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Episode 4: Collaborators; October 27, 2006
10/27/06: Episode Summary Now Available
10/21/06: Gaeta comes under scrutiny by the Circle, but he apparently survives based on previews that have shown him in a cell with Baltar.
10/21/06: The Circle brings Jammer to a Viper tube for his execution. Jammer pleads for his life by saying that he saved Cally, which is news to Tyrol. Kara, who appeared to be pictured with the group elsewhere, isn't present in the Viper tube. From Previews [The preview doesn't actually show Jammer's execution, but it doesn't look good for him.]
10/21/06: The Circle looks to also include Anders and Tyrol. From Previews
10/20/06: Zarek and Roslin discuss the disappearances of thirteen [?] people from the fleet. Lee and his father are clueless about who is doing it. The Circle is acting as judges, jury and executioners of those they see fit. Gaeta's life hangs in the balance. From Previews
10/14/06: Apparently the promo pic below shows The Circle, a secret [Can we say Starchamber?] group based on the Galactica that has decided to dole out judgments to the collaborators. Even though he's not in the pic with the group, Tyrol is probably a member based on the other pic with Jammer. [Not to mention his foreshadowing in his conversation with Jammer in Precipice.]

Tigh, Kara, Seelix and two new characters: Barolay and Conner.
10/7/06: Looks like Baltar makes is back to fleet...and then ends up on a Basestar when the Cylons kidnap him.
10/7/06: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Looks like Tyrol is confronting Jammer with evidence of his collaboration.

Everything Back to normal (at least for Season 2.5):
Roslin sits behind the President's desk with Adama and Tigh by her side.
Baltar is being confronted and has his Inner Six along.
[Perhaps, Roslin pardons him as repayment for Baltar saving her life.]

Roslin takes the oath of office as President.
[So where's the duly-elected Vice President Zarek?]

Looks like Caprica Three is greeting Baltar somewhere.
[On a Basestar?]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

10/3/06: Kara "bottoms out" and then shows her "rededication" by cutting her hair.
10/3/06: Ellen is killed by Tigh. [This might actually happen in Episode 3]
9/27/06: Preliminary Episode Synopsis: The Cylon collaborators are dealt with. Meanwhile, Baltar is onbaord a basestar.
7/13/06: Episode title added.
4/12/06: Ellen dies. [She finally gets her just reward, especially in light of her latest affair.]

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