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Episode 11: Rapture; January 21, 2007
2/3/07: Episode Review Updated
1/27/07: Episode Review Now Available
1/21/07: Episode Summary Now Available
1/20/07: Sgt. Fischer, who was out with Dee scouting when Kara was shot down, is killed by sniper fire. Dee then retreats. From Video Clip at Yahoo TV [So we were off by an episode on Fischer's "expendibility." No wonder Dee is so upset by the time she rescues Kara.]
1/19/07: Baltar's (Caprica) Six helps Athena escape with Hera and assumes that her deception of the Cylons will be enough to win over the humans, which it doesn't, to her surprise. From Tricia Helfer Interview with [This confirms that an error was made by The Patriot Resource concerning an earlier spoiler. We assumed that when Athena pleads for the Marines to not shoot, she was referring to Baltar. She was actually referring to Baltar's Six, who came back with her.]
1/19/07: Updated Speculation from The Patriot Resource
1/16/07: The latest promo seems to show Athena and Helo hugging followed by a cut to a new angle, while what might e a (gunshot) bang can be heard. This new angle seems to show her slumping into his arms, while he screams.
1/8/07: The star starts to go nova as Adama, Tigh and Gaeta plan a retrieval of those on the planet, which will apparently take 45 minutes. From Season 3 Gag Reel
1/2/07: Correction - Dee witnesses Sam and Kara's reunion with a sad expression. From Promos [That look probably reflects that she knows her husband doesn't have the same deep feeling for her that Anders has for Kara, which sets up the following episode (3.12) where Dee and Lee struggle with their marriage.]
1/1/07: The Cylon-Colonial standoff for the Eye of Jupiter continues while a supernova threatens the algae planet. Meanwhile, Lee considers a rescue operation for Starbuck. From TV Guide
12/29/06: Athena sneaks onto the basestar. Baltar's Six takes her to Hera and Sharon. Adama worries that Athena might not have any choice but to betray them (likely for Hera's safety), but Helo is convinced that she won't. Baltar's Six looks to have joined Athena in returning to the fleet. Baltar also returns to the fleet, but separately because he's put under guard by Tyrol. Tigh looks to be ready to order Baltar shot, but Athena pleads that he helped her and Hera escape. From Promos [Not sure how much editing was used during the promo, but it looks like Athena is joined by Baltar's Six, which would be an interesting new dynamic. Just imagine a romance between Gaeta and Baltar's Six]
12/29/06: Dee is ordered by Lee to rescue Kara. She finds Kara and tells her so. Dee witnesses Lee and Kara's joyous reunion. From Promos [This sets up following episode (3.12) where Dee and Lee struggle with their marriage]
12/21/06: Dee apparently rescues Kara.
12/21/06: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Anders and Barolay (Member of The Circle in "Collaborators")
out on the mission along with Hilliard - likely to go rescue Tyrol.
[drewcypher had this one listed as from 310,
but looks like it should have belonged in 311]

Hilliard has been shot. Barolay tends to him as Anders covers.
[Hilliard must be the one who Anders refers to as
having been in the resistance both on Caprica and New Caprica]

Lee doesn't look too happy with Tyrol.

Dee and Lee share a moment.
[Lee's probably just grateful that Dee saved his true love, Kara.]

Anders and Starbuck share a quiet moment.

Leoben's running around on the planet.
[So the Cylon models get down to the planet at some point.]

Boomer Reborn tends to Hera as Baltar's Six looks on.
[Wonder if that look is because she knows Athena is coming for Hera.]
[1/6/07: Update - Bet this IS Athena based on recent promos.]

Baltar and Caprica Three share a moment, while his Inner Six looks smug.
[My guess is that this isn't a projection
and that they got down to the planet too.]

Caprica Three stands before...the five unseen models?
[Looks like Three is getting judged for what she's been up to.]

Cavil actually looks concerned.
[Wonder if this scene is happening at the same time
that Three stands before the Five (seen above).}

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

12/14/06: The Temple of Five, which houses the Eye of Jupiter, has a direct connection to the five unseen Cylon models. From RDM Interview
12/14/06: Ronald D. Moore confirmed that Adama did not know about Roslin's scheme to switch and hide baby Hera. From RDM Interview
12/13/06: During Lee and Anders' combined rescue-Kara mission, one of Anders' men from the resistance on Caprica and New Caprica is shot. Also, Anders and Lee discuss the soldiers' code. From Video Blog
10/21/06: Sharon and Helo get Hera back from the Cylons, possibly with Adama's direct help. [Either in an active or passive way, Adama would likely have to give his support to their plan because of his control of military assets.]
10/12/06: Baltar returns to the fleet, which sets up one of the storylines for the next episode, 312.
10/7/06: Hera is prominant to the episode.
9/27/06: Preliminary Episode Synopsis: Another clue in the search for Earth. Number Three openly declares herself the Cylon God, which leads to the termination of the entire Three series by the rest of the Cylons. [Guess that's one way to take care of Lucy Lawless being unavailable/unwilling to make subsequent appearances.]
9/6/06: Conclusion to mid-season cliffhanger
9/6/06: Episode title added.

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