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Episode Name: The Eye of Jupiter
Episode Number: 310
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 12/15/06 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,402
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Baltar, Baltar's Inner Six, Baltar's Six Reborn, Athena, Boomer Reborn
Recurring Characters That Appear: Dee, Gaeta, Caprica Three, Cavil, Anders, Helo, Barolay, Leoben, Tyrol, Cally

Previously (Recap):
Lee and Kara sleep together in a field.

The following day, Anders tells Lee that he and Kara have gotten married.

Lee and Kara box.

Hera is born.

The Cylons see Hera's birth.

Roslin and Cottle lie to Helo and Athena and claim that Hera is dead. Roslin says that

Baltar and his Six find Hera.

The food supply is almost gone.

A Raptor takes off from the Galactica and heads down toward the Algae Planet.

Caption: (Algae Planet; 14 th Day of Resupply Operation)
Outside a supply depot on the planet, Tyrol gives orders and then talks with Anders about the "pleasantness" of the planet. A Raptor comes in fast.

Inside the supply depot, Lee and Dee react to the Raptor. Dee wonders why Kara keeps coming up on the pilot rotation. Lee says that it's done by coin flip.

Lee walks up to the Raptor.

Kara climbs from the pilot's seat. Lee comes in. They share small talk and then start kissing.

Cally asks Tyrol if they can start breaking down the tents. He looks around "mysteriously."

Inside the Raptor, Lee wants the two of them to come clean with Dee and Anders. Kara says that she's not going to break her oath. Lee points out that she breaks her oath every time that they do it. Kara gets ticked. They realize that it comes down to Kara not wanting to get divorced from Anders and Lee doesn't want to cheat on Dee .

On the basestar, Baltar dreams and it's filled with a myriad of images which include Hera.

Baltar wakes up, follows the baby's crying to her nursery. An Eight (Boomer Reborn?) is looking after Hera. She tells Baltar that Hera isn't well. Baltar talks to Hera and Hera seems to calm down.

Tyrol again looks around. He starts walking up the ridge.and walking.and walking.

Tyrol stops and looks up at a strange rock formation. He begins walking again.

Tyrol finds a path that leads up to cave entrance. He walks in and finds man-made stairs and a pair of doors. Tyrol pushes open the doors and walks into a huge chamber, which is presumably the Temple of Five .

Act 1:
Tyrol gives a report to Roslin and Adama. He says that he's sure that he's found the Temple of Five because he remembers some writings about it because his father was a priest. Their conversation is interrupted by an alert. He said it holds the Eye of Jupiter.

Gaeta reports that four basestars have jumped in.

Roslin and Adama enter Galactica CIC. They decide that they can't let the Cylons get the Eye of Jupiter. They realize that the Cylons aren't attacking. The Cylons open a channel and Baltar greets them. They Cylons want to meet.

Colonel Tigh escorts Caprica Three, Baltar, Baltar's Six, Boomer Reborn and a Cavil through Galactica.

Baltar's Inner Six appears and they have a conversation about him feeling like being back home. Inner Six makes a comment about him being a Cylon.

Athena intercepts Tigh. He tells Tigh that the Eight is Boomer. Tigh orders that Boomer is held. He continues to lead the rest. Boomer Reborn and Athena silently face off.

Tigh leads them into a meeting room. Baltar greets Roslin. Caprica Three says that weapons are necessary. They get down to business. Cavil guesses that the fleet has found the Eye, but they haven't retrieved it yet. Baltar says that the fact that everyone is there because they all want the Eye. Roslin has had enough. She leaves. Cavil and Caprica Three say that they want the Eye in exchange for save passage. Cavil says that they will even throw in Baltar. Baltar is stunned. Tigh and Adama admit that such a proposal is worth considering.

Boomer Reborn tells Athena that Hera is alive. Athena doesn't believe her. Boomer says that Baltar found her on New Caprica and that she's ill. Athena still doesn't believe her. Boomer say that you don't lie to a person about their child and that her "friends" consider her a thing. Athena walks off.

Back in the meeting chamber, Adama lays down his own terms. He says that if the Cylons launch an attack on his ship or his people on the planet, then he will launch all his nukes and destroy the Temple of Five and the Eye of Jupiter. The meeting comes to an end and the Cylons leave.

Act 2:
Down in the Raptor, Lee talks to Roslin and Adama back in Galactica CIC. Lee wants to know what it looks like, but Roslin isn't sure. Adama orders Lee to blow up the Temple if the Cylons make a move. Their conversation is interrupted Cylon jamming. Kara and Lee then talk. Kara says that they are going to need to get the civilians to help them. Kara knows who they need.

Kara and Lee talk to Anders about his organizing the civilians. Anders gets hot about them being asked to risk their lives over something that they haven't even found yet. Kara steps in and says that "the Major" is running this one. Anders backs down and says that he wouldn't want to get between her and her Major. He then leaves. Kara is sure he'll do it, but Lee isn't so sure.

In the Temple of Five, Cally puts a charge on the central column. She tells Tyrol that she misses Nicky. Tyrol says that he's safe on Galactica. Cally then points out that Tyrol takes on a completely reverent demeanor while in the Temple . He says that he feels something in the Temple , but that now he's going to blow it up [trying to find the Eye].

Gaeta tells Roslin and Adama that the star is unstable and could go supernova at any time.

On the Cylon basestar, the Cylon leadership talk. Cavil doesn't care about retrieving the Eye. They are machines and so it doesn't matter when they find Earth because they'll still be around whenever it happens. He wants to take down the Galactica while they have the chance. Caprica Three cuts the discussion short by stating that she sent down a Heavy Raider as soon as they jumped in, which successfully avoided detection. The other Cylons are not happy that Caprica Three made a unilateral decision.

Down on the planet, Centurions disembark from a Heavy Raider and arm themselves.

Act 3:
Anders gives a speech to the civilians. He says that they have to protect the place until Tyrol retrieves the Eye of Jupiter in case the Cylons attack. He says one team will distribute ammunition and the other will make homemade tylium mines. He says that Barolay has their names divided up. He finishes his speech. Lee says that it was good and that he would have made a good officer. Anders goes off about officers following their oath like Lee does. Lee plays stupid. Anders knows what's going on and knows what

Caprica Three and Baltar talk in the Hybrid's chamber. The Hybrid says that only the Chosen One will get in. Caprica Three says that she's so close to her destiny. Baltar's Six interrupts them. She acts like she feels spurned by both of them. Caprica Three says that her and Baltar's destiny are separate from Six and that it's not personal. She still wants to know what this destiny is. They won't tell her, but ask her to pray for them. They leave and Baltar's Six looks sad.

Dee briefs the Marines on their mission. They'll divide into three teams and she maps their positions. Dee is on the third two-man team. Kara is observing and seems to have a chip on her shoulder about it, but Dee doesn't back down.

Kara flies the Raptor when she encounters the Centurions on an elevated position. She turns to retreat, but they've launched missiles. She manages to get a message off to Dee before she is hit and goes down.

Dee reports that Kara has encountered Centurions, taken fire and gone down.

Back at the supply depot, Lee hears the report.

Act 4:
Adama and Roslin talk in his quarters on Galactica. Roslin starts reading scripture about the Temple of Five having five lights representing five priests. Adama interrupts her and says that Boomer Reborn told Athena that Hera is alive. Roslin admits that the baby was at the school with her. She admits to swapping the child. Adama immediately gets up and walks out as Roslin tries to explain herself.

Adama talks with Helo and Athena. Helo is upset and says that Adama of all people should understand. Adama says that Hera is still alive. Athena just looks mad.

Lee has told Anders about Kara going down. Anders wants to know if they are going after Kara and Lee says that they don't have enough men to hold the position and also go after Kara.

Gaeta reports that the Cylons have launched Raiders.

Anders doesn't care about the logistics. He's going after Kara. They argue.

Adama orders the nukes prepared.

On the basestar, Cavil believes that Adama is bluffing.

Tyrol looks at the symbol of the Eye.

Adama says that he will do it.

Anders says that he's not asking for permission. Lee gives the order and the Sergeant raises her weapon on Anders.

Baltar's Six tells the other Cylons about what Caprica Three and Baltar told her about their destiny.

Anders is incredulous. He can't believe that Lee would shoot him. Lee says that he needs Anders there to command the civilians.

Adama tells Tigh that he has permission to release the nukes.

(To Be Continued)

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