare parts and compensation. He says that he's waited for two weeks for Fenner and his "production problems" to get sorted out, but is now looking forward to getting back to the search for Earth. Roslin makes a comment about the skeptic coming around to the search for Earth. Adama answers, "Was there any doubt?"

On Galactica, Roslin and Adama speak to Xeno, who is from the tylium refinery ship. He complains that he's had men working eighteen hours a day for six months. Adama counters that having enough fuel for one or two jumps is too close a margin with the threat of the Cylons showing up. Roslin asks him to get the gas flowing and then she promises that they'll talk. He counters that as long as the fuel flows, his phone calls aren't returned. However, as soon as there's an interruption, he's in front of both the President and the Admiral. He suggests that maybe he should start having more "glitches." Roslin wants to know if he's making a threat. He says it's like the book says, "If you hear the people, you'll never have to fear the people." Roslin asks if he said, "the book." He nods. Roslin immediately orders his arrest for extortion and interrupting vital services in a time of war. The captain is stunned, but led away by the guards. Adama wonders what that was about. Roslin says that he was quoting from Baltar's book. Adama asks if it's the "ramblings" that Baltar's lawyer smuggled out of the brig. Roslin says that it's being reprinted throughout the fleet and he's calling it "My Triumphs, My Mistakes." She then adds that she's feeling like having a "good old-fashioned book burning."

In their quarters, Tyrol feeds Nicolas. Tyrol seems to be on a diet, or at least trying to start one. Cally and Tyrol talk. She talks about the "ruling class." She shows him the book. She says that it's Baltar's book. Tyrol can't believe that she's reading it. She says that it makes sense and says that the pilots and officers come from the wealthier colonies while all the knuckledraggers are from the poorer colonies. Tyrol points out Dee. Cally counters that she had to marry an officer from Caprica to get promoted.

Adama calls Tyrol and tells him that Xeno Fenner has been arrested. Tyrol indicates that he knew Fenner from the union on New Caprica. Adama tells him to get ready because he needs to go over to the tylium ship to get production underway.

Tyrol starts to get ready and Cally wonders about Adama's comment about Fenner being arrest. Tyrol says that he ticked off Roslin. Cally can't believe it. Tyrol figures that Adama was joking.

Baltar's quarters are being rifled through. Roslin comes in and says that she wants the rest of his papers. They chat. Roslin doesn't buy his story of being the son of a farmer. Baltar says that he's trying to strike a chord with the common man. Baltar refuses to produce them. The guards start the search anew and start taking his clothes off. His Inner Six turns up and tells him not to let her break him and keep his dignity. He stops her hand and pulls out his papers. He has one last snide comment for Roslin, who takes the papers and leaves.

Baltar pulls his pants back up and faces away from the door. Inner Six tells him that it'll be okay.

Tyrol arrives on the tylium refinery ship. He's greeted by Cabott who knew him back on New Caprica as the head of the union. He says that he was glad to hear that Tyrol was being sent and says that Tyrol stood up for the little guy. Cabott says that they might have enough tylium to make it out of the system.

Cabott leads Tyrol and Seelix through the tylium refinery ship, which doesn't look to be in that good a condition or safe. Cabott pleads with Tyrol for some downtime. Tyrol says that he understands, but wants him to fire everything up. Milo walks up and says that it won't work. Tyrol can't get an answer as to why. Tyrol has to find out for himself that they have hidden all the pressure seals. Milo and Cabott won't produce them. Cabott says that until they get better working condition and Xeno gets released, he's guesses that the fleet won't be going anywhere.

On Galactica, Tyrol reports his findings to Adama and Roslin. He hasn't been able to find the pressure seals yet. He says that they could have contaminated all the fuel. Instead, they hid the seals and just bought themselves some time. Tyrol points out that most people working on the refinery ship haven't had a day off since the original attacks on the colonies and calls it "like slave labor." He says that they have no control over their lives. Roslin says that everyone is suffering horrible working conditions. Tyrol says that if they release Xeno and talk about working conditions, the protest will go away and pressure seals will be found. Tyrol says that just Cabott is responsible. Roslin wants an arrest warrant for Cabott. Adama won't tolerate extortion and says that Cabott'll sweat it out there. Tyrol keeps trying, but Roslin cuts him off and says that they are done.

Act 2:
Tyrol can't sleep. He tells Cally that he's going to check on Cabott and Xeno.

Down in the brig, Xeno tells Tyrol that he needs to get Cabott out of the brig. Xeno says that Cabott has been clawing the walls until his finger bleed. Xeno reminds Tyrol that Cabott spent time in the Cylon detention cells in New Caprica. Tyrol simply asks where the seals are. Xeno is ticked with him. Tyrol tries to ask Cabott, but he just freaks out. Xeno finally him.

On the tylium refinery ship, Tyrol puts the last pressure seal in place. He tells Xeno to fire the machinery up. Milo wants to start it up. Tyrol asks how old he is. Milo says he's almost twelve, but can run everything on the ship. He just has never gotten the chance to start it all up. Tyrol lets him flip the switch and then looks around as processing begins. Tyrol looks around and notices the kids working.

On Colonial One, Tyrol tells Roslin about the kids working in the refinery. She points out that there are families on every ship and the kids are being trained by their parents as a way of passing along skills. Tyrol points out that jobs are starting to be inherited and that means that his son will be a deckhand only because his father was. Roslin agrees with his point. Roslin tells Tory to put together a list of all qualified workers, so Tyrol can hold a lottery for work shifts.

On the hangar deck, Tyrol tells Figurski to process the civilians from Dogsville before they realize where they are going. Danny Noon steps up and says that he doesn't really have the skills. Figurski checks to see that Danny is a farmer. Danny says that he did summer work on a farm for college money, but then the Cylons attacked. Figurski points out that Tyrol can't make an exception for anyone. Tyrol sends Danny with the rest of the civilians over Danny's objections. Tyrol has to listen to Danny's pleas as he's led to the ship. Tyrol walks off and finds a copy of Baltar's book.

Tyrol visits Baltar in the brig. He wants to know if Baltar's book is fiction. Baltar now knows that Roslin lied about the book not making out to the fleet. Tyrol can't picture Baltar as a simple farmboy from Aerelon. Baltar says that he grew up in Cuffle's Breath Farm. Tyrol says that he doesn't sound like he comes from Aerelon. Baltar takes it as a compliment and drops into an "earthier" accent and says that he took a lot for him to "unlearn" his accent when he was ten. He says that he wanted to be Caprican, the seat of politics and science. Instead, he came from those who worked with their hands, then enjoyed a pint and finished the day with a good fight. He says that he left Aerelon after he turned eighteen and turned his back on his family. Tyrol says that that doesn't exist in the fleet and that there are elections. Baltar points out if there were democracy, then why is Tyrol unhappy? He talks about how the aristocracy wants the rest to feel looked after. He says that at the end of his book he asks whether anyone not named "Adama" can hold power. Tyrol moves to leave without a response.

Act 3:
Work continues on the tylium refinery ship. The storage deck has filled up a bit.

Xeno reports to Tyrol that the new workers from the lottery have been put to work. They are skittish, but they doing okay. Xeno says that they found the cause of the bad fuel. Just then, they start having a problem with the conveyor belt. Tyrol wants to shut it down, but Xeno tells him that they can't. Tyrol finds the cause, but can't reach it. Cabott comes in and says that the "rocks" are getting hot. Danny Noon comes along and offers to help. Danny succeeds in pulling it out and the conveyor gets rolling. However, when Xeno and Tyrol pull him out, he has a wound in his arm and is in agony. Tyrol gets a look on his face. Seelix tends to Danny's wound. Tyrol looks at the works and starts walking. Xeno follows. Tyrol walks up to the switch and turns it off. He stands up and announces that the plant is off-line and that they are on strike, which is received with cheering and applause from the crew.

The pilots led by Starbuck and Racetrack make their way down to the hangar deck. The deck gang including Figurski and Pollux are sitting around planning cards. Starbuck wants her Viper. Pollux tells her that they tend to "vital missions only" and the CAP is already out. Racetrack wants to know what she's talking about. Pollux says that they got the orders from Tyrol through Cally. They are on strike.

Tyrol is escorted under guard through Galactica.

Adama walks up to Tyrol 's cell in the brig. He wants to know if Tyrol is aware of his deck gang participating in a work stoppage. Tyrol says that it's a general strike. Adama counters that it's a mutiny and that mutineers are shot.

Act 4:
Tyrol says that they are leaving people behind because they have no control over their own lives. Adama says that the issue is about following orders on his ship. Tyrol says that they took care of the CAP. Tyrol says that he just wants to have a "sit down" with Roslin. Adama gets on the phone and orders Cally arrested and taken to the starboard repair bay. He tells Tyrol that he'll shoot her as a ringleader followed by the rest of his deck gang. Tyrol doesn't believe him. Adama says that he can't have anyone on his ship thinking that orders are optional and that could lead to everyone else dying and the destruction of the fleet. He says that he'll shoot whoever it takes to make sure that such a thing doesn't happen. Tyrol realizes that Adama is serious and says he'll call it off. Adama gets Cally on the wireless. Tyrol lies to her and says that Adama gave into his demands. She's proud of him. Tyrol hands the phone back to Adama who orders Cally's release. He hangs up the phone and also releases Tyrol . He says that he thought that Tyrol had something he wanted to talk to Roslin about. Tyrol is surprised.

On Colonial One, Tyrol and Roslin talk over drinks. Tyrol says that he's seen people drafted based on where they've been born. He says that there are low-level jobs that anyone could do, including those who aren't used to "getting their hands dirty." He also suggests that those in dangerous or high stress jobs be rotated out for "R & R." Tyrol then wants a training program set up. Roslin says that the union will have to give on that particular point. Tyrol says that the union died on New Caprica. Roslin says that the workers in the fleet need representation so that there is no divide between the "ruling class" and the "working underclass.". She will do what she can and hopes that he will be willing to everything he can as well. He agrees to do so.

On the hangar deck, Tyrol is giving out the day's assignments when Starbuck walks in. She says that she's missing one of her nuggets. Seelix was supposed to report to training twenty minutes before. Seelix is surprised and tries to speak up, but Starbuck is giving her a hard time about not following orders. She points out that Seelix is out of uniform. Tyrol says that he can take care of it. Cally, who is holding Nicolas, watches as Tyrol put Seelix's officer's pins on. The deck gang then salutes "Ensign Seelix." Starbuck breaks up the moment by riding Seelix about being late on her first day. As Tyrol asks Starbuck to "be nice," Seelix leaves the hangar deck with a smile.

Bonus Scene:
Tyrol tells Cally that he got the kids out of there. Cally says he traded twelve year olds for seventeen year olds. Tyrol says that he's doing the best he can. Cally says she knows. She points out that all the workers were from poor colonies. Tyrol doesn't want to hear the "Baltar crap again." She continues that there was no one from Colonial One and that they must all be from Caprica. Tyrol says that they can't afford to have bureaucrats "over there" trying to learn how to run a fuel refinery, but rather need people with specific skill sets. Cally says that half of her job involves pushing a broom or carrying a hose and cleaning gear and she wonders what skill set is required for that. Tyrol says that if he pushes too hard, then they'll end up with Tigh over there cracking the whip. Cally says that she doesn't want that, but she also doesn't want him to be a "strike-breaker." Tyrol says that the union is gone, that they are back on Galactica, in uniform and that it's different. Cally says that situations like this are all over the fleet and that they need someone to stand up for them and somebody needs to be here. Tyrol leaves as she finishes.

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